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  1. Parental Control Fonction

    It can restrict when kids can login and such and sucn.
  2. Techcity

    New url techcity.usaviohosting.com/xmb
  3. Techcity

    Too late! I already moved, techcity.usaviohosting.com Now at least here I get some added perks, like cPanel and FTP that actually WORKS! I set up YabbSE using Fantastico so I'm already ready to go. (I took advantage of this downtime to make a sneaky move)
  4. Techcity

    IF=yuck Good for temporary downtime sites but not enough to suit me.
  5. Techcity

    Well as you see, I've been working on other projects and have decided to bring back the site, we are now on broken-hosting.net, not BBFree. I will have FTP now so it will have a new customized experince. techcity.broken-hosting.net (don't let the name fool you, they are a fairly new host and it's just a name, it's not really broken)
  6. site redesign

    Any perdictions on the logo, maybe a 20x20 square of the new logo?
  7. site redesign

    Well sorry bout' this but I'm working on my own IPB 2 projects, maybe later we can collaberate on a new theme concept that maybe Aaron could check out before the upgrade.
  8. site redesign

    Do you think maybe for IPB 2 we could make a new theme for the site?
  9. My Posts botton

    You welcome! Mods, You can close the topic now if you want... :police:
  10. My Posts botton

    Go to your profile by clicking your name and select "Find all posts by this member".
  11. Okay I'm learning how to code stuff using the WildTangent scripting language and I want to add a load progress bar for what I'm making (If you've played Blasterball 2 or other wild tangent games online, You know that progress bar with a animation or still image above it that came up while it was loading). This is what I want to make but I can't find anything on the WildTangent devoloper site about this. Does anyone here know how to make that?
  12. Techcity

    Well I've been having so much trouble finding free hosting that I re-opened my site up and giving it a majior redesign. I'm working on a new theme behind the scenes and I have been upgraded to IPB 1.3. The link is the same as before but now I've also got a redirection at techcity.cjb.net .
  13. Just check the docs on www.mandrakelinux.com
  14. MSFN Cards!

    What about one using my profile photo (Which is a larger verison of my avatar)?
  15. Threads Of Interest

    Problem, Completed Setup screens is on the list but not pinned!