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  1. If you are seeing speeds that low, but are copying thousands (I mean, thousands) of files, sometimes those speeds are "normal" but should speed up quite fast and stay at leas at 20-25mb. Maybe your security software is slowing things down. Try disabling it and try to copy the files again to rule that out.
  2. The answers could be many, but for me, Windows 7 improves things that were introduced in Vista. The new libraries feature is really helpful. You can stream and share music and videos easier as ever. Performance-wise, I feel it on par with Vista. Although I ran both on a beefy computer. My laptop is a little more snappier than Vista in this regard. If you never tried Vista, you missed a lot, but Windows 7 will please you I'm sure. Try on a real computer and not a virtual one to see real-world performance in everyday use.
  3. The command /Mount-Wim is correct. Make sure you are typing it on the Deployment Tools Command Prompt.
  4. Consider reading this post before you do. Don't worry, I have plenty of experience with unattended installations. However, that post in your blog about adding multiple OS's to an USB key might come handy for some tasks I have to do with many computers and different operative systems. I just started to modify my WIM of Windows 7 x64 to begin my unattended process.
  5. My hardware is pretty much up to date. I already have my unattended installations of Windows 7 x86. I just need to take some time to make the x64 version. Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow night.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I will make a clean install of Windows 7 x64 this weekend. I will let you guys know if something didn't go as expected.
  7. I have seen that error myself a couple of times. A reboot solved it. Maybe there is something messing with the WIM filters or the image being committed and it wasn't saved/unmounted properly. Are you using the latest WAIK? The Windows 7 RTM WAIK is already published at Microsoft website.
  8. As vague (and noob) as my question seems to be, I will migrate to x64 bits with Windows 7 after longs delays even after reading lots of comments on how people seem to like Vista x64 I went with the x86 version since it came out. Most likely I will put it on my main desktop this weekend as the lonely OS. I'm wondering if there is something to know about x64 besides drivers for 64bit and "optimized for" applications. How was it for any of you guys this migration? From the home-user standpoint. Are the current Intel (chipset, storage manager), ATI, Nvidia, Realtek drivers good enough to take advantage of 64bit? Thanks for any feedback. Edit: My unattended installation went smoothly. I made some new custom installers for x64 apps that I use and they are working great. I would like to see if the performance of some x64-optimized apps like Photoshop, Premiere and some video encoders is bigger than they 32-bit counterparts. I'm restoring my backups, but so far, the experience is great. Besides the well-known fact that we "can't" use 64-bit web browsers because of Flash support for x64, almost all (I haven't tested all of them) my applications are working just fine.
  9. You may find this little app useful. It has the same "Send to" functionality but it can be customized to your likings. I have just find it and will try it myself tomorrow.
  10. If your account doesn't have any password, you can run elevated applications by just clicking through UAC prompts. Just right-click on the file and choose run as administrator.
  11. I will try tomorrow in my laptop (I just installed Windows 7 on it) with Firefox 3.5.2... Hopefully, it is something with my desktop, some extension or who knows what else. PS: I already tried both http://www.msfn.org/board/ and http://msfn.org/board/ Thanks guys.
  12. I sitll can't login from Firefox 3.5.2. I've cleared my internet/temp files, cookies, history, etc... I'm posting this from TheWorld Browser. Any help? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I was just asking... I use my own custom MSI installer for it. You can also make you own if you want. There is nothing needed outside of the program folder, the EZB in common files and the registry keys for settings and registration. Cheers...
  14. Read the Unattended Vista forum section. Vista and Windows 7 share the same approach to unttended installations. Also, look for a Vista guide made by a guy named Firegeier (maybe I misspelled it)...
  15. I should be playing with this tonight as I want to be able to make unattendedly...
  16. Is this a trial version? Because you cannot post "warez" files...
  17. I use Acronis True Image secure zone in my laptop and with the loader to hit F11 it comes very handy as I'm always making changes/tests on that laptop... However, be sure to have an image backup and a bootable cd in case the hdd dies.
  18. Thanks for the info. I have always an up-to-date internet security suite (KIS for the last years) but if Microsoft Security Essentials works and detects very well I will start recommending it to some customers that can't or won't buy AV or security suite subscriptions. If they want a firewall, there are good free alternatives too.
  19. It could be that the gadget you installed is badly written. Normally, with third-party gadgets running, you will see two sidebar.exe processes.
  20. You can boot with with BartPE or another WinPE-based disc and try to delete them from there. A clean install is always recommended, but having backups for verything is a must.
  21. Have you try it with a third-party firewall? I'm thinking of trying it with Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free...
  22. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (latest is works without any problem in Windows 7 x86 RTM. I tried the beta versions (not the official one for Windows 7 which is 8.0.0.xxxx) on the RC and they worked fine as well. I was using Alcohol 52% in Windows 7 x86 RC but now with the RTM it doesn't work. I got a compatibility problem windows and that's all. SPTD was the same in RC and RTM. I had to resort to Slysoft Virtual Clone Drive for the moment...
  23. I see you are using the same name (instalar) for the file that calls install.cmd I don't call any theme. My problem (in my desktop only) was that I installed an Nvidia driver set that had some issues. I will install them manually as the only thing needed after all is done with my Vista unattended dvd for my desktop. Did your setup worked as expected?
  24. You can delay the reboot command in that cmd file using something like Ping command or sleep.exe-kind-of-application... The desktop is showed after all the commands in FirstLogonCommands are executed, so if you make a delay in the file with your applications, you can force a reboot. Just use 1-2 (even 3 won't hurt) minute after all is done for the reboot to give Windows time to load everything.

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