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  1. Yep, a 2.8GHz machine is fine, especially with all that RAM. I've installed it with less memory and slower processor and never looked back at XP.
  2. What a great list! Thanks. In the PDF catagory, I love CutePDFwriter and there is a free version that does everything I need to create a pdf file. Very fast, too. http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/writer.asp I've had trouble opening pdfs from a brokerage I use (Scottrade). They want you to use Acrobat, of course, and I just hate that bloatware. But Foxit will open the files when others won't. Somehow Adobe got a hook in there and are still trying to keep pdfs proprietary. Grrr. Best, ardi
  3. ardi

    Live Mail

    Almost all mail has images and I would like to have them shown by default. Clicking on "show images" gets tiresome. Anyone know how to change this default? TIA
  4. Is that a tiger cub? Nice cat; pretty funny

  5. ardi

    Thanks, I'll check that out.

    Is that a tiger cub? Pretty funny

  6. I've had horrible results trying to get ownership and control over files. I'm the only user/admin yet sometimes I cannot change ownership of files brought from a flash drive. One error I get is "cannot determine current owner." So I can't use or delete files I've just imported. Really, what I'm looking for is a very good resource to study. I know it's out there, and someone knows what to do when the thing does not respond as described. What is the nuclear option to get control of files?
  7. OK, another clue: A music file that was working just fine no longer plays. When you click on the music link, it doesn't play the music, it opens a new browser page, like http://whatever.mp3 Something is really screwed up on this site. Do I need to upload with an ftp program instead of FrontPage? Are the latest FrontPage extensions different now that "Frontpage Expressions" is out there? ardi
  8. I use FrontPage 2003 to build a website. It allows me to "import" a PowerPoint show (.pps file) and upload it to the server with the rest of the site. Trouble is, when I click on the site's link to the show, it offers to open or save the .ppt file! That means that when it is downloaded, it opens the Powerpoint app instead of just playing the show. Of course, people who don't have PowerPoint can't view the show. I've checked, and there is no .ppt file on the site. It somehow changes the .pps file extension to .ppt when downloading. And yes, the .pps file plays just fine before it is uploaded. I really am flat out of ideas here, and sure could use some help. tia, Roger
  9. Maybe I wasn't clear, I WANT a recent documents list. Also I'm running XP, not Vista, and the registry tree does not lead to "FILE MRU" in the path you gave me. Hey, they have really upgraded the graphics on this site. Very nice.
  10. I'm trying to turn on the Recent Documents panel when I open Word 2007. I follow the path: Office Button=>Word Options=>Advanced=>Display and find the control. It's greyed out and a box comes up and tells me the Administrator has set the group policy so this doesn't work. Arrrrg! I'm the Administrator and can't find anything that tells me what setting to change. A real nuisance that worked fine in Word 2003. Anybody know what to do? Tx, ardi
  11. ardi

    Installer problem

    There is only one user who is an administrator. Thanks for the input. One other thing I've noticed is that installer problems seem to correlate with nLite. I used nLite to install the OS with all the settings in place, then changed the user name to my mother. Jeeze, I hope I don't have to reinstall everything with the right user from the get-go.
  12. My mother's computer got so fouled with malware that I had to format the drive and rebuild her system (mostly Windows XP, mail and Office 2003). Everything went fine but when opening Word a window pops up saying Windows Installer is running. Word eventually opens but it takes almost a minute. The XP updates have been installed so the Windows Installer version is 3.1. I "repaired" Office from the disk, no change. Then I uninstalled Office and reinstalled it. No change. On this forum I found out about msicuu.exe, downloaded it and ran it on Office. Reinstalled. Same old thing. I'm out of ideas here, and hoping somebody smart knows what is wrong. Thanks.
  13. WOOOHAH!!! Unlocker did the trick. The file wasn't locked, but the program allowed me to delete it anyway. I'd never heard of this little program but it is slick as can be. And free! What a deal. BTW I'd already run Avast and Spybot, plus I built my granddaughter's computer with a lot of protection built-in, so I was pretty certain she hadn't sent me a bad file. There was some problem between Outlook Express and Thunderbird file attachments. I have no idea what happened but Unlocker was just the solution. Big thanks, Jeremy!!
  14. Yes, and yes. No difference when using safe mode. Also tried looking for malware and viruses. Tried CHKDSK.
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