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  1. Sorry, the machine is a 2003 server in domain environment. I'm not sure if it's security configuration that is causing the issue, as the user has the change/remove button visible for some programs, but not for others. I would expect the behaviour to be the same for all programs if it was a policy issue. How do I give a user the ability to remove programs if they're not an administrator (I don't want to give them full admin rights to the box)?
  2. Hello! Welcome to MSFN. :)

  3. Thanks for your helpful suggestion. Searching before posting would never have occurred to me... Searching the forum gave me 53 pages (32 pages in the xp forum). The only related topics I could find where to do with Symmantic or a registry cleaner, none of which apply in my situation. I noticed that 43 people viewed my post - I can't help wondering how many people failed to suggest a resolution based on your quick response. Anyway the problem still exists. If anyone else can provide some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, I've got a problem where the Change and Remove buttons are missing from Add or Remove Programs. This only occurs for selected programs, not evryone that is installed. I'm pretty sure it's a security option, as they all display correctly if i log in as Administrator, just not when logging in as a normal user. I've checked Group Policy, but there seems to be nothing which would cause this behaviour - and I would assume that Group Policy would cause this problem for all installed programs, not just a selected few. How do I give a normal user access rights to remove any program, as if they had administrative rights? This problem has been doing my head in, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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