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  1. These are really GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING Cant be better than this
  2. try this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=425405 or http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=492307
  3. ok thanks now can anybody provide me with the codes that i would require to add in the scripts to make the installer slipstream into the source or to get an option to update files on xp source.......
  4. ya it worked great............... thnks for ur help...........
  5. @eidenk thank you very much its great you added to my knowledge thank for sharing.............
  6. hi i just wanted to know if it is possible to launch an application (.exe) from a command and then move to the next item even if the previous application is running............. i want to use it for launching a video which is converted to an exe such that i would launch the video and then wpi should move to installing the next app even if the video (.exe ) is running...............
  7. hi i wanted to know if it is possible to permanently assign an icon to a specific file type? such that whatever application i install dealing with the file type but would noty change the icon......
  8. ok thank you very much kells for these quick replies..............
  9. So is There any workaround???????? cant this be achieved in any other way?
  10. hi i'm using the latest release of wpi. i want to play audio during the installation.............using the audio player..... but when i'm running it to test by clicking wpi.hta there is probably some error............ screenshot: the media player is not shown and no audio plays........... i want to inform that i have remved media player using nlite but have the media player 6.4.... is this the cuse of the problem.....
  11. hi i just wanted to know that is it possible to uuse my pen drive to install my xp ua?
  12. hi can an installer made by XIS be slipsteamed into the source like xpize with the help of hfslip or nlite?
  13. for internet explorer icon change the iexplore.exe in program files/internet explorer and for windows media player change wmplayer.exe
  14. hi i used nlite to reduce my source an patch it for ux themes now everything is working fine except the themes. now when the installation is completed i start with the wndows classic theme and i am unable to load any theme not even the luna msstyle. i get an error message. and then when i restart again every thing is normal and i could load any msstyle in my earlier test version cd's i used to get a dialog box on my first logon where it said loading pesonalised settings for themes internet explorer etc and started with the theme i specified in the winnt.sif. but now this dialog box does n
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