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  1. when attempting to do a system image in Windows 7 it does not give me the option to use a network drive
  2. red7116


    I have 2 hard drives install in my computer each with Window XP PRO installed. Is there a way to configure my computer toboot from either drive with reinstalling Windows?
  3. I install windows desktop search 4.0 now I am unable to sort the list if everything is selected. This worked in version 3
  4. When I first start up my computer window desktop serach starts indexing. Fo some time it increments the "items to be scan" The "item indexed sor" never increases. It does it every time I start up my computer and slows down my computer during this process. Does anyone know why it thing there are files that need to be scan but does increase teh items indexed
  5. When I start up Outlook 2003 I get the following message "The data file Personal Folders was not closed properly. The file is being checked for porblems" Does anyone know why I may be getting this message
  6. Office 2003 - Just trying to install SP2 for Office 2003. The operating system is XP SP1A.
  7. I am trying to install office sp2 and get a 0x51f error. I have XP SP1a. Does anyone know what this error means.
  8. When trying to open some word files (Word 2003) the files opens I see the document recovery window on the left side and the word immediately closes. Other people are albe to open the file okay.
  9. In the pass I was abel to use word as the editor for outlook but for some reason I am no longer able to set that option. I set the option in outlook but something keeps resetting it.
  10. When checking for WIndows XP updates I get the following error message: Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page. Error number: 0x80240030
  11. I am creating an unattended install of windows "XP" and would like to included installing microsoft loopback adapter. Does anyone know how to do this?
  12. I am generating an unattended install of XP on a computer equipped with three 8 port serial communcation ports. Each card needs to be configured for 8 COM ports. Is there a way to assign COM ports during an unattended install?
  13. Does anyon know how to install Ghost 9.0 silently from a command line?
  14. red7116


    This also disables the CD with autorun.inf files. I need those CDs to still autorun

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