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  1. As' can add the file Autounattended.xml for x86 and x64 versions? Thank !!!
  2. I split the file install.wim in install.swm and install2.swm In the first dvd I have the complete structure of the dvd and sources I have copied the file install.swm in the second dvd I created the directory sources and here I have copied the file install2.swm Unfortunately it does not work the first dvd: I copied the first dvd file Autounattended.xml, and 'he the problem? Thanks !!
  3. @ MagicAndre1981 Thank, I'm using version Rc 7100, however, I saw that and 'release the new version of Waik. Try 'with this new version.
  4. Installed on vista sp2, and when I select the file install.wim I get this error: If I open the configuration file works. Thanks
  5. @ FireGeier After running the file I get this error PrepLab.cmd: Instead this directory and 'this... In addition to variables of the system and 'this: Thank very much
  6. In winnt.sif can disable only Fullname and OrgName ? I set these values in winnt.sif: and delete in [userData] FullName and OrgName, but unfortunately OemSkipEula = Yes does not work. All this integrated with SP3 official. Thank !!!
  7. Thanks Davidville...very good !!! :thumbup
  8. After installing the mui language, ok .... all the menus of explorer were not even translated and automatic updates. How can I do this manually? Thank !
  9. After to have shaped my Autounattend rows to the reboot of the computer this shielded appears that the setup starts me of the applications : I have prepared a .exe with autoplay menu studio, and the shielded one of which I have shown to you from little an annoyance to the visualization of the menu of the applications. Thank
  10. I'm don't work, I have used this procedure: mount boot.wim, and select longhorn in soucers edit spwizimg.dll replace 517.bmp and saved dll unmount boot.wim........but and like if you had not made the modification ...... 517 bmp remains originates them. mistake perhaps to unmount the boot.wim? Thank !!!
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