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  1. Thanks for that link! Fantastic resource. I am nLite-ing my installs. The reason I don't want IE8 (or any of the dotNet / DirectX updates etc.) actually part of the Windows install is a) because they are subject to update quite frequently, and it's easier to edit a batch file than rebuild a whole OS install, and b ) I work in the music business, and several machines I have a totally stripped bare with nothing added aside from what is absolutely necessary. On these machines, I tend not to install IE updates. Cheers! Martin
  2. Hi guys! Happy new year to you all. I'm currently going through my annual "let's get all the updates together on a disk for installing" procedure. I have a couple of questions about installing Internet Explorer 8 and updates. Please forgive the 'bullet pointed-ness' of the questions - it seems the easiest way of asking them. 1) Is the version downloaded in the IEAK (8.0.6001.18702) the 'base' version with no updates? Or are the various updates and hotfixes integrated in this install? 2) Do you HAVE to restart after installing IE8 before installing any of the updates? Or can I chain IE8 with the updates in a batch file? 3) Following on from that, what are the switches for passive installation and no restart of both IE8 (IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe) and the various updates (IE8-WindowsXP-KBxxxxxxx-x86-ENU.exe)? Many thanks! Martin
  3. Hi guys, I have been reading about not being able to directly slipstream Vista SP2 using vLite. That aside, working from an ISO with SP2 already integrated, is it still possible to use vLite to "strip down" the install or not? I wasn't sure if the lack of support for slipstreaming the service pack impacted on other areas of functionality of vLite? EDIT: And continuing that line of thought, do I need to use with Windows 7 WAIK to mess around with Vista SP2? Many thanks, Martin
  4. Hi guys, At first glance, there seem to be some issues integrating IE8 and it's updates using nLite. Is this right? Can I not just get the IE8 install executable from Microsoft (IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe for XP Pro, and the equivalent for XP x64) and integrate it as I did IE7? Then the updates (KB976325, KB971961, and KB975364) just go into the hotfix section. There seem to be a few IE8 "addons" floating around this forum, which would indicate that what I want to do is not possible? Is this so? Many thanks, Martin
  5. Thanks computerwizkid. I don't think NVidia made any Server 2008 specific drivers for the MCP73 boards, because it's a low end consumer system... Thanks! Martin
  6. Hi guys, Do the XP drivers for the ATI Radeon series (currently 9.3) work with Server 2003 or not? I can't find any specific drivers for it... Thanks, Martin
  7. Hi guys, How can I set files to install in target computer environment variable folder paths in Wise Windows Installer Editor? Setting a variable for source files is easy enough, but I can't find a way of doing it for the target machine. For example, I have files that needs to be installed in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Apple Computer\QuickTime and %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\QuickTime Using the actual windows variable %ALLUSERSPROFILE% as a folder name causes an error on install (C: contains an invalid character - the % I presume). I don't want to hard define the folder structure because %APPDATA% varies for each user. Many thanks, Martin
  8. Hi guys, I have been playing around today with the Nero install, and seem to have found a way to get it to work nicely. I don't know if people are having any difficulties with Nero 8, but I have been, so thought I'd post this just in case Note, that this requires an MSI editor (I've been using Wise Windows Installer Editor, but have loaded it into the IS 2009 demo and it will no doubt work too!). First, I extracted the download package using 7z into a folder called "Nero". I created a transform based on Nero.msi (under data\) and added/edited the following properties: NSC_DEFAULT_OFF - TRUE NSC_OPT - FALSE SERIALNUM_USERVAL - <serial number WITH hyphens here> SERIALNUM_CORRECT - TRUE SERIALNUM - <serial number WITH hyphens here> RebootYesNo - No ProductID - <serial number WITH hyphens here> INCLANGUAGES - ENG [change to your preferred] EULA_AGREEMENT - 1 EULAACCEPTED - 1 DESKTOP_SHORTCUT - 0 AGREETOLICENSE - Yes I also went through the "features", and deleted everything except the required ones, and NeroBurningRomBCAFF604 Now, although this works, I do not *like* doing it this way. I'm guessing the following properties (defined as NULL_VALUEs at the moment) would help: INCFEATURES EXCFEATURES EXCLANGUAGES But I don't know what to put in there. Is it all the features I want included/excluded product codes' (BCAFF604 for example), or the whole feature name (eg: "NeroBurningRomBCAFF604")? Also, if I try and input the properties "USERNAME" and "COMPANYNAME" with the others above, I get a warning message tell me that these variables will be overwritten in the install... And if I continue and include them anyway, they don't seem to work anyway. So although my Nero is installed, those fields are blank at the moment. I'm not worried about slimming down the install media size, so I'm not looking for a NeroLite type thing. I just want to exclude 90% of the features (or, include just NeroBurningRom, the Tools, NeroProductSetup, NeroSuiteInstaller, and SpecialFeatures) Any help just tweaking this so I can get it absolutely right much appreciated!! Thanks, Martin PS: The final install command I used for the above is SetupX.exe /qb TRANSFORMS="customMSTName.mst"
  9. Are you installing on an SP3 system? That hotfix is included in SP3...
  10. I've taken a look at the demo of IS 2009, and it seems to suit me pretty well. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hi guys, I have laying around an "el cheapo" PC (bought from a supermarket) which I plan on repurposing as an asset server for all my photography assets and textures etc. The problem is that the motherboard is based on a low end consumer chipset (Nvidia MCP73), and I can only seem to find chipset/LAN/graphics drivers for Vista or Vista SP1. As they are based on the same kernel, will Vista SP1 drivers work with Server 2008? Thanks, Martin
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