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  1. Thank You i got them ok i will test them now. Thanks Again
  2. its not on a CD its in an ISO file, i use that CDIMAGE to make it and then tryed it in VirtualPC becuase i am making my Recovery CD's Unattended to but i also have windows XP pro which work just fine with it.
  3. can anyone send me the ones for Windows XP Home. btw, this is not a warez request the problem i dont have the XP Home one's because my PC came with Recovery CD so i have just extracted the i386 from them and that all i have. dave.neilson@ntlworld.com Thanks and if any Admin or Mod thinks i have over steped the line please let me know.
  4. Yes i know but i cant fix it because i dont have VB.NET yet and i do not have the files for it.
  5. Thats is without the SP1 update? if i slipstream SP1 it goes anyone but when it copies files it saies that some are missing.
  6. its not my innt.sif creater its bor3d's it says so in the scirpt and all over the creater
  7. Yes it is bor3d's i even put in my script that it wss bor3d's in a great program to.
  8. anyone one playing Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory?? Great game
  9. Should be like this and i will make the changes later. SET MyInput= ECHO 1. Want to extract the original Windows XP CD? Press 1. ECHO 2. Want to Creating Unattended Install setup directories? 2. ECHO 3. Want to Extracting Service packs and slipstream them? 3. ECHO 4. Want to Removing Useless Files From the Update and Creating Need Folder? 4. ECHO 5. Want to Creating Folders For Unattended Applications and Tweaks? 5. ECHO 6. Want to Creating WinNT.Sif file? 6. ECHO 7. Want to Creating CMDLINES.TXT and USER Accounts? 7. ECHO 8. Want to Creating Programs Setup.reg file? 8. ECHO 9. Want to Copying Needed Unattended Files? 9. ECHO 10. Want to Creating ISO file for later and/or burn 2 CD or DVD? 10. ECHO 0. Quit ECHO. SET /P MyInput=Please Chosen Your Section Now...: IF %MyInput% == 1 GOTO 1 IF %MyInput% == 2 GOTO 2 IF %MyInput% == 3 GOTO 3 IF %MyInput% == 4 GOTO 4 IF %MyInput% == 5 GOTO 5 IF %MyInput% == 6 GOTO 6 IF %MyInput% == 7 GOTO 7 IF %MyInput% == 8 GOTO 8 IF %MyInput% == 9 GOTO 9 IF %MyInput% == 10 GOTO 10 IF %MyInput% == 0 GOTO 0 also note to do this i will have to re make the script if you only want to choses one option or more than one option.
  10. Thanks but they is going to be a new version out later on.
  11. no the script is to help you make a windows xpcd with sp1 and the roll-up +add in extras like setuping up application etc...
  12. i think you posted in the wrong thread? yes it will work it's Windows XP SP2
  13. i can tell you that the above link it Windows XP Service Pack 2 and please remove the link it is classed as waraz
  14. your not suppost to download the web page click the link then do save as target from the page it opens
  15. i think you need to mod the HIVES files to do that someone was working on that not to long ago. i will have a look fro that topic and get back to you.
  16. that is for your file the MDAC update just copy that and change the paths to fit your needs.
  17. OPK version normal dont need switchs, and have more stuff that comes with them.
  18. ECHO Installing Q823718 Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components ECHO Please Wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\hotfixes\Q823718.exe /T:%systemdrive%\install\tmp /C:"%systemdrive%\install\tmp\dahotfix.exe /q /n" /Q EXIT
  19. works fine from three different Computer for me Try it again to be sure ok i have put it in a web page format but you still need to do save as target
  20. Hi and Welcome to MSFN. User Profile = ProfileDir=X:\Your path put it under the [unattended] in the winnt.sif

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