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  1. Thanks for the info on the skip setup AaronXP it was very helpful thanks. but now msn messager 6.0 will not install slightly can anyone help me plz.
  2. Hey Guys Does any one on how you can make the windows super cd skip the "Welcome to Wndows Lets Spend a Few Minutes Setting Up Your Computer" screen as it is the only thing i cant do. Thanks
  3. Thanks AaronXP for the information about the patch it is a litte faster now but other problem which i have come across is after installing SP1 the Help center is gone from my start menu and i cant find it any were on my computer. Does any one no how to get it back as it is quite useful sometimes..
  4. Does anyone no how to fix a problem with SP1 for Windows XP Professional when install SP1 for my computer after the restart the computer becomes slow, and takes a long time to start up and also makes my games very slow. Does anyone no why or how to fix this problem!!
  5. ....SP4 works fine for me no problems yet with it
  6. U can get system restore on w2k3 but it is a manual install by your self i can e-mail you the files need and you can set it up your self if u like instead of getting nortons just leave your e-mail and i will get back to u with it

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