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  1. They say that the memory is the first to go, but I suspect that after 40 it is really the eyes! Post your log file (LOGFILES.CAB), and I will have a look.
  2. CDIMAGE -LXPCREATE -YD -N -H -X -OCI -M -D -BBOOT\XPCTBOOT.BIN CDROOT XPCREATE.ISO With that you can make changes in CDROOT, and re-create the ISO. However, if you are changing anything that is manipulated by XPCREATE, such as hotfixes or system files, you may need to re-run the whole shebang
  3. GreenMachine

    New Version

    Hmmm ... That is the second time I heard "mailing list". Only thing is ... I don't have one! I think you send that report somewhere ... where the moon don't shine! Post the logs for me to look at.
  4. GreenMachine

    New Version

    @mdes: 1) DLAUTO and DLLOCAL are not used by XPCREATE itself. That is parts of a work in progress, and should cause no harm. 2) MD5 was only used for downloading, which is not included in that version. 3) Same as #2 4) That is exactly why I suggest RENAMEF=YES, Otherwise, rename with short file names that sort correctly. 5) I thought I had all the long files names in order. I'll keep an eye on it. Note that I have no control over the XXXXXX~1.EXE names generated by Windows. @dman: I look into that soon, but I always had troubles with zip and mapped drives ... I still am surprised by CDs that cannot boot ... mine always work fine. I'll be checking into the search for boot file stuff very soon as well. And, yes, I forgot that one update, Q818043_W2K_SP5_x86 , which is only needed for 2000 Professional, and not 2000 Server.
  5. It seemed to me that the SVC-PRE directory was no longer needed by the end-user, and was created by XPCREATE when needed, e.g. for the repackaged IE6. And yes, I did forget about Q818043.
  6. Welcome to MSFN, spline! I haven't heard that complaint before. I do seem to remember that there are multiple versions of files with that same name, so I can only suggest you verify that it is indeed the correct file. THere are links on the XPCREATE Web Site.
  7. I hope you added other files than the failsafe hotfixes. If not, something seems to have gone amiss ...
  8. For those (few) of you that requested a trial, commercial version, I appologize for the delay. I will be sending out usernames and passwords in the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.
  9. No, the directories are not created anymore, except as needed - or so I had thought. I'll look into it again, as soon as I pass that code again. To be continued ...
  10. GreenMachine

    New Version

    That sounds mostly positive! I'll look into the few issues in the next couple of days.
  11. Thanks, utln! Once I get some time, I'll check this out.
  12. Thanks, Spheris! What did you think of that job I did bringing home some trophies to Beantown. Jeeez, sometimes it seems like a guy has to do everything himself! I think my next task may be to give Paul Allen some pointers for those Sea Hawks! I'm trying to be good ... Look forward to your impressions soon!
  13. Thanks, jinkazama, for the feedback. I've never had the 818043 show as needed in Windows Update for me, but I will pay closer attention on my next 2K build. There is no SVC-PRE directory, but XPCREATE should create it if and when needed. (I hope!) I will consider adding the tip for the language pack on the next update to that page. Thanks again.
  14. Actually, this a tool Microsoft released a while back, and does not have a command line interface. But if someone finds one that does ... please let us all know!
  15. Been there, done that ... Greetings to the Man Down Under !!! (If I could delete it, I would ... Alanoll?)
  16. Depends on how much time I need to waste reading useless posts!
  17. Somewhere on this forum there is a post specifying how to integrate .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1, which invloves creating an administrator install, and applying the service pack, NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe. I use this method, and then apply the service pack patch, NDP1.1sp1-KB886903-X86.exe, and it seems to work fine, in that neither Windows Update, nor the Baseline Security Advisor complain. I am not sure how to integrate that onto the CD, as I havenot tried, but I suspect it is do-able. I am not sure where that post is now ... but I do believe RyanVM, amonst others, posted there. Please post your results to share with others!
  18. Thanks for sharing, Maelstorm, it is always a noble jest!
  19. Glad to know it worked for someone!
  20. GreenMachine

    New Version

    Jeeez, has anyone actually tried this new version? Seems awful quiet ... (I will be processing the next round of username/passwords in about 12 hours ... )
  21. Welcome to MSFN, Flashflood! Unfortunatly, the answer to your question is no. I do believe that there are other tools that could do that, including Windows Update Catelog. Now, on to the debate ... I don't think dman intended to be rude. If so, I think he could have done a far better job. Remember: make not assumptions, nor assertations without a bit more fact or evidence. A lesson that you will certainly learn once you are required to apply what your studies have brought you. And to you, dman, I must say I liked your prose. For this, I will add my own. Perhaps it has some relevence, perhaps not ... While defending his client for biting someone's nose off of, things were not looking good for the defense. Circumstancial evidence, motive and liklihood were all pointing to a guilty charge. However, when the prosecutions key witness was on the stand, things took a turn for the better. The fight was "re-enacted", and it was shown that the witness clearly had his back to the defendant when the said allegation took place. The defense attorney finally asked the witness if he could, indeed, see the defendant bit off the other man's nose. At that point the witness did admit that no, he did not see the defendant actually bite off the man's nose. And that is where the story should have ended. However ... the attorney was quite pleased with himself at this point, and asked the witness "Then how do you know he bit off his nose?", to which the witness calmly answered ... "I saw him spit it out." As all to often in real life, the key lies in knowing where to stop. I will add just two words ... Denny Crane! Case closed.
  22. The XPCREATE Web Site is now located at xpcreate.com. I am in the process of updating the pages, so at the moment there is a slight descrepency between the documentation listed there, and the current version. I will be updating this over the next few weeks, and note those updates here. At the moment, only the Current Hotfixes Page is valid for the current version. The other pages, while not 100% accurate, can still be used for reference. More soon ...
  23. XPCREATE now has a new distribution channel. In order to download the software, you must be a registered user of the of the XPCREATE Web Site. More details on how and why this came about can be found HERE. In order to recieve a username and password, needed to access the download page for XPCREATE, you must submit a completed request. All information concerning how to do this can be found HERE. Please note that all requests must be manually processed, a procedure that requires a certain amount of time. For that reason I ask that you follow the instructions carefully. Processing may take up to 48 hours, so please do not send multiple requests within a 72 hour time frame. Thank you for your understanding, GreenMachine
  24. GreenMachine

    New Version

    You are both right! In other words, the file itself, XPCREATE.EXE, will not be posted for public downloading. But it has been released, which I believe is what mdes means ... I think!
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