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  1. I'm not sure it will help ... but did you read THIS KB article? Just a thought ...
  2. It seems my cut and paste fingers slipped a little the other day. If anyone out there cannot log onto to download XPCREATE using the Username / Password combination I sent you, let me know via email, and I'll straighten it out. (I will simply reset the password to that which I sent you.)
  3. OK. Now it's starting to ring some bells. I bet if Bilou_Gateux see's this, he will remember something as well. Could I get you to post the new DOSNET.INF file. ALso, if you could now remove all the other attachments, it'll save MSFN a little space and bandwidth. Yea, that's terrible about Tedy. Even if you hate the other team, some guys deserve respect. I mean, I don't wish any bad on Jeter (A-Fraud is another story ... ). And how can any fun-loving, red-blooded American male NOT love a guy with a name like that! However, if I were him, I would have to seriously reconsider. He's got a couple of kids, and a lot left to do off the field. In Boston, we still remember Reggie Lewis ... Anyways, I'll try to look into the DOSNET thingy later on today or tonight.
  4. GreenMachine

    New Version

    Not rare, just rare that it is posted about!
  5. Actually, I cannot tell you, because ... I don't know! I just compare the files, until I see there is a new one, and decide to repack. I think I will consider noting the different files in the next version. Heaven only knows when that will be!
  6. Thanks, homiebrah. The link itself has not changed, and systems with last week's MP 10 did not signal an update needed from Windows Update: perhaps that is why they did not notify you.
  7. There shold be no language issues: it appears from your log file that you did, indeed, create a Germen IE6 package (you could try to install IE6SP1.EXE on another machine to test). I can see no rhyme nor reason for the error, but perhaps in a full installation, i.e. with all the hotfixes, there would be no error. I know that there have been other Germans using this: hat keiner Glueck gehabt?
  8. Hmmm ... TXTSETUP.SIF is not touched by XPCREATE, except if SATA/RAID drivers are being integrated. DOSNET.INF, on the otherhand, has probably been updated. It's been a while since I did a DOS based install, so I am a little rusty, but ... post your LOGFILES.CAB file, and I will take a look. I'm a bit busy, but I'll try to look at it ... soon ...
  9. Thanks, Alanoll, though you know how weary I am of using those third party applications! However, I think I'll take a look into what happens: if I all need to do is add some registry entries, no reason not to do it from a Command Script. One thing I have noticed is that at some point the directories are "indexed", creating PNF files. That make me think I need to get the files there early on. Another thing on the ToDo list ... (Now if someone could format this post so it wasn't so wide!)
  10. Hmmm. That would imply that it is OEMPreinstall that copies them to the hard disk, and all OEMPnPDireversPath does is look on the HDD and index them. I guess that kind of makes sense. Damnit ... looks like I'm going to have to test that now ... or soon. Right you are, BD. Anyways, I don't waste my time with the negative stuff, unless someone really needs that occasional slap in the face. Then again, I don't read most of the posts unless the title looks interesting enough, and fortunatly for me, most people post with boring titles!
  11. Don't let them get to you, wolfien. I think you did a fine job. Integrating the hotfixes would not be a problem, either. (XPCREATE could do it for you, but that is another story) The only thing I would like to see added is a way to get OEMPnPDriversPath to work. I haven't tested it, so I don't know ... Getting the drivers over to the HDD in time is simple (Detached Program, or something like that), the real question is how to get Windows to scan the OEMPnPDriversPath (on the HDD), and add them to the list of known drivers. Again, I haven't tried, so maybe it does work! And I agree with you: I prefer to have OEMPreinstall=NO.
  12. Welcome to MSFN, Petya V4sechkin! Does that mean you changed your mind? Sorry, I cannot delete that message! Now you'll have to be more carefull. At least there is an edit button!
  13. @spline: Did that fix it for you?
  14. Sorry for the delay ... Usernames and passwords for the commercial version have been sent out. If you have not recieved yuor reply, or there is an access problem, please let me know.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up, bucketbuster. I guess some people are just to lazy to unpack the installer and look! Now ... I wonder if Windows Update doesn't like the "older" version, and want's to install the whole thing again. (You guessed it, it appears I never installed WMP 10 on this machine ...) Thanks again!
  16. Da bumms! They seemed to have updated that document since I last looked, adding the "/integrate" switch thingy, which is just not good enough for The GreenMachine! So ... the method I use seems to still be described HERE, called The Combination Installation. Note it is also desribed on the document I linked to in my previous post, just pretend the desired hotfix has an older UPDATE.EXE Hope that clears things up ...
  17. Note that it is simply the "/integrate" function of the hotfix that is at fault. Slipstreaming manually, using Microsoft's method described HERE works fine for me.
  18. Well, any application that I install at that point, is don't with the intent of NOT uninstalling it, so I have not had that experience. However, there may be something in the application switches for caching a local coy, or perhaps you would be best off copying it to the hard drive, and uninstalling from there. Just what comes to mind ...
  19. Odd ... I wonder what has changed: the file size is different, however the version number (of the setup package), has not changed, nor the download URL. Anyone see any differences?
  20. Goodness ... talk about FAST! Thanks, xper!
  21. Odd ... I have no control over that. Could you just rename it to LOGFILE.CA_ or LOGFILES.TXT, and see how that flies?
  22. GreenMachine

    New Version

    Oh well, silly me ... If anyone sent anything there that was for my attention, please post in this forum instead. Mailing list deleted. I'm glad I did not add ME to that list: I hate spam!
  23. GreenMachine

    New Version

    WOW! That's really cool. Gotta see where that came from! For those of you that replied, please don't be surprised of the non answers ... Now I see. Didn't realize that actually worked. What I was trying to create was a simple web based mailing list. Sorry for any inconvienience that may have caused y'all. I will be deleting all that, because the last thing I need is another place to discover problems!
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