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  1. Norton Internet Security 2004 Pro

    Yeah i know about gn. But after 2 day's off messing with this and 2 crashes in VMware i had almost give up hope to get it going unattended.Had it almost done when xp crashed for the second time.As long as i don't have to do a thing it's ok by me LOL Was alot of trying and came across some issuas that are maybe related to SP2 like why was only one file extracted and that .\ witch was auto added after i clickt twice ok to finish making the new exe file/files. Yeah most of what i could find was about NAV2004 but with fooling around and trying different things i finaly got it.
  2. Norton Internet Security 2004 Pro

    Got it running Norton internet secure 2004 with antivirus 2004 took me 2 day's. First ih have norton everything 2004 pro 5in1. Was doing it like OAOM discribed but got some problems with winrar and sp2 and after making the selfextracting file it would not extract both during install only dll was copyed to program files\common files/symantec shared.That was after some hours when i saw that the extract link put in winrar got a . \ in front of %Programfiles% but still after the chance still only dll was put out.CFGWIZ.EXE was not extracted what ever i tryed. What i had to made sepperate selfextracting files one with CFGWIZ.EXE in it and the other with the folder CCPD-LC with the symlcsys.dll in it and name it what ever you want. Dit not copy the activated CFGWIZ.EXE to the NIS2004 Org folder And ik have NO NAVSETUP.EXE and NAV.MSI and SETUP.MSI would not work I install it with SYMSETUP.EXE This is what i have in start.cmd ECHO. ECHO Registering NIS Pro 2004... REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\Install\NIS2004\navreg.reg ECHO. ECHO Installing NIS Pro 2004... ECHO Please /wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\NIS2004\SYMSETUP.EXE /qb /silent /noreboot /no_ui ECHO. ECHO Stopping Services... ECHO Please /wait... taskkill.exe /F /IM CFGWIZ.EXE taskkill.exe /F /IM ccApp.exe taskkill.exe /F /IM symlcsvc.exe taskkill.exe /F /IM ccSetMgr.exe taskkill.exe /F /IM CCEVTMGR.EXE taskkill.exe /F /IM SAVScan.exe taskkill.exe /F /IM NAVAPSVC.EXE ECHO. ECHO NIS2004 Some Components Removel... ECHO Please /Wait... del "%systemdrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CFGWIZ.EXE" ECHO. ECHO Copying Activation... ECHO Please /Wait... start /wait CFGWIZ.exe start /wait symlcsys.dll.exe The 2 above are the 2 selfextracting files (name does not matter) and during install i only get progressbar of NIS2004. HMTL internetbar regkey removel did not work have to look where those 2 are nis and nav removel. Also had to use capital letters so see how youre files are. After reboot got the settings screen and was activated tryed it two times. Cheers
  3. Best Radiator for watercooling

    Yeah i know that got already two of them but like i said they are to big and not cooling enough.Tryed already 2 of those car rad's.But the problem is there no spare carparts near me so have already spend some money on that but still no good results. So now i'm thinking of bying one and i know it will cost me more.So just need to know witch is the best one for my money.
  4. Ok here it goes. Have an Epox *RDA+ with an 1800+ on it running at 2300mhz running on watercooling and would like to know if anyone knows wich is the best RAD for optimal cooling. The one i'm using now is to big to fit into my big tower need a smaller one to build it into my case. It must be big enough to fit 1 120mm fans on it or two on both sides 1.
  5. Happy b'day Crispy :)

    Happy B DAY Crispy
  6. Hi All

    Thats because i have/had redhair but its turning grey on me LOL thats why my face turned BLUE Thanks for the warm welcome all
  7. Hi All

    Thanks for the warm welcome AaronXP
  8. Hi All

    Ok was just smurfing around the internet and found this forum had a quick look around and thought i got to get registered here and dit so here i am. So hello to everyone