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  1. Actually, there is a conflict between tho IE updates. I think Bilou_Gateux mentioned it earlier. The work around is to install in a specific order via SVCPACK.INF, and not slipstream the files into the installation. Fixed in the new version ...
  2. Thanks, utln. mdes: please post the fr URLs. Also, I do believe the eng you mention refers to ENGINE, and not ENGLISH. Of course, that is just my guess!
  3. GreenMachine

    messenger 5

    Still haven't tried to add it. Anyone else?
  4. That'll work. Though you are, in a sense, tricking Windows Update, those tools really do not add much to a clean unattended installation. Again, just don't install any viruses or such unattendedly.
  5. Thanks, mdes. I am still surprised that you need the SCRIPTFR.EXE update ...
  6. That's what I do, too! Works lke a charm, just a tad bit time consuming.
  7. Sounds right to me. As for the Malware tool, it is possible to just add the registry setting. WHile this does imply that the tool has run while it has not, you should be safe in a fresh install, assumming that you are not silly enough to install a virus unattendedly ...
  8. Right he is: the created ISO is completely DVD compatible.
  9. Not sure there is anything missing. You just need the files from the distribution, and then add the hotfixes you wish to install. Check on Windows Update after install, and that will tell you if you missed any.
  10. **** - There is always a hitch!
  11. The newest version of XPCREATE is now available. There are many changes in this version, including changes in functionality, licensing and distribution. The current version has been tested extensively internally, and will now be released for "live" testing. This version initially will be released with reduced functionality. Certain non-standard hotfixes will not be handled, and automatic downloading will not be included. This is to allow for testing of the main aspects of XPCREATE before the "frills" are included. The main changes in licensing and distribution are that XPCREATE will no longer be distributed as freeware for any use other than the home user. This means that schools, public libraries, government organizations, etc., will be considered commercial users, and must be licensed accordingly. Furthermore, home users will be required to apply for a license, and though there will be no charge, they will be subject to the terms of said license, which will include an expiration date. This is due mainly to users who “play dumb”, and posts such as this. In order to obtain XPCREATE, you will now have to send a request via email, which includes a copy of the attached EULA, along with confirmation that you have read and agreed to the EULA. Furthermore, please state if you are interested in using the software as freeware, e.g. as a non-commercial user, or evaluating the software for use in a commercial environment. You will then receive, by return email, a download link, or the XPCREATE distribution. This implies that no fictitious email addresses may be used. At this point I am also considering disallowing any anonymous email addresses, such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. I apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause, but I guess it is once again true that a few bad apples do spoil the bunch … Believe me, I do this reluctantly, and know that it certainly does not make my task any easier. I will be posting more details about this update, and update the website, over the next few days. Those of you wishing to receive a copy of this version, please send an email to sales(at)xpcreate.com, with a copy of the attached EULA, stating that you have read, and agree to the terms, of the attached EULA. Remember to include your name, a valid email address, and whether you request a non commercial license, or a commercial evaluation copy. Thanks, and Happy XPCREATIONS! EDIT:: In order to find the EULA, please refer to THIS post.
  12. NO! Download links will be updated in the next few hours. PS: Welcome to MSFN, mithrin!
  13. Cheesesteaks to Afganistan? Wow, that is one hell of a delivery service? I imagine they charge extra for it, but I hope it is a flat rate! I'll eat cheesesteaks, specially if I get to listen to the MFSB Orchestra of TSOP Fame at the same time! Gotta admit, I always loved the music from the City of Brotherly Love! (Though Donna Summer and Bobby Brown are nothing to snuff at.)
  14. Not to worry, Preacher Man, we were just having some fun with you! Of course, next time you will owe us your first born son! So ... Be Carefull!
  15. Welcome to MSFN, Phaneendra Rao! I know of no way to rename a file inside the Service Pack, and I kind of suspect it would not be in accordance with the Service Pack EULA, thus not for me ...
  16. Welcome to MSFN, butcher8678! Thanks for the offer, but I am undecided at the moment about what I am going to do with the DLURL thingy. As for stickies, I really don't like them, that is why there is only one, and that I reluctently put there.
  17. Jeeez, you guys are fast! Welcome to MSFN, janc!
  18. Sorry, I thought you wanted the DOWNLOAD link, not the DOWNLOAD PAGE page link. I don't do those. And who would want to change the language? Wazzamattah, English not good enough for this world?!?! (Now, now, don't answer that! Glad you got it figured out.)
  19. Someone did not download my previous attachment! (En plus, c t pour toi!)
  20. Here, I-Hulk, is a head start on the February 8th updates. HFS.txt
  21. Actually, not being in Boston these days, I was not aware of that bet. But you would have hoped they'd have had her do it at a Yankees or Lakers game! And speaking of which, I did like that commercial with Rodman in the bathtub. Now talk about a showboat ... even if he did always deliver.
  22. True: Rodney even mentioned that in the Pre-Game show. I will give these pats good marks for good attitude, considering how big headed they could have (will?) become. And yes, TO did do his part. But there is that EA jinx ... So, now we have to listen to "Mrs. Mittens" sing? I thought we won the game!?
  23. Really? I haven't tried, but I thought it would only install with /Q (and only /Q) switches. As for the GDI tool, that, too, is "special case".
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