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  1. ggtyh

    Networking problem.. help!

    I use autodetect between my two PCs and my switch, and the day I selected full duplex/100 megabits/sec, my network slowed down. So I think we're better off with auto detection. Nevertheless, I think you're network is doing fine. Perhaps you should use STP or fiber optics instead (ot even Gigabit ethernet over CAT5e cables)
  2. ggtyh

    List your top 10 fave software!

    On my side, in no particular order 1- PowerToys Tweak UI 2- Zone Alarm Pro 3- NAV 4- BSPlayer 5- Emule 6- Winamp 7- WinRAR 8- KazaaLite (RIP - I'll miss it) 9- CloneCD 10- Nero 11- MS Office (Word - Excel) 12- Worms 3D Wow... 12, and I couldn't even count up to 4 while reading the thread. After that, I install every other software upon necessity.
  3. ggtyh

    Mr Specs, Whats ur PC specs?

    Okay... AMD AthlonXP 2100+ @ 1768 MHz (1729 MHz by default) with stock cooling. Gigabyte GA-7VAXP motherboard 256 Mb Samsuns DDR 333 MHz MSI GeForce4 MX440 Maxtor 40 Gb @ 7200 rpm Maxtor 20 Gb @ 5400 rpm HP 8000+ CD-RW 4x/4x/20x Pioneer DVD-Rom 8x Cheapo floppy Leadtek Winfast TV2000 Deluxe TV-tuner AOpen FM56-PX 56k V.92 modem Onboard NIC and sound NEC AS95F 19" monitor Some HP keyboard Logitech MX300 mouse Koss 4.1 speakers Enermax 300 W PSU Nikao Atos case It's working fine, but I'd like to upgrade the speakers (they are crappy), the soudn card, the RAM, and the CD-RW to a DVD+/-RW
  4. ggtyh

    DVD conversion prorgams?

    If you can read french www.divxfr.com is the place to go, even better than doom9.org.
  5. ggtyh

    Digital Camera For Sale.

    Is the bull hurt from the collision with the camera??? Seriously, those people must be insane to unleash a bull in a town.
  6. ggtyh

    Virtual Pumpkin Simulator

    It's fun... No need to slice a real pumpkin anymore (that's fun, but disgusting...)
  7. ggtyh

    1 Nic 2 Ip?

    I'd go with Wicked's idea: get a router to separate the LAN and the Internet. Two reasons to do so: Security and Internet Bandwidth. Since most providers in Canada do have a bandwidth cap, I think it may count as Internet traffic even if you're a LAN.
  8. ggtyh

    What Is Everyone Playing?

    I'm playing EASports NHL 2004, I think it's the best game in this series so far. I also started Age of Mythology - The Titans, and I like it a lot... But, I just can't wait for Worms 3D to be released in Europe on October 31st (still don't know when it'll reach us in NA).
  9. ggtyh

    stable boot manager ?

    I'm actually using Lilo, wich comes with several Linux distros, and it works fine, no complain. I've used last year BootMagic, from Powerquest (they also make PartitionMagic). Worked great too.
  10. ggtyh

    Wireless Network Problem

    For Internet sharing, I think that the computer with the Internet access has to have with a subnet mask of as the IP address, and the others computers should have between and all with as subnet mask.
  11. ggtyh

    Exchange2000 Server

    I just started that course yesterday... I'll be able to give you an aswer if a few weeks.
  12. ggtyh

    Windows XP

    It depends if you baught the drive in a retail box or in an OEM package. All the people I know buy their hard drives in OEM packages... In fact, I know only one store that sells hard disks in retail packages, and they are so expensive compared to the others that no one buys them there.
  13. ggtyh

    A Bit Of Fun With Ascii ...

    I'm next to boring... g= 103 g= 103 t= 116 y= 121 h= 104 That sums up at 547... :cry:
  14. ggtyh

    My Xp2400 Scores Higher Then A Xp3200..

    It's alot better than my Athlon XP 2100+ (13*133). The FSB is actually set at 136 MHz, and that's it. My PC boots at 140 MHz, but is unstable, at 145 I don't go farther than the POST and at 150 my BIOS autoflashes itself (Gigabyte dual BIOS feature). Of course, the multiplier is locked, I'm using the stock heatsink and have to learn how to play with voltage and memory settings. Did you know that newest AMD Athlon64 FX don't have a locked multiplier?
  15. ggtyh

    Virus In C:\windows, Wont Let Me Fix

    If there's no Security tab, it means that your drive is formatted in FAT32... Then, I have no idea... sorry...