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  1. Hi all, here is my issue, i include the device driver for my NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS Graphics card using RT7lite during install windows decides to use its own included driver for this card instead of the one i supply, which is fine really as i don't play games or anything, but then it does a windows update and updates to a newer version, but if i manually update and browse my driver folder it says the driver i added is a better match and installs straight away and no windows update version needs to be installed, what gives??? Any help would be greatly appreciated Lee
  2. Solved: http://apcmag.com/every_vista_pc_to_get_a_domain_name.htm thanks for your help though...
  3. Hi y'all, there was a command in Vista that allowed to set a kind of domain name to your pc that allowed some kind of static address, it involved netsh i'm sure of that, but can i find the commands on google? CIF!!! does anybody know what they are??? any help would be greatly appreciated... Lee...
  4. anyone manage to make a wmp12 package yet for vista/xp??? or does anyone know if MS plans to release it for other Windows versions.
  5. devil270975

    Windows 7

    Does anyone know if vLite supports windows 7 beta??? Stupid question, searched and found what i was looking for, any update on the beta though??
  6. Small Basic would be a good addition, lets get back to roots and start teaching the kids the fundamentals about what it is to use a pc and give them a head start...
  7. try here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=761830
  8. Having just upgraded my contract to a windows mobile 6 phone i set about looking for resources and info about the OS, i would have thought there would be loads of stuff out there for it, how wrong was i, so how about a section for windows mobile?
  9. i get this error also, i install from another partition with bartpe and calling winnt32.exe, should we integrate wmp11 before sp3???
  10. No i don't think so, i did originally think that myself so i went and bought a laptop cooling stand and it doesn't explain why i can boot into any other os, i can install vista or boot to a live linux cd or bartpe but if i try and install xp it fails only at textmode, a little insight, this is my usuall way of installing xp. 1hdd 3partitions, 3rd partition is recovery one, i boot to bartpe it backs up some files formats my 1st partition starts winnt32 then restarts and carries on with setup, however because it fails i have to restart the whole process again so i have to have it shut down for an hour them boot it up to get it to work which kinda defeats the object of unattended
  11. I thought i would throw this one at you guys, if my laptop has been running for an hour or so my laptop shuts down at some point during textmode, no error or restart just shuts down, it doesnt matter what media i am using wether it be cd or hdd an unattended disc or original the only difference between cd and hdd is a cd shuts down at the start of textmode and hdd at least starts to copy files and may even get as far as saving configuration but as it doesn't complete it fails when i boot it up and shuts down, however if i leave it off for an hour or so it will fly through with no issues whatsoever, i just can't understand it as it never happens at any other time and have even run burn in tests and repeated benchmarks to put as much stress on the system as possible to try and get to the bottom of it but it only ever happens during textmode and only if my machine has been running, it's driving me nuts and i'm very close to throwing the stupid piece of **** out of the window and buying a new one, please please please somebody come up with a solution before i do something silly..lol..
  12. For speakers you gotta have harman/kardon soundsticks II i know they are only 2.1 but boy do they look sexy and sound awesome crystal clear through the range i love mine...
  13. Hi peeps, i have a hardware fault that i can't seem to get to the bottom of, normal running of windows is fine no matter how long my laptop has been on or how much i stress/benchmark it, the problem arises whenever i try and reinstall windows, no matter what media i use original cd, unattended cd, or i boot from a different partition my pc shuts down at some point during text mode if my pc has been on a while, however if i then turn my machine off and leave it for an hour and try again i have no problem whatsoever. I know there is not a problem with my cd's or my recovery partition as they work flawlessly everytime when my system has been off for an hour or so, the longer it has been off the further through textmode it gets, it has never shutdown after the first boot after textmode. And no matter how hard i try i cannot get it to do the same during a window's session. Any suggestion's?
  14. you dont need admincfg=<path to xml> if your xml is called cfg.xml and resides in the same dir as the installer.

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