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  1. There is a server that is excellent it a leeds server but it works with ever thing where ever u are, PORT:8080 Address:inktomi1-lee.server.ntl.com, eXPert
  2. where can i get it from?
  3. What is the latest SP2 build?
  4. it was from a clean XP CD, is your media button there!
  5. is there no solution!, think i better install SP1 back lol
  6. Do you have NTL broadband, do some pages not load up and you cant view Yahoo Profiles, the problem is you need to use a good proxy server and that should sort the problem out. Steps To Set Up A Proxy Server: 1. Go to internet explorer settings 2. Go onto LAN settings under the Connection Tab 3. Fill in the part where it says proxy server 4. Makes sure the port is 8080 4. Choose a server from below Choose your server here:
  7. whos ure Internet provider, EG: NTL, wanadoo, etc!
  8. I finished installin SP2 yesterday, now heres another problem, the Media Button in internet explorers gone and and the player dont come on in internet explorer and . WMV files downloaded from the internet are detectet as txt files! WTF plz help!
  9. yeh searchs fine, but is there n e way 2 take this away!
  10. I use partiotion 8.0 from powerquest!

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