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  1. On the top right of the Vista start menu there are 5 links: Username, Documents, Pictures, Music, Games. Does anyone know is it possible to change those or add more to them? Thanks
  2. Powershell/Longhorn

    Thanks, I had heard rumors of there being a way to manually install it thats why I posted the question here to see if anyone knew how.
  3. Does anyone know how to get powershell loaded onto Longhorn 6001? Thanks
  4. Thanks, if I take that route I will make the image from the PC it is intended for.
  5. Ok, do you happen to know off hand where to find the Administrators name in the registry? Oh what a fool I am never mind, I will change the administrators name manyally to something weird then do a search for it after the name change. Thanks Fizban2 for setting me on the right track
  6. I decided to not be lazy. Since no one has had this problem I started from square one on my unattended and am adding everything back exactly the same one section at a time until I find what I did that caused this. When I figure it out I will change topic to solved and post the answer here for others who may run into this in the future.
  7. This is why I originally started this thread to find out if there was a way to rename Administrator for safety reasons. I know it can be done manually but would like to do it as part of the unattended. Maybe I am going about this all wrong. Maybe I should ask Nuhi how he did it for the nlite.
  8. Thing is I could have posted the entire unattend file here but hated to waste the space for such a silly little thing. Figured if someone else saw the problem before then I would have an answer.
  9. I have my unattended all working except for one thing. The quicklaunch ends up right next to the clock instead of on the left by start button where it belongs. Anyone else have this problem and have a clue what might have caused this? For anyone with this same problem it was the DoNotCleanTaskBar within the shell setup in the specialize pass I had set to false thinking it would remove everything from the quicklaunch bar and what I got was the the bar in the wrong place. So by leaving that set to its default of false everything worked fine.
  10. The way I got the Administrator account to work was in the OOBe add the shell-setup then add autologon Enabled - True Count - 1 Username - Administrator after the one autologon the administrator account functions like normal.
  11. Thanks I already have it activated, what I am looking for is a way to change the Administrator name during the unattended install. It was possible as an option with nLite for XP but I have no clue how to get it done in Vista. If you change the name during the Install you do not end up with a folder named Administrator but what you get is everything with your name on it.
  12. Thanks for your reply, but that has what to do with unattended?
  13. Thanks Felix, never thought of doing it that way. So simple yet - well lets just say too many dead brain cells here
  14. May I ask where you placed the actual .bmp file in the DVD
  15. If your like me you reformat your computer about as often as you change your socks. What I am wondering is how to do is if I create a dvd for a specific computer is it possible to have the installation activated before it is even installed. That is to say in 44 days I buy Vista, can I set up the unattended to use that key to install it already activated so I do not have to deal with doing it each time I redo the computer.