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  1. I have to run a command automatically at startup. For this, I use a CMD file. The problem is the program needs internet connection. If it doesn't, then it will timeout and exit. When Windows logs on, the network connection is not available yet (DHCP). Can I do something like: loop a command to check internet connection (an address like www.google.com), and when it's available, do the rest of the commands?
  2. Is there a registry entry that can be changed to remove the Vista navigation pane?
  3. Edit registry offline

    It's working. Thanks!
  4. I want to apply some registry tweaks that go in HKCU. I prefer that these settings apply to all users and not just one. I know I can modify the registry offline using regedit -> load hive, but I don't know what file to load (from the mounted "install.wim" image), the file that corresponds to HKCU and that applies to all created users.
  5. Windows update agent 3.0

    The switches I use are /quiet /norestart. WUA can be installed either with SVCPACK or GUIRunOnce.
  6. I already used nLite to disable automatic updates and others, but I still have to remove the tray notifications regarding automatic updates and security center. What registry entries do I need to add?
  7. Vista Basic

    Yes. I used this on XP, but it should work on Vista: sc Config <service name> start= disabled - for each service I want to disable The service names can be found in services.msc, under "Service name" (not "Display name").
  8. Vista Basic

    If you're interested in performance, then the best thing to do is deactivate unneeded processes. Removing files won't do much but create future problems (read this and the nLite subforum and see all the threads). You can create a batch file to disable processes, and if you run into trouble you can always re-enable them. The batch file can be run after your installation completes. By removing files from the source disk, when you run into an unexpected problem, the only chance to resolve it is to reinstall using a clean and complete Vista source disk. BTW, Vista Basic is sufficient if all you want is a good working operating system and you're not interested in "eye candy" (such as Aero). RTM = Release To Manufacturing
  9. Adobe Reader Silent Install

    Actually, this is the installer without the two "extras". You can check here and see the one with the smallest file size (~25 MB). You can also modify the package using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 to remove other "bloats" (start-up item, shortcuts etc.).
  10. vLite is dead?

    If nuhi won't be working on it anymore, it should be open-sourced. An open-source project is better than a dead project.
  11. Replace setup.exe with presetup.exe in your command.
  12. Good Video Editing Software

    I use VirtualDub for AVI, MPEG1, and for the rest, AVIDemux.
  13. Poll and Discuss Defragmentation Software

    How about a test that shows if there is a performance gain after defragmenting?
  14. [Release] Nero Lite v9.2.6.0

    Micro contains only Burning ROM and Express.
  15. 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools

    Are the configuration options backwards compatible (keep settings from older module)?