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  1. Many URL or Links scanners in recent Anti-virus are known to cause IE crashes. I had to disable the new URL checker in Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 because it was causing crashes in IE8 and Firefox. Try looking if your security program uses something like that and disable it.
  2. For picture viewing there are better programs. But Windows Live Photo Gallery is great to have an image library. If you want to exclude folders within Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery, you need to have those folders outside the Images folders. Then just add the folders you want to the gallery, but take into account that any subfolder in it will show. Maybe in upcoming versions you can exclude folders by right clicking on them or adding them in the options.
  3. Download the floppy disk drivers for your RAID array and put them on Floppy\USB stick. Boot from DVD\USB to install Windows 7 and when the drives list is shown choose to load drivers, selec the ones you saved earlier and then choose the drive to install. This way, Windows will already be installed using the proper drivers for your RAID array instead of the generic ones.
  4. It must be VERY WELL hidden. Can you explain where it is found? Sure, never said that it wasn't, though I personally find (for the GUI version) the requirement of .Net unconvenient. jaclaz I'm sorry. I checked the latest version and it only outputs IMG, IMA or IMZ image files. I was almost sure that when I last use it the ISO output was there. However, it works very well for making backups or USB sticks identical. .NET requirements are fine for me as I always use applications (and from time to time, I write a few) that use the framework, so it is a non-issue for me nowadays. Its like having to install Java for some programs to work. Regards
  5. Look in the above posts. It seems that if you are running XP and removed the old messenger before installing the new one (or viceversa, i don't remember) will make the installer prompt to show.
  6. I have all my applications, codecs, etc in a folder called Install in the root of my dvd. Te file install.cmd in the root of the DVD install them. By using FirstLogonCommand to call the file instalar.cmd in the root of the wim image (root of the hdd when installing Windows), which calls install.cmd will get you that blue background. Installing your apps with FirstLogonCommmand will do it. I use the intermediate file instalar.cmd to avoid mounting an image just to make changes or add/remove stuff from install.cmd. This way, i just modify install.cmd and put it in the root of my DVD/USB stick. I don't use OEM folders because Windows setup will copy all the contents of the Windows setup to the hard drive, slowing down the whole installation process.
  7. I already test it and its working just fine. I'm not using it right now because I'm trying to get used to the pinning in taskbar, but so far, I see myself with TLB again i a week or two.
  8. And it outputs a .ISO? jaclaz Yes, it does. It's a great program for making USB images.
  9. You use the standard boot order options in BIOS that set that up. That is, if you have those options
  10. I have a file called instalar.cmd in the root of the image that has a script to look for AppsRoot.txt in the disc drives (so it can know which letter to use in the path) and calls the file install.cmd which is located in the root of my DVD/USB Stick. This install.cmd file has all the application stuff. instalar.cmd FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\AppsRoot.txt SET DVD=%%i: : Ejecutar el Script de Instalacion de Programas start /wait %DVD%\install.cmd EXIT
  11. I actually like the combining stuff, my only complain being that it can't show the last used window of a program when clicking on its icon. I will give it more time before I disable it and return to my loved True Launch Bar.
  12. You mean that it appears when starting Windows? when you exit the screensaver? If it show when starting Windows, can "disable" it by configuring auto login in the registry. VistaTweaker in my signature can do it. If it only appears when exiting the active screensaver you can uncheck Show the welcome screen in the screensaver proporties page.
  13. ajua

    Windows update

    That will happen more often than not nowadays
  14. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Technical Release which is the same to be released for other systems, not the Technical Release being Beta-tested for Windows 7. In two weeks, I haven't had any problems with it. Vista and Windows 7 firewalls are good but I prefer to have my set of custom rules for anything. Call me paranoid, but I'm used to this since I began to use software firewalls years ago. Free anti-virus are great choices but I won't fully trust them. But as I have seen many users of commercial Anti-virus, namely (in more than one occasion) NOD32 3.x or 4.x and Norton 2008 and 2009, I will encourage users to use other apps (Kaspersky is the best IMHO and people I have recommend it to are clean of viruses now) or to try the free alternatives and save some money
  15. I'm running Windows 7 RC and TMPGEnc is not working. I even tried Compatibility mode and sent the report to Microsoft. Hopefully Pegasys will release a Windows 7 ready version soon because I love TMPGEnc 4.
  16. That is my main concern with the new taskbar: It doesn't show the last used window of a given program when clicking on the icon. Another one is that you can't pin folders with their own icon because you only get to pin them to Windows Explorer.
  17. I don't think they will leave the Windows logo on it. The background is great. I like it more than the beta fish background, even though it was very good.
  18. I have it disabled and it will always be for me. In Vista too. The reason is that I don't want to get bothered with programs I use and TRUST. For everything else, there are Firewalls (software or hardware and Anti-virus applications. I use Hardware FW + Anti-virus/Software FW (KIS 2010). For the average user UAC is a good measure against common threats like malware or spyware.
  19. I don't know but I'm not convinced on the new taskbar yet. I have been using it since the build 7077 and now RC. The one thing I don't like is that you can't switch to a previously opened windows if you have two or more in say, Windows Explorer icon. You need to pass over your mouse or click on its icon and then in the thumbnail. I would like it to switch to the last used window if you click the icon in the taskbar instead of showing you the thumbnails. On the desktop I only want the recycle bin. In Vista I always use True Launch Bar to store my shortcuts and frequently used files/folders. I'm not using it on Windows 7 to get used to the taskbar. Here's my current Windows 7 desktop on my test laptop:
  20. Well, I use Setupcomplete.cmd to import my tweaks prior to the first logon. For my applications, I use FirstLogonCommands (in my Autounattend.xml) by calling a file I have in the root of the wim image that calls install.cmd in my DVD/USB stick. This one installs all the stuff and you get the blue background you asked for.
  21. Does using OEM folder make the setup to copy all its contents to the hard drive? Making the installation time longer. I use FirstLogonCommands.cmd to install my programs and Setupcomple.cmd to import my tweaks prior to the first user logon. Works great, and avoids all the copying.
  22. Try Users\Public Access\Public Desktop. Copying anything there will make it available to every user after your unattended install finishes.
  23. Change the boot options to HDD first and only booting from USB by hotkeys like F2 when the BIOS loads solves this problem. As I posted before.
  24. imageX is just a compatibility app which calls DISM, so it can't be faster Perhaps you don't understand. I am using my one application that I am running and creating Win 7 dvd's on XP, Vista and from Seven so I see all the different things. I am still in debug mode right now and trying to find the things that work and don't work You can mount with imagex and then call dism if you want. That's what I'm doing. I mount wim's with ImageX and then use DISM for servicing them. DISM can mount but I'm getting used first to its new command-line parameters before I ditch ImageX for mounting/commiting images.
  25. To get started, copy the contents of the dvd to a folder on your hard drive, open install.wim (located in sources folder) with WAIK and add a new XML file. You can then read the documentation that comes with WAIK to make you Autounattend.xml file. But, it would be better to read Firegeier's guide for unattended Vista first, since all the principles are the same for Windows 7.

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