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  1. Good to see they have MUMPS in there where it belongs! It is the 3rd standardized computing language ... with big thanks to The Old Man (http://xpcreate.com/dedicate.htm)
  2. Here is some help, though perhaps not what you expected ... First, if CD-Rs are too costly, use CD-RWs. Second, take baby steps. Start with creating a simple unattended Windows CD, nothing else. Then add your applications one at a time. If there is a problem with one application, I'm sure you can find the answer here. Remember, simplicity is the key. Do not try to debug 5 different applications at once! Good luck, and welcome to MSFN, Daniel_NL!
  3. All requests sent to sales(a)xpcreate have now been processed. If you have no response, perhaps there was an error in your request. Note that I have a new procedure listed on the Web Site, outlined in THIS POST. I process these requests using a combination of manual and semi automated procedures. If there is an error, I will not process it. Most of the errors I have seen include: - Not including the EULA in the post - Not pasting the pieces in the right order: User Information, "I agree" statement, EULA - Not including all pertinent User Information. Finally, I require a correct email address to reply to. Any use of spamarrest, or similar, that requires me to validate via a reply to a reply, will be ignored. Replies are sent from xpcreate.com: you may add that to your accepted senders list. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
  4. The Hotfix List has been updated. For those of you testing the commercial version, note that you should have the following in your XPCREATE.INI HTTPPW=(Your Password) HTTPUN=(Your Username) WGHFPARM=-O XPCTDOWN.TMP -a XPCREATE.LOG -T 60 -nv WGHLPARM=-O XPCTDOWN.TMP -a XPCREATE.LOG -T 60 -nv WGIEPARM=-O XPCTDOWN.TMP -a XPCREATE.LOG -T 60 -nv WGSPPARM=-O XPCTDOWN.TMP -a XPCREATE.LOG -T 60 -nv
  5. On second thought, it appears that the M5 in the lists does not match the re-release of WMP10, thus it keeps downloading. I will update the lists in a few hours.
  6. Welcome to MSFN, kirkor! I think you spotted a little bug. I should work if you turn off automatic downloading (DODLF=NO in XPCREATE.INI, or DLURL= ). I won't be able to look into it for at least another 6 hours, but I will post a solution this evening. Thanks!
  7. Welcome to MSFN, abonnell! Send me an email to the address that was with your username / password, and I will send you a XPCREATE.INI that should suit your needs!
  8. Wow. I'm impressed! You are probaby the only (other) one on MSFN who really knows what it is. Still, it's better than FORTH: with 25 single letter commands, why would anyone need to make any more?
  9. Oh no! Even the Board Babes are guys! Is nothing sacred?
  10. I think they do it to play with those French peoples minds! I still love my OS MUMPS. Only had 7 bit characters. Simplicity!
  11. The main difference is commercial supports Hotfix Downloading AND you MUST be commercially licensed if you are anything but a home user that does Windows installations for a hobby! It's in the EULA.
  12. I suspected as much. I played with the settings a while before deciding on what I have. I thought that switch changed $OEM$ to _OEM_. Perhaps it was another ... But I will give you a Bonus!
  13. Give them an inch, and they want a mile (that's about 1.6 Km!) We'll see ... WGET has options. BBIE does not need it. CABARC does not need it (used for repacking something). CDBURN has options. DVDBURN has options. FILECASE does not need it. GSAR does not need it (used for updating the GDIDETECT Tool INI). INIMAN does not need it (updates WINNT.SIF with path). INIMAN does not need it (get values from XPCREATE.INI). I think I'm all set!
  14. Glad to see that this post is not dead: there is some good stuff in here! (I know: I posted some myself!)
  15. Thanks, mdes. I'm not sure if there will be repercussions down the line, but I will add another INI variable for CDIMAGE Command Line.
  16. Either that, or CDIMAGE ne parle pas de Francais! Try a shorter name, e.g. "MSFN - Hotfixes" instead of "MSFN - HOTFIXES Win2000 SP4 - WinXP SP1 - WinXP SP2", and see what happens. There is not much I can do there. I don't like the suggested switches so much, but I may include a XPCREATE.INI setting that allows the user to specify the CDIMAGE command line. Let me know what works!
  17. Aw, you know me, Alanoll, I'm too shy! But seriously: 50 requests a day is more than I can handle at the moment. Once I get it automatted, like Slick Wraith, I might be ready for more! I told you, I was just jealous!
  18. Wassup wid dat? I post a new version, and get ignored. Now this ... whatever .. from a country where the water cannot even go down the toilet the right way get's a sticky?!?! Just messing with ya, Wraith! New version looks great. I know how you feel about the EULA thingy: I specifically state that the EULA must be returned, including a statement to the effect of "I have read the EULA", and I'm lucky if more than half the requests follow the guidelines. Because of that, and the close to 50 requests a day that I must manually reply to, I'm going to have to start bouncing incomplete requests. Anyways, back on the subject, keep up the Great Work, Wraith! And yea, I'm still jealous that I cannot look so sleek!
  19. Different strokes, different folks. Since NT4 I've always used server versions as my workstation. Always. Never had a problem with it. I have an MSDN license, so price is not an issue. Does that mean I don't know my a** from my elbow? Why? For one simple reason: I develope on my "workstations", and I need to have a real version of IIS. IIS on XP (last I looked) does not support virtual web servers. I need that. I cannot work using virtual directories. So, simple problem, simple answer. One drawback that bugged the hell out of me, was not being able to have those "zone" games on my box. However, here on MSFN, I found the solution to install those, and I am now happy as a pig in ... cow dung! My point is simply that perhaps someone has a valid reason, and that should be respected. That's all!
  20. I've noticed the same. You can extract the MST files (or was it MSPs), get rid of the OHOTFIX.INI files, and call OHOTFIX with the /Q switch. You could also repack it (using IEXPRESS for example). I don't remember the specifics, but: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistan...1364081033.aspx. Visio SP1 has the same problem: they seemed to have slipped-up packing the hotfixes using IEXPRESS. I repacked all the OFFICE hotfixes into one package, about 85 Mb.
  21. You are welcome! Try to install, and see if it gives you errors: I am certainly interested in debugging any problems.
  22. Welcome to MSFN, Michael D.! I do admit that those directories are created, but that has never bothered me in my tests. It does seem to be a problem if installing from DOS (or perhaps WinPE). Exactly where does it cause a problem for you. And yes, I will do something about it in the next set of XPCREATE updates.
  23. I love when this comes back around ... Here is my code for getting the install drive from the registry: FOR /F "TOKENS=3" %%I IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v "SourcePath" ^| FINDSTR "SourcePath"') DO SET INSTALLCD=%%~dI (That should all be on one line. My tribute to Johnny, King of the One Liners)
  24. GreenMachine


    Thanks for the link, jimmytop. Preacher is correct: SVC-HF1. I'll be updating the Current Hotfixes Page tomorrow, but I'm afraid I will need to remove the links, before I get in trouble. I don't think that fits in with Microsoft Genuine Advantage plans ... And no, that XPCTHLST.TXT file won't do you much good: only the Commercial Version supports downloading.
  25. GreenMachine

    sata drivers

    You beat me to it! Or, I suppose, you could have set DOPATH=YES, and let XPCREATE modify WINNT.SIF. Either way ...
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