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  1. The best for making ISO's out of USB drives is USB Image Tool from this website It works great. I have use it before to make USB sticks identical.
  2. Wait to get home and download it there then. My upload sucks big time here.
  3. WAIK 1.1 works well for Vista SP2. Also, I have installed it on machines with SP2 on it (clean installs from new ISO's). In my laptop I have the WAIK for Windows 7 RC and it also works for SP2 images as well.
  4. Maybe trying to not set the fallback language to <UILanguageFallback>en-US</UILanguageFallback> gets yours to work. Just leave it empty in WAIK or delete in the XML file. My input works even in Windows 7 XML file, but I'm trying to set the TAPI settings from the XML file but I get an error that they can't be set and the installation aborts.
  5. For Inout locale i had to use <InputLocale>0001042f</InputLocale> because <InputLocale>es-ES</InputLocale> or even <InputLocale>es-MX</InputLocale> never worked for me since Vista came out. For the other regional settings maybe you can use registry tweaks or read the WAIK docs. I remember seeing some info there but i'm not sure as to what extent you can modify date and time formats.
  6. The WAIK documentation has all the information you need to change the default theme. I don't remember what are the lines to be added to the XML file right now.
  7. If you still have files there and can't delete them, just restart your computer and then use the /unmount command. After that you should be able to see that the image was unmounted and all the files gone. If you have an unmodified Vista image, you will only have one language, unless you already integrated some language packs to it. To better answer your question, just take an unmodified image in the language of your choice and just integrate the languages you need/want to it.
  8. For truly portable applications nothing can be written to the registry or outside the application folder. However, there are some apps that do use the registry for some things and then delete their own entries, or ones that use a settings file in AppData and nothing more, which make them "almost portable". You can use Sysinternals Process Monitor to see if something is being written to the registry. I have found it much better than using registry snapshots because nowadays many programs are writing things there and it gets confusing at times to know for sure which app wrote what.
  9. In the meantime, give PDF-XChange Viewer a chance. I have found it to be much better than Foxit.
  10. Have you tried the new WAIK for Windows 7 (which supports Vista SP2)? There are options for IE8. Yesterday I made an unattended install of Windows 7 using the new WAIK to make another Autounattend.xml file. As far as I can remember, there were options to disable the initial setup questions, to enter the default search provider, etc. Even options to manually enter URL's for accelerators, but I you need links to XML files for each accelerator you want to install.
  11. For registry tweaks I'm using (in Vista as well) SetupComplete.cmd inside Windows\Setup\Scripts. You will need to create the Scripts folder. In SetupComplete.cmd I call extras.cmd which is placed in the root on the wim image and does the registry tweaks, among other things. Windows will automatically execute it after finishing the setup, just before the last reboot.
  12. You can extract the switchless installer you are using and add the Mobile Device Supporty MSI and repack it to use one installer only.
  13. I don't plan to make one, but you can see if the MSI setup for Mobile Support installs other things. If it doesn't, you can make your own SFX installers. Maybe i will take look at it but i don't have the time to test properly.
  14. If those error are shown everytime you use that switch (check if they show on other computers if you plan to install it on different macines), then you can make an AutoIt script to get rid of them. Use the ScriptWriter feature to make it easier.
  15. The new versions are uploading right now. I will update the main post when they are done. Main post updated.
  16. You can also change the boot options to HDD first and only boot from USB using hotkeys like F2 when the BIOS loads...
  17. You should try Caphyon Advanced Installer. It is free for simple projects and works great. I use the Progessional version and all my custom MSI's work just fine with Windows 7 RC.
  18. For people like Siginet, it would be great not to assume that "everyone" knows how bad Vista is. For some of us, Vista is great in so many ways. But for this, another topic should be fine. The only problems i have seen for others with Win7 RC is that some security suites cause random freezes or BSOD. With KIS2010 is working fine for the last couple of days in my laptop. I'm using it as the only OS on that computer.
  19. Many applications use the registry to store their serial numbers. The first things to look for are Key names under the Company or Program. Also, if you are using switches for application like the one you described (/s /v/qn)be sure to use double quotes like this: yourapp.exe /s"/v/qn" Try searching this forum for switches of the ones you are trying to install to get started...
  20. I use the Professional (if Caphyon Advanced Installer is what you meant) version but for simple installers like freeware programs and portables, its simple install is free and it is great for creating MSI from scratch without any knowledge. If you want to save space with big programs, try making admin installs (after you create your MSI installers) and then repackage them using 7-Zip. WinRAR SFX files are great for quick installs too.
  21. A few days ago I deployed win7 via USB to a couple computers without any changes to my stick other than editing and updating the Autounattend.xml file. I suggest you use the latest WAIK for Windows 7 RC to update/remake you XML file. Maybe you are using some deprecated or discontinued setting/component.
  22. Maybe you can try to download the latest version from Microsoft and see if you can run it with /? to see the supported command-line paramters.
  23. So, anyone here manahged to integrate the IE8 language packs? I will make a few clean installs this week and i want to integrate IE8 into my VIstaUA DVD before install it on those computers. Maybe i can integrate the IE8 installer and run the language pack's (spanish) msu silently using setupcomplete (where i run all my applications)? Any insights? thanks in advance.
  24. Glad to know that you got it to work.
  25. This type of programs normally store all they need in the installation folder. If this is the case, you can make an SFX archive with the files and add only the shortcut(s) you want.

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