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  1. Right where the poster said it was. http://unattended.msfn.org/global/files/MSFN_UnattendPDF.exe
  2. homiebrah

    April Patches

    Did you add the following registry entry? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT] "Version"="805647C6-E5ED-4F07-9E21-327592D40E83" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Isn't this entry for tricking the WU, so it won't be installed? when I XPCREATEd version 1.1 of this hotfix it word perfectly... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can do just the registry entry. But on my build, with the software installed, it still shows in WU, even with the April version.
  3. homiebrah

    messenger 5

    I don't use XPlode, so that may be the reason why.
  4. homiebrah

    April Patches

    Did you add the following registry entry? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT] "Version"="805647C6-E5ED-4F07-9E21-327592D40E83"
  5. homiebrah

    April Patches

    That one should work fine in SVC-HF1. Or, you can integrate it into your source using the /integrate switch.
  6. homiebrah

    messenger 5

    SVC-EXE is where mine is.
  7. Shouldn't be that big of a deal to figure out where they go. Drop 'em somewhere, test it out, and post results. Makes GM's job a little easier.
  8. I think I'll give GM the benefit of the doubt and not speculate why he doesn't respond back. Seems like everyone else should as well, since HE did go through the trouble to update the previous version of XPC, while maintaining a life at the same time. @ GM: take your time, bro. We'll still be here.
  9. Used for creating the CD. The files are copied to the HDD during the blue screen portion of Setup.
  10. You put the files in FILESCD. XPC does not. Seems that point is getting lost somewhere in the translation.
  11. QCHAIN is used to chain multiple patches together. It is not needed if using XPC, since it does its own thing with them, unless you have to run them on the first logon. You aren't being specific on the exactl files, but again, anything in the FILESCD is what you put in there.
  12. FILESCD is used for users to place files they will need. For instance, in FILESCD\I386, you would find the winnt.sif file, which is only updated by the user. Other locations, i.e. $OEM$\xxx are done by the user as well. XPCREATE does not verify if one file is newer than the other. It just copies them over during the process. To sum it up, users need to check version dates. XPC does not do it for you.
  13. homiebrah

    messenger 5

    What method do you use to install your .msi files?
  14. homiebrah

    messenger 5

    Wrap the .msi file in iexpress and place in SVC-EXE. Simple as that. The command line for iexpress setup is msiexec /qn /i messenger.msi If you are using the file from the 5.1 download link in this thread.
  15. Type msiexec /? from a RUN line and look at the top of the options. It will list the version. I am currently running 3.01.4000.1207, which is the RC for 3.1. It is placed in SVC-HF1 and works fine.

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