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  1. You will need the newer version for this. After XPCREATE runs, you will find a copy in the NEWFILES directory. The new package is not switchless, but can be installed silently with the command DX9C.EXE /Q:A /R:N. It is not switchless to avoid accidental installation.
  2. Actually, I think I probably include the patch. Not that I've been sleeping, but rather that I automated the tasks of creating the lists and the HTML page, and I must have let something slip ... Anyway, I tested with the Current Hotfix list from the Web Site, and it works fine for me! (Now ... back to bed!)
  3. Right they be! Thanks, fellahs!
  4. Welcome to MSFN, Niko76! I do believe Alanoll already answered you on this! Send a request, and you will receive instructinos as soon as I can get around to it. The first batch has gone out, the second will today or tomorrow. And please, please, please ... don't raise the wrath of GreenMachine on a weekend!
  5. Don't be silly: ZIP is nativly supported in Windows XP, and not everyone likes loading other software. Some want WinRAR, some WinAce, some WinZip, etc ... So, without daring to touch upon which may be better, please keep it simple and use the common denominator. CAB files work fine, as well!
  6. Busy man ... and of few words! Thanks again, mdes.
  7. Well, neither Windows Update nor the Baseline Security Advisor complains about it, so I'm thinking it is not needed in XP.
  8. I think I have the MRT and GDI Tools handled correctly in this release. To be determined ...
  9. The hotfix lists will not be available for download for a while. In any event, they would not do too much good, as the new version does not yet support them ... I'm really not sure what you mean, dhs13 ...
  10. Well, any Registered Commercial Users would be new ... There are many factors that will determine the price for commercial use. I mean, Manny Ramierez won't have to pay the same price as Alex Rodriguez ... If you are interested in a commercial copy, contact me (sales(at)xpcreate.com), and I will discuss it further. For those of you that have already indicated interest in a commercial version, I will be replying to you very, very soon. Just had my hands a bit full these days ...
  11. But remember ... be careful with beta versions ...
  12. Ooops ... So, those of you that have tested, that means that DX9C is included with XP SP2? Is that comfirmed, or do I have to run my tests again ... (I cannot remember ... ) Also, the SVC-DX9 directory is needed for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003, as noted above. The redistribution package is repacked, without Managed DX and Windows 9X versions.
  13. That's Right! There are no download links available to the General Public. You need to send a request. The information is in the Sticky: XPCREATE - New Version Thread above. PS: Welcome, WEBSTER, to MSFN!
  14. For those of you that have sent a request for the freeware version of XPCREATE, you may download it from the Freeware Section of the XPCREATE Web Site. To access the download links, as well as the files themselves you will need to enter your username and password. These have been mailed to you at the same address as you sent your request from. I would also like to mention that all email addreses will be treated with the utmost discretion, and will NEVER be sold or otherwise distributed to a third party. I may occasionally send out XPCREATE information to these addresses, and will shortly be devising an opt-out mechanism. The XPCREATE Web Site is being updated, as time permits. Some of the documentation may be out of sync with the new version. Patience ...
  15. Actually, I think it inadvertantly slipped momentarily ... (goodness, those big words hurt my mouth ... )
  16. For all of you that have sent an email requesting this version: I will be shipping you the software via mail Friday, or Saturday at the latest ... I hope. Patience please! Note that the Current Hotfixes page on the XPCREATE Web Site (linked to in my signature) contains the up-to-date list of hotfixes and updates for this version, as well as the correct directory names. Also note that the rest of the documentation on the site may be slightly outdated ... Thanks again!
  17. And will continue to be ... go to the post linked to above, and there you will find how to request the latest version.
  18. I don't understand? THe EULA is attached to this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=269846 The email address is listed in the post. If you cannot attach a file, just include the text in your mail. Does that answer your question ???
  19. Cool! If you find it, please tell me!
  20. Looks like someone has a kid keeping 'em up all night! I like the BACKXLASH option! Good work, IcemanND!
  21. Just noticed ... that makes them into hotlinks for the lazy ones ...
  22. Internesting: that is an English version. Thanks, mdes!
  23. @dhs13: I suspect that the error is that XPCREATE cannot download the hotfix list. Simply add the hotfixes yourself, and you should be fine. I mean ... it works for everyone else ...
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