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  1. a very easy alternative would be use a USB stick that has been formatted and made bootable on vista, copy your files and away you go
  2. Mark, What kind of errors are you seeing in the event log, If you open resource monitor where does it show all your memory going? if you under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools and do a system health check, what results do you get back?
  3. skype has already released a new version to handle the issues it had with 7 (version 4.0 or higher) download and install it
  4. what services seem to have stopped? are you running SP1 or SP2? are you seeing any errors in the event log? Could you post more specifications about the laptop?
  5. a large portion of your choice will be on where you want to install your application, if you plan on installing *just* the OS on the 25 gig partition, i would say you would be fine, this would allow you room for updates and SPs. you would then create a second partition to install your applications. you would want both your apps and Vista installed on the same partition i would go for something larger, currently i use 120 for the primary OS partition plus applications. since you are using a 64 bit OS i would allow Vista to set the pagefile size. it does a repectable job and can adjust it self as needed.
  6. MSDNAA does recieve all the updates the a MSDN account does, you will be able to download it on May 5 though
  7. i agree with virtual Clone drive even works on windows 7!
  8. the question i would ask is will it work fine from an Intel to AMD machine? if so why worry about it? Just build on the intel machine and allow it to apply to everything. I am trying to find a AMD machine here to test with but stopped buying AMD machines awhile ago
  9. are you trying to do this from windows? or is this a hardware RAID?
  10. on teh WDS server properties page there is a tab for unattended files for 32 bit, 64bit and IA64. You can set them up to run from there
  11. you don't have to unattend teh whole installation, your unattned file could have just the XML to provide credentials for logon to the WDS server
  12. fizban2

    x64 & WMP

    if you are using 64 bit windows 7 you should use the built in windows update, the website will no longer work for you.
  13. if you prepare an unattend build you can add the Microsoft Windows Setup Component, here under WDS there is a section for Logon credentials for connection to the WDS server
  14. if you posted your computer specifications we would be better able to help make suggestions on what else to purchase. From the scores you posted i would say Kotuku is right and more ram would be benfical. Better suggestions could be made if you post more about your computer
  15. 20 gigs seems awefully big, our current vista image sits at 4.5 gigs, if you have the ability, you may want to look into pushing more applications through SMS or another technology, or have the a more thin install image. what all is part of your Vista image?
  16. when you ping updates.microsoft.com or downloads.microsoft.com what do you get back as a respnse?
  17. according to the documentation on Virtual Boxe's Wiki site ( http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads) Server 2008 is not listed as a valid OS install for virtual box,
  18. Juha, You cannot deploy Xp images through the WDS server, WDS or the MDT useses setup.exe to deploy the wim file vs imagex, which is what you will need to use, what you can do is add your WIM to the MDT OS section from there you can create a Task Sequence to deploy from a network share for your XP images
  19. Windows Server 2008 R2 does indeed have the superbar like Windows 7, the classic menu will not be available.
  20. hey Erik, The issue lies with the licenscing for the different version, are you using KMS or MAK keys to license your server?
  21. hi shelax. you cannot bypass the first user creation, but you can automate it with a unattended XML file with the user account you want to have created. use the WAIK to build a unattend file and add that to your Image.
  22. when ever the machine interact with each other (indexing shared folder etc) the machine will need to interactively logon to the other machine to execute this process, hence the logons
  23. Here is your issue, video drive is most likely overlapping into another applications memory region, trying dropping back down to the previous version of drivers and see if that helps
  24. give Umbraco a try http://umbraco.codeplex.com/ watch the video it is pretty good.
  25. old techie, you are right, a client who has no LOCAL dfs nodes will traverse your companies intranet to find the next closest node. it doesn't out onto the internet persay as much as it will use a dedicated link between locations to find the next closest replication point. just wanted to point out that using DFS across the internet is not something you do or would want to do. dedicated links between sites are the way to go
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