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  1. hi bros, i need help with my outlook 2002 when i edited the reply mail it will just autoinsert my name. how am i going disable the autoinsert of my name? when i edited a reply mail?
  2. Hi, Bros. Got a questions to ask about networking, i got 2 departments which both department dun't want to share the files or view each others department files, but both want to share the same internet conection. i got 2 department n a router, so how shall i config these? which both department do not want to see or write each other files but they want to share same the internet connection?. can some out there give me some sugguestion, method or pointers? ? thanks in advance. Edit: Forum title edited. Please follow the rules.
  3. Can i have one pLs.. tingsters@hotmail.com Tks..
  4. Please send me an invite to: tingsters@hotmail.com thanks alot
  5. Hi, I got some XP n 2K having the CPU Useage is always stay on the 100%. Make the notebook veri slow n lagg. Normally this few notebook is that slow.. HELP.. isit a DCOM issuE? i already unchecked Enable distributed COM on this computer "dcomcnfg.exe" HELP?
  6. Icic.. CAn u upload yr Bootable Ghost CD or send to me ? PLS yr Help is in need.. Tks. Cos my Hold LAB is all XP machine. Hard to do things up. TKS U..
  7. I like to ask how create a ghost bootable disc? which will auto boot up from the CD n auto start up ghost program!. with the support drivers (like USB MOUSE or USB HDD) n also loading the normal ps/2 mouse driver.? Cos currently i using ghost 8. then i found out some notebook dun have the floppy drive so i can't use the floppy disc. cos i need to create image for all these desktop n laptop. HELP..
  8. Oic.. OkIe.. Can explain more on the Manufacturers way? how should i do it? divde them using which program??? cos i got the hdd only? No Drivers or install program is given. tat y. it is OEM. so can u tell mi how do to make manufacturers way? can Gulide mi pLs... Tks AloTs best Rgds Ting....
  9. Hi, I hav question in XP regarding the SATA HDD!. I Juz Brought a Samsung 200GB of SATA HDD. Which has 8meg. So i should get 192GB RITE?. But then XP detect onli 186GB?? only??? then how abt the 6GB of free space??? i dun how.. can someone advise mi on these issue?? or anyone has this problem before onn the sata.. Tks.. rGds.. Cheers Ting..
  10. BTW how to edit the Title in WPI? Look for which file in the folder? Need any special programs? New to WPI..... HelP needed?

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