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  1. yer i would agree with greenmachine has on the OEM System Builder site it has switch to install them usng sysprep.
  2. opk means you dont need switchs to install it but in this case you do because of various problems.
  3. Do right Click Save as Target if you do anything else it wont work.
  4. Yes it does but you must be registed to do that. Screen Shot.
  5. i have installed in but it never shows up like the Roll-Up for Windows XP that says that its not installed but it is
  6. thats the Commands from the OEM System builder site beat me to it GreenMachine
  7. go here BetaPlace and sign in with a passport and use the quest ID BetaReq i am currtley testing MSI 3.0.
  8. you need to edit your boot.ini file to remove the option to setup windows. See Here. Guide
  9. XP Firewall is good as a second Firewall which is how i use it, but FREE firewalls tend to be s***, but i wood recommend Sygate Personal firewall. Standard Personal Firewall Information Download Firewall Free Version
  10. Here is some more tweaks Tweaks There are from my site which is currently being re-done again so i made a little page with them on.
  11. The Script is realsed Thanks to all thoses who help test it.
  12. Unattended XPCD Setup Script This Script will help you to set up a basic in of Windows XP Pro. [What you will need before running the Script] >Your Windows XP CD-Rom (The One without any changes) >Windows XP Service Pack One or Two the link is for SP1a >Windows XP Roll-Up >All Microsoft Windows XP Pro Hotfixes after the Roll-Up was realsed (Look Here Thanks to AaronXP) >DirectX9b OPK Version >Dot Net Framework Version 1.1 >MSN Messenger 6 >Windows Media Player 9 OPK Version >Your Drivers [Optional Stuff] >Registry Tweaks >Wallpapers >Screensavers >Fonts >Themes After you have got all you need Download The Script and follow the Guide on using it below. Please do Right Click>Save as Target after opening the web Page. Scripts WinRAR & WinZip Once you have finshed doing the above run the script they are Pauses in it so yu can get your stuff ready and put in the correct folder for the script to work correctly. When the script runs it copies your Windows XP CD to the hard Drive (same place as you run the script from) and then creates a directory called xpsetup this is where you need to place your stuff. In the xpsetup directory they are sub-folders here is what each one is for. xpsetup\$$, this is for Iteams you want coping to the Windows dirctory xpsetup\System32, this is for files to be copied to the System32 folder xpsetup\Wallpaper, your wallpapers xpsetup\Themes, your thems xpsetup\DX9B, DirectX9b xpsetup\DOTNET Dont Net Framework V1.1 xpsetup\Fonts, Your fonts xpsetup\WMP9, Windows Media Player 9 xpsetup\MSN6, MSN Messager 6 xpsetup\drivers, LEAVE THIS EMPTY xpsetup\drivers\001, First set of drivers xpsetup\drivers\002, second set of drivers xpsetup\drivers\003, third set of drivers xpsetup\drivers\004, forth set of drivers xpsetup\drivers\005, fifth set of drivers xpsetup\Hotfixes LEAVE THIS EMPTY xpsetup\Hotfixes\Type1 Type One Hotfixes xpsetup\Hotfixes\Type2 Type Two hotfixes xpsetup\Hotfixes\MDAC MDAC Update Only All you must do is place the stuff in the correct folder, the rest is done for you. Things you need to remember is that when making the winnt.sif is that your drivers path is going to be drivers\001\;\drivers\002\ and so on. Also when running the Script make sure you have renamed the Service Pack to SP1 or SP2 and the Roll-Up to SR1 they MUST be placed in the root directory of the xpsetup folder. I will expect all criticum of this script to make it better in anyway, i will also make custom versions for some people BUT i am not going to do that for everyone as i have a life out side this room of mine. I will update the script as need and also update this post when need, Any Question please just ask.
  13. Yer i agree with Crispy and it Makes the Unattended Forum easy to view without loads of pinned topics I finshed my Script for making the Unattended XPCD setup mostly on its own if you want you can add it to the list Unattended Xpcd Setup Script
  14. i have WinRAR but some people dont so to fix this i am going to put to out one .zip and one .rar
  15. Do Right Click>Save As Target The Link Change just today

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