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  1. I always get the files and run them in the same order the Live Essentials installers does.
  2. Be sure to install the Requisites installer. Otherwise, you will get the sign-in error. I made a separate installer for the requisites so i could release and English and Spanish version. Also, you can make use Messenger in other language by just installing the Requisites and MessengerInYourLanguage.msi
  3. Good question ricktendo64... I'm making my bootable USB to try an unattended install of Win7 but i didn't apply the XML. I will try it just the way i always do with Vista to see if it works. Did you use the new WAIK to update your XML file and point it to the new WIM image? I already did so. The thing that your XML is working from DVD but not from USB is weird. It should get applied.
  4. Have you checked those double quotes and that the variable %DrivePath% is correctly set before running your cmd file? Also, you can use just a path with the msi like this: C:\installer.msi /qb /norestart You can use Benners tool to make your own installer or you can also download my switchless installer from the link in my signature.
  5. Have you tried to use the Scripts folder to import your tweaks? This is how i do it without problems in Vista (will try it on Win7 this week).
  6. A new WAIK for RC has been released. You can download it here.
  7. A new WAIK has been released for RC. I already got it and it is for 7100. Edit: Here's the link to it.
  8. You don't need to necessarily remove components to make lite. As some components are changed from Vista to Windows 7, i think you will be better by starting to learn about Windows Automated Installation Kit and how to make a proper Autounattend.xml file to customize your setup. Then, start by making registry tweaks and tweaking services. Starting by removing Windows 7 components will likely increase the chances of errors, un-bootable installations, BSOD's etc... When nuhi (vLite's author) gets more input on components, then you can strip your setup.
  9. Be sure to use <Display> in all the passes that it is supported.
  10. From my experience, i would recommend InstallShield (latest version is 2009). Repackaging complex applications is a real pain and the repackaging features of the latest versions of Wise and InstallShield are not making that much easier. You can, however, use programs like Regshot or file activity monitors (like Sysinternals Process Monitor) to make manual repackaging as few applications are too complex to make this a nightmare... Why don't you get the trial versions from Wise and InstallShield and then make a decision based on how you filled your needs with both of them. Also, you can try Caphyon Advanced Installer trial to test it. This is a very good (and cheaper) alternative to the more featured (and expensive) Wise or InstallShield solutions.
  11. Maybe you can try to modify this file too: msgsres.dll I think there should be something in the registry to look for, but i haven't use 8.5 in ages...
  12. No problem. I'm glad to know it is working with your iTouch.
  13. For just DivX you can use XviD as decoder. However, if you have some old DivX3 videos, you will need FFDshow.
  14. One always run the setup and copy the MSI installer from %TEMP% folder and use it with /qb /norestart or /qn /norestart.
  15. Why don't you try the latest version?
  16. I didn't knew it was updated this month. I now have the latest version. Thanks.
  17. Hi, You need to read the MSFN Unttended Guide first to learn how everything works. Then, try by yourself and come here for more information if you need any.
  18. Of course! I'm listening the Rosenrot album. Its my favorite Rammstein disc.
  19. Kings of Leon - Closer and Giant Drag's only album i know of.
  20. I always buy PC World's english edition here in Mexico but they are selling it very expensive compared to the Mexican edition, which costs about 1/3 of the english edition. I find hard to read newspapers and magazine online. I prefer to read printed versions, as one here said it is easier to read more articles, news, etc... I don't know what will happen with PC World, but hopefully they will remain making printed versions.
  21. The iPod service installs in Program File\iPod. iTunes default installation folder is Program Files\iTunes. You can try to use the INSTALLDIR parameter to change the default iTunes installation folder. Run something like this: itunes.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\My iTunes" /qb /norestart
  22. I use AutoIt's Script Writer feature to make a script. Just select the exe file, uncheck Record Mouse and check Record Window Text. Install it using the keyboard shortcuts and that's all. I also export a registry entry to prevent the autostart with windows and the settings i change, along with my registration.
  23. The STARTSKYPE=FALSE doesn't seem to work. I still had a registry entry for Skype to run on startup. The modified installer i make doesn't have that problem because i disabled the registry entry responsible for it.
  24. My installer don't install Firefox and IE plugins, the shortcuts on the desktop and Send To are removed and the automatic startup is disabled.

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