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    Patch Tuesday

    There are here. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms05-apr.mspx Slow downloads and still not available.
  2. Download details: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en Install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to help secure your server and to better defend against hackers. Windows Server 2003 SP1 enhances security infrastructure by providing new security tools such as Security Configuration Wizard, which helps secure your server for role-based operations, improves defense-in-depth with Data Execution Protection, and provides a safe and secure first-boot scenario with Post-setup Security Update Wizard. Windows Server 2003 SP1 assists IT professionals in securing their server infrastructure and provides enhanced manageability and control for Windows Server 2003 users. Which includes Security Configuration Wizard for Windows Server 2003: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003...iz/default.mspx
  3. What I have found out. There are two files: c:\program files\WindowsUpdate\V4\uihist.xml and c:\windpws\WindowsUpdate.log that hold most of the information that I need. I am building a new SBS 2003 to check the information. I saw all the switches I need to silent install all the patches but I can't find it right now. What I need are 2 things: (1) an easy way to parse the windowsupdate.log and uihist.xml to extract the info that I need and (2) a way to capture all the downmload files that are downloaded in the WUtemp. My 3rd option is to set up a WUS/WSUS server and get only the files that I need. Which is the way to continue? thanks
  4. SBS 2003, service pack 1 is scheduled to be released within 90 days after the release of Service 1 for Windows Server 2003. Check here http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/default.mspx for info on Windows Server 2003.
  5. The log file is a start but doesn't have all the files. It is missing 80% of the files. thansk for the idea.
  6. Has anyone got all the addresses for the Small Business Server updates? thanks
  7. What is the diference between the "freeware" version and "commerical" version of XPcreate? thanks
  8. dhs13

    Cd Is Too Large

    Thanks for the link.
  9. dhs13

    Cd Is Too Large

    I just created my first ISO image with the latest version of Xpreate. ISO image is 723 megs. Nero limites ISO image to 721 megs. What can I take out? thanks
  10. dhs13

    New Version

    When will the new version be posted? thanks
  11. I the hotfix list couldn't be downloaded as it wasn't available yet. I wonder if the if I take the files in the svcpack folder and run the setup.exe file so I would have to 2 steps instead of one.
  12. The problem that I see is that I want to install the Service pack and all the KB files. I have added all the files in the folders in XPcreate. But I get an error message that the Xpcreate can't create a hotfix list. Something in me tells me that I will install the full version of XP where I have type in user name and serial number.
  13. I am trying to create a CD that only has (1) service pack 2 of Windows XP and all the patches since 8/8/04. I have the read the Microsoft articles but they don't discuss adding these items together. I extract all the Service pack 2 files into a directory call XP\i386. I have created a folder call svcpack. I have created a batch file to run all the KB files. questions: 1. How to I add the other files below and how do I make sure that all the files installed i the proper order? 2. Do I have all the XP patches since 8/8/04? thanks dotnetfx.exe 24,265,736 HMTCDWizard_enu.exe 1,911,952 JournelViewersetup.exe 7,372,408 Messagner62SetupDl.exe 5,245,352 mp10setup.exe 12,652,784 NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe 10,703,680 WindowsMedia9-KB885492-x86-ENU.exe 2,151,168 WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe 278,927,592 WindowsXP-KB871250-x86-ENU.exe 896,232 WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-ENU.exe 612,072 WindowsXP-KB885835-x86-ENU.exe 3,104,488 WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-ENU.exe 528,616 WindowsXP-KB886185-x86-enu.exe 393,448 WindowsXP-KB887797-x86-enu.exe 1,429,224 WindowsXP-KB890175-x86-ENU.exe 680,680 WindowsXP-KB891711-x86-ENU.exe 1,551,592 I don't want to use Autopatcher.
  14. Here are my files for Windows 2003. Is anything missing? If so, what? Where is it placed? thanks D:\xpcreate\W2300\ BBIE.EXE 20,992 BBIE.LIC 6,251 CDBURN.EXE 13,824 CDIMAGE.EXE 110,080 DOWNLOAD.EXE 180,224 EULA.TXT 3,735 FILECASE.EXE 34,304 INIMAN.EXE 16,384 INITOOL.EXE 49,152 MD5.EXE 49,152 README.TXT 1,462 XPCREATE.CAB 3,078 XPCREATE.CMD 82,261 XPCREATE.EXE 273,408 XPCREATE.INI 428 D:\xpcreate\W2300\BOOT\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\FILESCD\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SPACKS\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-DAH\ ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE 2,095,288 D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-DAS\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-DX9\ directx_9c_redist.exe 35,113,704 D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-EXE\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-HF1\ WindowsMedia9-KB843496-ENU.exe 1,422,560 WindowsMedia9-KB885492-x86-ENU.exe 2,151,168 WindowsMedia-Q828026-x86-ENU.exe 2,914,040 WindowsServer2003-KB823182-x86-ENU.exe 460,064 WindowsServer2003-KB823353-x86-enu.exe 1,331,952 WindowsServer2003-KB823559-x86-ENU.exe 440,096 WindowsServer2003-KB824105-x86-ENU.exe 361,760 WindowsServer2003-KB824141-x86-ENU.exe 544,544 WindowsServer2003-KB825119-x86-ENU.exe 338,208 WindowsServer2003-KB828035-x86-ENU.exe 374,888 WindowsServer2003-KB828741-x86-ENU.EXE 2,988,272 WindowsServer2003-KB833987-x86-ENU.EXE 1,313,520 WindowsServer2003-KB835732-x86-ENU.EXE 1,895,664 WindowsServer2003-KB837001-x86-ENU.EXE 4,019,952 WindowsServer2003-KB839645-x86-enu.exe 2,846,448 WindowsServer2003-KB840315-x86-enu.exe 377,072 WindowsServer2003-KB840374-x86-ENU.EXE 658,672 WindowsServer2003-KB867282-x86-enu.exe 3,395,312 WindowsServer2003-KB867460-x86-ENU.EXE 8,172,784 WindowsServer2003-KB867801-x86-enu.exe 3,173,104 WindowsServer2003-KB871250-x86-enu.exe 905,968 WindowsServer2003-KB873333-x86-enu.exe 1,383,664 WindowsServer2003-KB885250-x86-enu.exe 609,008 WindowsServer2003-KB888113-x86-enu.exe 375,024 WindowsServer2003-KB890047-x86-enu.exe 2,865,392 WindowsServer2003-KB890175-x86-enu.exe 563,952 WindowsServer2003-KB891711-x86-enu.exe 1,561,328 WindowsServer2003-KB891781-x86-enu.exe 387,824 D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-HF2\ Windows-KB870669-x86-ENU.exe 106,240 D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-MDC\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-MSX\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-POS\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-PRE\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-QCH\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-SWF\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-WMP\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-WMS\ D:\xpcreate\W2300\SVC-X2M\
  15. Here is my files for Windows 2000. Is anything missing? If so, what? and where do I out it? thanks D:\xpcreate\W2000\ BBIE.EXE 20,992 BBIE.LIC 6,251 CDBURN.EXE 13,824 CDIMAGE.EXE 110,080 DOWNLOAD.EXE 180,224 EULA.TXT 3,735 FILECASE.EXE 34,304 INIMAN.EXE 16,384 INITOOL.EXE 49,152 MD5.EXE 49,152 README.TXT 1,462 Windows2000-KB873333-x86-ENU.EXE 1,103,352 Windows2000-KB885250-x86-ENU.EXE 1,052,152 Windows2000-KB888113-x86-ENU.EXE 366,584 Windows2000-KB890047-x86-ENU.EXE 1,538,040 Windows2000-KB891781-x86-ENU.EXE 382,968 XPCREATE.CAB 3,078 XPCREATE.CMD 82,261 XPCREATE.EXE 273,408 XPCREATE.INI 428 D:\xpcreate\W2000\BOOT\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\FILESCD\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SPACKS\ W2KSP4_EN.EXE 135,477,136 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-DAH\ ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE 2,095,288 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-DAS\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-DX9\ directx_9c_redist.exe 35,113,704 dx90update_redist.exe 36,775,008 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-EXE\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-HF1\ IE6.0sp1-KB889669-Windows-2000-XP-x86-ENU.exe 3,019,528 JournalViewer1.5_KB886179_ENU.exe 1,002,752 Windows2000-KB329115-x86-ENU.exe 331,624 Windows2000-KB820888-x86-ENU.exe 469,552 Windows2000-KB822831-x86-ENU.exe 248,368 Windows2000-KB823182-x86-ENU.exe 367,664 Windows2000-KB823559-x86-ENU.exe 391,216 Windows2000-KB824105-x86-ENU.exe 328,240 Windows2000-KB825119-x86-ENU.exe 311,656 Windows2000-KB826232-x86-ENU.exe 337,256 Windows2000-KB828035-x86-ENU.exe 351,592 Windows2000-KB828741-x86-ENU.EXE 4,677,624 Windows2000-KB828749-x86-ENU.exe 336,744 Windows2000-KB835732-x86-ENU.EXE 7,160,824 Windows2000-KB837001-x86-ENU.EXE 2,972,152 Windows2000-KB839643-x86-ENU.EXE 430,072 Windows2000-KB839645-x86-ENU.EXE 1,467,384 Windows2000-KB840315-x86-ENU.EXE 373,240 Windows2000-KB840987-x86-ENU.EXE 4,075,000 Windows2000-KB841356-x86-ENU.EXE 2,539,000 Windows2000-KB841533-x86-ENU.EXE 2,655,736 Windows2000-KB841872-x86-ENU.EXE 354,296 Windows2000-KB841873-x86-ENU.EXE 593,400 Windows2000-KB842526-x86-ENU.EXE 726,520 Windows2000-KB871250-x86-ENU.EXE 356,344 Windows2000-KB873339-x86-ENU.EXE 519,160 Windows2000-KB885835-x86-ENU.EXE 3,910,648 Windows2000-KB885836-x86-ENU.EXE 486,392 Windows2000-KB890175-x86-ENU.EXE 559,608 Windows2000-KB891711-x86-ENU.EXE 2,637,816 WindowsMedia41-KB822343-ENU.exe 392,960 WindowsMedia41-KB832359-ENU.exe 395,512 WindowsMedia9-KB885492-x86-ENU.exe 2,151,168 WindowsMedia-Q828026-x86-ENU.exe 2,914,040 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-HF2\ IE6.0sp1-KB833989-x86-ENU.exe 1,094,400 IE6.0sp1-KB867801-x86-ENU.exe 2,914,048 js56nen.exe 369,504 rootsupd.exe 215,096 Windows-KB870669-x86-ENU.exe 106,240 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-MDC\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-MSX\ NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe 10,703,680 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-POS\ IE6.0sp1-KB823353-x86-ENU.exe 1,996,544 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-PRE\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-QCH\ Q815062_W2K_spl_X86_EN.exe 145,016 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-SWF\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-WMP\ MPSetup.exe 13,951,112 D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-WMS\ D:\xpcreate\W2000\SVC-X2M\ dotnetfx.exe 24,265,736 setup.exe 7,372,408

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