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  1. are all the SQL services still online? is this sharepoing 2007 or 2003? if SQL will not start or does not have permission to connect to the Sharepoint servers you could get errors like this.
  2. Until the release of the Enterprise version of W7 you will have to go through the proccess of entering a serial number, once RTM is reached and the enterprise version is released you will be able to build a sequence without a serial number (my bet is it won't be asked anymore like with server 2008 and R2)
  3. is there anyway you can narrow down what function or query the end users are using that is believed to be "slow"? could this be a percpetion issue where that is the actual speed and time it takes for the query to run?
  4. What kind of Server / NIC is being used?
  5. see the attachment. you cannont use the external installer from MS, you have to go through features and install the .NetFramwork 3.0 there. if you want to use the MSI installer, go downloaded 3.5 sp1 and use that one
  6. is there any anti-virus/malware on the machine? have you done any scans?
  7. i would suggest running a check disk on the machine, schedule one for the next reboot and if that helps
  8. For those looking to grab one of the 75,000 seats in the beta, head out to connect.microsoft.com. You will need a live id to access the site and join the MSE beta.
  9. moving to a managed switch that has a better through put probably would benefit you greatly. the switches you are using i bet do not have a good throughput or provide QoS.
  10. Jerome, You will want to move the Documents folder. you can got to the properties of the folder and change where it lives on the locations tab
  11. you will need to use the WinPE disk off the windows 7 disk, old versions will not work
  12. If you want to wait for 2008 R2 WDS, you will be able to dynamically inject drivers into a WIM as it loads. Late July or August for release
  13. that backup task is something 2008 is not really designed to do, you would need a 3rd party tool
  14. folder redirection does not backup files and folders persay, it just moves the location of the files to the Server. From that point you could use windows backup or a 3rd party tool to backup the files.
  15. verify that there is a bootfix.bin file in your boot folder, (i believe this is what causes the prompt to launch)
  16. this can be done using the WAIK, or by installing the app you want and sysprepping the OS and capturing a wim of it. You may want to start with the WAIK and read up on the chm's that come with it
  17. Question 1. Yes, you can add files to MDT to allow you to use your images located on your WDS server. read the help files that comes with MDT, it will tell you how to do this. Question 2. No, the Driver injection that is done by WDS is a closed system, MDT supports driver injection during you installation sequence, so you can use that instead of WDS for drivers. It looks like what you want to do would all be feasible with MDT, I do the exact same thing with our server build now, (base WIM un touched except for patch injection) then the sequence runs and installs and the configures the server.
  18. Tri, Go into your <server>\remoteinstall\tmp folder, here are the BCD files that WDS uses to keep track, edit the BCD (backup first!) so that it is in the order you want
  19. read the following sticky http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=130005 create a dump and we can help you more
  20. is there an option where you can VPN or remote connect to their system? building out a GP and exporting would work and long as the systems you are working with are the same (same DC level, OS level etc) it is preferred to build it out on a machine in the domain if possible though to rule out errors
  21. what IP's is it connected to? are they internal IPs or external?
  22. I doubt mircosoft would ask him to do something like that, if anything i believe they encourge their employees to help and evangilise their products and projects (private or public). the easy anwser woud be he is just busy with a new job, simple as that.
  23. attach the default Ntuser.dat file in the registry and add the changes you want, all account will be created with the changes
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