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  1. How is a MSI's Geforce 3 Ti 200 compared to a Radeon 8500 as i've got a spare P-3 1.13Ghz which already has a Radeon 8500 and i was thinking to swap it with this card ?? any recommendations ??
  2. Ok Sorry, I didnt knew already this topic must be source of closure..
  3. MAN !! 60TB Of Data ????.......What does he own...an entire ISP or what
  4. Today is a sad day for the computer community as <<spam>>.net has issued a press release about them closing their doors. While <<spam>> has always been a leading member, it is very sad to hear that this has all occured due to one or two individuals. Hopefully <<spam>> will be back soon, because it would be a shame for it not to. Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a statement from the <<spam>> admins: This morning when I woke up I was met with an array of problems on the site due to the fact that a member was threatening DoS (denial of service) attacks towards <<spam>>. This has become a tiring re-occurring problem on <<spam>> since January instigated by a kid with too much power and no sense to put those skills to a good cause. Despite pleas with hosts and authorities this kid has got away with his unlawful activities against <<spam>> and many other sites (some affiliated with <<spam>>) and continues to control a large botnet. Due to the fact that this kid has again seen fit to use his army of bots against my site and we are powerless to stop it we have decided to close down. We informed Rackshack to power down our server until further notice. This decision wasn't easy, <<spam>> has been my life for the better part of 3 years, We have dedicated that time to help people and to help people stay informed about the latest news and releases for the IT sector. We don't get paid, we don't force anything on our members yet we are treated like this by a kid who doesn't even know us personally. I am sad that one child can have so much influence on the web that he can destroy a service we offered for free to over 30,000 registrations. I have posted his details on our <<spam>> MSN community, you can view that here. I just want to close this message by saying thanks for your continued support over the last 3 years. <<spam>> Admins Anyone checked out this forum before i.e <<spam>> ??
  5. Yes. Infact im facing it even at this precise moment. I Need both to have my system secure but i also need the internet access on the other PC. What do u suggest ?? ICS is such problematic ??
  6. Hello...I Need Some Help...I Have 2 Systems... Both Are XP PRO SP1, One Of Them Connects Directly To The Cable While I Want The Other To Connect Through The Host To Access The Internet. I Tried ICS Of XP But Sometimes It Works & sometimes It Doesnt. Now Can Someone Help In Providing A Good Permanent Solution So That I Can Also Run A Firewall Concurrently As Well.
  7. I Hope These Firewalls Dont Start Eating Up A Systems RAM While Remaining Resident In The System Tray
  8. Thats Good To Hear As I've Been Using Longhorn 4015 For Quite Sometime Now, No New Versions Of It ?
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