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  1. I just mount my particular install.wim and drop all the installation files in same folder as setupcomplete.cmd.
  2. Hi, I want to disable the PCA Service. The service handles these screens: And in my FirstLogon script there are a couple of programs that make that screen popup. So I want to disable the service during Windows 7 Setup, if possible? The regkey: I allready had this ones in one of my autounattend.xml files, but I cant find it anymore, I know its possible without creating a .reg and them importing it, should be possible to do it directly from command prompt. Thanks in advance! edit: Think I found it: <settings pass="specialize"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Deployment" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <RunSynchronous> <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>1</Order> <Path>cmd /c "cmdow @ /HID & reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PcaSvc /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /f</Path> </RunSynchronousCommand> </RunSynchronous> </component>
  3. Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.7 released.
  4. Just put rarreg.key in a sfx: ;SFX-script Path=%systemdrive%\Program Files\WinRAR SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  5. Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 was released, someone has updated script allready? - no dekstop icon - no myshampoo toolbar - no internet explorer start after install Thanks!
  6. Raoul90, it is saying that you DLed the the 32 bit version of RT7Lite and are trying to install on a 64 bit system. Go back to the RT7Lite site and DL the 64 bit version. The versions have been separated into four, for Vista, W7, 32 and 64 bit. Enjoy, John. ah lol. Thanks
  7. Right click .dll, add to archive, click make sfx archive, go to comment tab, add this: ;SFX Path=%systemdrive%\windows SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Change path to the folder where the .dll you want to override is located.
  8. Yes, I have found a working solution: SetupComplete.cmd: @echo off SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Post Installation" /F REG ADD %KEY%\1/VE /D "Enkele Updates" /f REG ADD %KEY%\1 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\OptionalUpdates.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\2/VE /D "DirectX Februari 2010 Redist" /f REG ADD %KEY%\2 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\directx_feb2010_redist.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\3/VE /D "Silverlight" /f REG ADD %KEY%\3 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\Silverlight4050.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\4/VE /D "Register Settings" /f REG ADD %KEY%\4 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\RegisterSettings_reghack.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\5/VE /D "MSSE 1.0.1961.0" /f REG ADD %KEY%\5 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\MSSE-NL-v1.0.1961.0-X64-UP2DATE.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\6/VE /D "Windows 7 Settings" /f REG ADD %KEY%\6 /V 1 /D "%SYSTEMROOT%\Setup\SCRIPTS\Install.CMD" /f Exit
  9. START /WAIT is a cmd upon itself to do correctly cmd /C START /WAIT and they will close Ah, right! So this will work right? <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>cmd /C start /wait %systemdrive%\APPSX64\MSSE-NL-v1.0.1961.0-X64-UP2DATE.exe</CommandLine> <Description>MSSE</Description> <Order>1</Order> </SynchronousCommand> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>cmd /C REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\APPSX64\RegisterSettings.reg</CommandLine> <Description>RegisterTweaks</Description> <Order>2</Order> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands>
  10. Hmm OK, will give that a try. BTW why this happens: At firstlogon? And it doesnt continue until I shut those cmd prompts manually. FirstLogon.cmd looks like this: @echo off START /WAIT %systemdrive%\APPSX64\MSSE-NL-v1.0.1961.0-X64-UP2DATE.exe REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\APPSX64\RegisterSettings.reg RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\APPSX64 EXIT
  11. It is working now! But I still want to install from DVD: <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>cmd /c "FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L N M O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i\sources\install.wim set MEDIA=%%i"</CommandLine> <Description>Setting Path Variable</Description> <Order>1</Order> <RequiresUserInput>false</RequiresUserInput> </SynchronousCommand> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>cmd /c REGEDIT /S %MEDIA%\APPSX64\RegisterSettings.reg</CommandLine> <Description>Register Tweaks</Description> <Order>2</Order> <RequiresUserInput>false</RequiresUserInput> </SynchronousCommand> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>cmd /c start %MEDIA%\APPSX64\MSSE-NL-v1.0.1961.0-X64-UP2DATE.exe</CommandLine> <Description>MSSE-NL-v1.0.1961.0_64bit</Description> <Order>3</Order> <RequiresUserInput>false</RequiresUserInput> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands> Wont work tho.

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