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  1. Gotta bump this ... Didn't anyone notice that The Sox and The Pats are defending champions, The GreenMachine (a.k.a The Celtics) is in first place, and The Bruins are undefeated? What a time to be a Bostonian! @Spheris: Been busy trying to get a members only Web Site going, chasing the few potential customers, and working on a few other, unrelated projects. I'll try to catch upi with you next week, by mail or chat.
  2. GreenMachine

    Xplode 4.1

    Knew I could hit a tender spot! We gotta drink that water, 'cause y'all down under keep the good stuff to yourselves! But if you call that water, apparently you are unversed in American Beer! Now, back to work ...
  3. GreenMachine

    Xplode 4.1

    Jeeez, we can't even hear you breathing heavy over here! OK, OK, so I'm jealous! (Must be that Fosters hitting me again ... )
  4. I have to agree, try without anything special, particularly the TXTSETUP.OEM stuff, and report your findings.
  5. GreenMachine


    Sorry, only the current version is supported. Shockwave / Flash support is reserved for users of the commercial version only.
  6. GreenMachine

    New Version

    All versions are final: I don't do beta! Due to the nature of XPCREATE - keeping up with Mcrosoft's updates - it will always be a work in progress, in the sense that every month may require some updating. Beta versions are for submitting to testers. In my shop, all testing is done in house.
  7. You're kidding, right? There are not that many solutions to that problem, other than to extract to memory and run from there, That, however, is not as simple as it may sound. The author knows quite well to where he is extracting the files. If he does not use the %TEMP% directory, then he will be doing something silly, like somewhere hidden in the Windows directory, or worse. Run a few tests. Have your Command Script make some directories with relative paths, add a pause, or sleep, or a lot of pings that time out, and go find these directories. I mean, it is not exactly rocket science ...
  8. Anything is possible ... Perhaps there are errors in the file itself. It should go in the $OEM$ directory, which is usually located at the root of your installation CD. However, from WINPE, $OEM$ may need to be inside the I386 directory.
  9. INFCACHE.1 is there because somewhere, somehow you specified the root directory as a possible placement of driver files. Setup scanned there, and left the results in INFCACHE.1. You can probably delete it with no problem, but I would find the reason setup is looking there for drivers. What is in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DevicePath?
  10. It can be, quite easily. These "compilers" are like the locks on car doors: they keep the honest people out.
  11. Why bother: IEXPRESS does just the same: extracts to a random directory, runs files, optionaly hidden, cleans up after itself. I've looked at more than one of those "compilers", and none of them is a compiler. A compiler takes "human readable" code, and converts it to machine code. Fortran, Cobol, C are examples of compiled languages. Batch files are still interpreted: an interpreter reads the "human readable" code, and executes the instructions.
  12. KB887742 was not re-released, it has simply just been added to the critical list on Windows Update. No other changes.
  13. Because I adjusted my settings to show 30 posts per page, instead of the default 10 per page. So, maybe we do, maybe we don't, depending on if you changed your settings. (OK, now I see it on my page 10, but perhaps not his.) Just trying to point out that "on page number" is .. relative?
  14. Not on MY page 10 ... Don't forget, not everyone shows the same number of posts per page. But now, with this new skin, you can just quote the post number, you will find it on the right. Or just click on the number, and it will open a javascript prompt window with the URL right to that post! You could go to the trouble and cut and paste it! If YOU know where it is, please share!
  15. Just as I suspected: only in Middle America do we have red states!
  16. Jeeez, they make it suond like it was difficult to reproduce. And yes, they need to update the whole installer, not just this package to make it work. But that is old news ... So, will we see a "Thanks to the IcemanND" on the Microsoft Web Site soon!? Also, inist that they do not count that as one of your "incidents", as it is a flaw on their part.
  17. I hope you do! I made the =NO CD, didn't install, changed to =YES, (only change) and it worked. The relevent section: I didn't try injecting the DriversPath, instead of including, but I have tried at least a half dozen combinations. So ... do me a favor: prove me wrong!
  18. GreenMachine


    Aw come on: there has to be some difference!
  19. My findings show that with OEMPreInstall = No I cannot install devices that do not have native XP support, even though I add the files and update the registry with the DevicesPath. My next test, which I am confident will work, is to update the hive prior to installation with the DevicesPath. This will allow both F6 driver installation to work, and drivers to be integrated. However, I did want to avoid updating installation files.
  20. GreenMachine


    1) That plug-in is only in the commercial version. 2) Does not work in Windows 2000.
  21. Welcome to MSFN, basilcrow! How nice that your first post is positive and trouble free!
  22. Welcome to MSFN, gpedrosa! I'll look when I get a chance. Until then you should first try XPCREATE without hotfixes, and then add them a few at a time until you see the error. As always, first get the simplest XPCREATION working, and then add to it until you see what causes errors. It is usually something simple ...
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