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  1. Hi there and greetings from Portugal! First of all, I would like to thank to everyone that made this fantastic solution possible! It really helped me a lot! Now...the 2 issues I still have! #1 After applying the image to a machine I always get 2 boot options (both named Windows 7), one works and continues the machine installation and the other do nothing (crashes to the usual boot manager menu). #2 It's there anyway with this processo to add an answer file when applying the image? Best Regards, Soultaker
  2. Hi Tripredacus, exactly... Humm any ideas how can I do that?
  3. Hello and greetings from Portugal! I would like to know if someone have any idea of how could a make Windows install a different driver for a device. Here's the real issue: I've a HP LaserJet 1200 printer to install on Windows 7. The issue here is that we would like to install HP Universal Printing Driver automatically when the printer it's plugged in, instead of the HP1200 drive (that doesn't come with the OS, by the way). Any ideas? Best Regards, Diogo Sousa
  4. This really is a strange situation because this only happens when this file is there. I've also turned off antivirus and nothing. Always the same file and always at 61%. This is a 9GB file. Don't know if this got something to do with it but I just can't see any bottleneck here. It's direct cable also. Well...because I've some space free I'll do the imageX directly to another partition just to se what happens!
  5. Hello and greetings from Portugal! I'm having a little problem here when trying to create a WIM file with MDT LTI process. I'm getting an error during the Create WIM phase. I've noticed through the ZTIBackup_imagex.log where the errors occurs but I just can't figured out why this is happening. The file that imageX complains about it's on the right location, the machine didn't lost network and there's enough space on server. Here's the log file: ImageX Tool for Windows Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Files/folders excluded from image capture by default: \$windows.~bt \$windows.~ls \winpepge.sys \Windows\CSC \Recycled \Recycler \$Recycle.Bin\* \System Volume Information \pagefile.sys \hiberfil.sys Turning on VERIFY option for network share Scanning files and directories... [ 0% ] Capturing progress [ 1% ] Capturing progress [ 2% ] Capturing progress: 14:42 mins remaining [ 3% ] Capturing progress: 25:33 mins remaining [ 4% ] Capturing progress: 45:00 mins remaining [ 5% ] Capturing progress: 53:24 mins remaining [ 6% ] Capturing progress: 58:25 mins remaining [ 7% ] Capturing progress: 1:00:55 hrs remaining [ 8% ] Capturing progress: 1:01:53 hrs remaining [ 9% ] Capturing progress: 1:00:53 hrs remaining [ 10% ] Capturing progress: 60:00 mins remaining [ 11% ] Capturing progress: 59:27 mins remaining [ 12% ] Capturing progress: 59:02 mins remaining [ 13% ] Capturing progress: 58:33 mins remaining [ 14% ] Capturing progress: 58:50 mins remaining [ 15% ] Capturing progress: 58:23 mins remaining [ 16% ] Capturing progress: 58:11 mins remaining [ 17% ] Capturing progress: 57:27 mins remaining [ 18% ] Capturing progress: 56:16 mins remaining [ 19% ] Capturing progress: 54:34 mins remaining [ 20% ] Capturing progress: 52:20 mins remaining [ 21% ] Capturing progress: 50:23 mins remaining [ 22% ] Capturing progress: 48:47 mins remaining [ 23% ] Capturing progress: 46:54 mins remaining [ 24% ] Capturing progress: 45:09 mins remaining [ 25% ] Capturing progress: 43:50 mins remaining [ 26% ] Capturing progress: 42:39 mins remaining [ 27% ] Capturing progress: 41:16 mins remaining [ 28% ] Capturing progress: 39:44 mins remaining [ 29% ] Capturing progress: 38:16 mins remaining [ 30% ] Capturing progress: 36:54 mins remaining [ 31% ] Capturing progress: 36:03 mins remaining [ 32% ] Capturing progress: 35:31 mins remaining [ 33% ] Capturing progress: 34:50 mins remaining [ 34% ] Capturing progress: 33:57 mins remaining [ 35% ] Capturing progress: 32:55 mins remaining [ 36% ] Capturing progress: 37:37 mins remaining [ 37% ] Capturing progress: 46:18 mins remaining [ 38% ] Capturing progress: 49:34 mins remaining [ 39% ] Capturing progress: 50:10 mins remaining [ 40% ] Capturing progress: 49:30 mins remaining [ 41% ] Capturing progress: 48:14 mins remaining [ 42% ] Capturing progress: 46:43 mins remaining [ 43% ] Capturing progress: 45:07 mins remaining [ 44% ] Capturing progress: 43:30 mins remaining [ 45% ] Capturing progress: 41:55 mins remaining [ 46% ] Capturing progress: 40:23 mins remaining [ 47% ] Capturing progress: 38:54 mins remaining [ 48% ] Capturing progress: 37:28 mins remaining [ 49% ] Capturing progress: 36:05 mins remaining [ 61% ] Capturing progress: 28:44 mins remaining [ ERROR ] D:\Maestro\VirtualMachines\Posto Balcao\Virtual Hard Disks\PostoBalcao.vhd (Error = 2) Error imaging drive [D:\] The system cannot find the file specified.
  6. Hello and greetings from Portugal, I'm trying to export "Printing Defaults" from printers installed on a Windows 2008 R2 using the following command: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Ss /n "Canon iR2020i Duplex" /a "D:\Canon_iR2020i_Duplex.dat" Then I try to import it using the command: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Sr /n "Canon iR2020i Duplex" /a "D:\Canon_iR2020i_Duplex.dat" I can't get the configuration to change in Windows 2008 R2 but it works on Windows 2003. I've already try to export/import using the "d" parameter at the end but with no results. Can someone please help me? Best Regards, Soultaker
  7. Ok, so the way to do it is to generate the image and than integrate drivers, right?
  8. Ok, I believe I'm not explaining myself the right way. What I would like was to create an image on one machine. Then, I deploy the image on another machine, with a different video card. I would like to automatically install the driver from that new machine. Hope this would help myself to explain better! Best Regards, Soultaker
  9. Hi Grabben and thanks for the quick reply! My doubt here is if there is anyway to do this automatically. Like, on the task sequence or in some option to integrate all drivers on the machine. Best Regards, Soultaker
  10. Hello and greetings from Portugal, I need some help with this one. What I'm intended to do is: - Create an image using MDT 2010 - Publish the image on WDS Server - Use that image in different machine models So, what I've done was, insert all drivers I needed on MDT, then generated the image on one mahcine and then publish it on WDS and applied it on another machine. The problem here is that the drivers (video in this case) are not installed. Like if they aren't on the WIM file on the first place. Can someone please help me on what I'm doing wrong? Best Regards, Diogo Sousa
  11. Hello and greetings from Portugal! I'm in a bit of a problem sharing printers! What I'm trying to do is to enable by default, users to be able to share printers like they did on Windows XP (because they were Power Users). On Windows 7 I can't figure out what I need to do for this to work. I've read a lot about using TweakUI but that doesn't work with Windows 7 and I can't find neither a GPO to do this. Can someone please help me on this one? Best Regards, Soultaker
  12. Hello people and greetings from Portugal! I'm getting crazy trying to avoid IE and WMP to get in taskbar for all users. I just don't want theme there. Does anyone have any idea on how to do it? Registry? GPO? Something? Best Regards! Soultaker
  13. thx for the quick reply. I didn't know that scripts! But...in this case I believe they cannot help because what I need to change is really driver specific, like...Enable Duplex Unit, etc.
  14. Hello and greeting from Portugal to everyone! I'm trying to restore settings to a printer from a *.dat file using the following command: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Sr /n "printername" /a "datfile.dat" The error I always get is "Operation could not be completed." I believe there is something wrong with my command line but I just can't figure it out! The printer installation works fine using this method. By the way...I'm using Windows 2008 R2. Can someone please help me? Best Regards, Soultaker
  15. Hello and greetings from Portugal! I'm trying to implement a Start Menu redirection on Windows 7. Like in Windows XP I've created a GPO to do the job and redirect Start Menu to C:\Desktop\StartMenu Then I've created a folder structure in C:\Desktop\StartMenu\Programs and in Windows XP it shows what is under \Programs folder and in Windows 7 does not. Can anyone please help on this one? Best Regards, Soultaker

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