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  1. if its a new compaq and you just got it then you cannot restore it has it uses a hide partition to restore its self you would normal acess it by pressing F10 on the first screen you see. Also you may have damage the Processor that would explain why the lights and fans come on but you see nothing.
  2. Hey ppl, can anyone please tell me how to make a bootable ghost image that i can use to restore the computer if say the operating system was completely damage and you could not do anything with it. Thanks
  3. do you need anything else to make diskemu.cmd work on does that just have to be on the root of the CD
  4. umm sorry ppl i have not had much time to check the post, i will try and make a web page like the XP one which Aaron has done for you later on when i get a hoilday from college and work.
  5. i think there is to many pinned again
  6. erm....i put the drivers in the $OEM$\$1\drivers folder that works fine, why not do that?
  7. i dont think IF EXIST would work in a .reg file but you do have a good thery if maybe you where to set that @ the start of the .reg file instead of doing like you have, may it would work i will look up in the Windows XP Registry book to see about varibles.
  8. in the $OEM$ folder use the $Docs one to do that the path would be like this; XPCD\$OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  9. lol i have something like at with M$ eval disks
  10. Script will be some time yet as it needs a complete re-design so that very thing can be optional to how the user wants it.
  11. @Greenmachine:did you find out why some people can and cant install the Network Pack in SVCPACK.INF
  12. I will now writing a newer script which gives full conttol with options on everything if anyone wants to add any ideas and i listing. Here is a Quick look at how the new script will wrok Script Version 1.1
  13. well get back to you on that one my i move all my host around again
  14. Just Changed mine My Newer Desktop
  15. Let me be a first to Post this Months Desktop's Here's Mine My Desktop
  16. fool remove it quick before a admin sees it thats warza it contains alist of keys.

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