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  1. if you wat it all cping then you need the \ as i found out when i tested it myself but it may be different for other users
  2. the FTP does not need a password and if its asking for one then you are trying to access my Personal Stuff which you should be doing so it must be you.
  3. at the moment its 15kbps Download and 7kbps upload until next week then it will be 60kbps download and 30kbps upload why are you putting them on your server?
  4. the reason for it being slow today is that my friends are using my Personal side to the FTP so it will be slow nothing i can do at the moment.
  5. here is the Packard Bell OEM PBoem.zip
  6. i have made some more changes to the scritp ou can get it now on my the filename is Final Update.rar
  7. bored would it be possiable to add this to your winnt.sif creater they can be found it the ref.chf file with the Windows XP Delopment kit. [SystemRestore] CheckpointCalendarFrequency=1 CheckpointSessionFrequency=24 MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk=5 RestorePointLife=5 [PCHealth] ER_Display_UI=0 ER_Enable_Applications=None ER_Enable_Kernel_Errors=1 ER_Enable_Reporting=1 ER_Enable_Windows_Components=0 ER_Force_Queue_Mode=0 ER_Include_Shutdown_Errs=1 RA_AllowFullControl=1 RA_AllowToGetHelp=0 RA_AllowUnsolicited=0 [SystemFileProtection] SFCDllCacheDir=%systemroot%\Windows\System32\Dllcache SFCShowProgress=0 SFCQuota=0xFFFFFFFF
  8. its on now and will be on all night to night
  9. I have do a option script but there is a problem it wont go back to the start so give a another day or two, to fix that. @XtremeMaC make sure when it asks wat it is put D for Directory.
  10. Unattended Script Update.zip contains some updates to the option script.
  11. i re-conf it because people they download 2-3 things that only not giveing anone else a change i have put a limit on it.
  12. visaversa request it so i did it. theys know updates to the sciprt but you can now choses your options.
  13. i have a link that tell you like the hotfixes for Windows XP Pro, Home etc.. TechNet Hotfixs Services thought it might beusful for some users.
  14. here is the script with options i have not tested so it may not work Filename unattended script
  15. i know but that the time i did need a router i will when i get it working i have done everything and still nothing.
  16. Packard Bell iMedia 5094: 17" CRT Packard Bell Montior 2.53GHz Intel Pentium 4 512 DDR 333MHz RAM 80GB Maxtor HDD (Primary) 40GB Westen Digital HDD (Slave) Columbia 2 Motherbored nVidia Gforce4 MX 440se 64MB Memory Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Sound Card (With Packard Bell Flat Panel Speaker System) 6 USB 2.0 Slots 56 kpbs V92 Modem Ntl Cable Modem (Speed 150kbps) DVD-ROM CD-RW 52x24x12 Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP1 Lexmark Z54se Printer Sony Laptop PCG-F801A Mobile AMD K6 533MHz 64 MB SD-RAM 6GB Hard Drive (Primary) CD-ROM 24x 12.1 SVGA TFT Screen i.Link port 56kbps modem Audio and Video on bored Windows XP Home Edition
  17. ok i will leave it on for a couple of hours now.
  18. Your FTP don't appear to be working. I'm getting a "Socket error: no connection" type error, so it can't be anything to do with a full queue. i have to sleep some time you knw it will be running in about half an hour.
  19. it work until i restart the machine and now it dont. i will speak to you later on IM if you are not busy
  20. I have just updated my ftp so the new settings are Address: max of 5 people that anyone time.
  21. the software of the network switch does not like me so how do i set manually?
  22. Say i have a Main Computer which connecs to the internet with a ip address of and a have a laptop which is connected to the net thought a network switch which has a ip of and i have ftp software on the laptop, how do i make it work for people on the net so they can use it. :/
  23. I have done a switch less Journal Viewer which is avaible, switchs less Nvidia 45.32 Grpahics Card Drives as well that all i can think of right now. If anyone has anything to add please just upload if i dont mined. Please remember this is my home ftp so it will be slow if you try to dowload two things at once. to make it fair i have set the limit to only allow that person to connect once so know one can download them than one thing that any one time.

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