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  1. no problem anyone who whats it can download it now but there is a limit to 10 people per time. btw, the DOTNET.EXE file is .NET Framework v1.1 without any switchs for anyone who needs that one.
  2. yer i can see that and for anyone who is downloading from my sorry about the speed.
  3. Thats it, its that build in piece of s*** in Windows XP Thanks Numinous i had forgot about that should work fine now ftp:\\ this one does not need log-in
  4. can one of you try this. ftp:\\
  5. make sure the password is in lowercase letters.
  6. Good one DaveXP! I know I've seen that number before ... Don't forget WMP9MM2, and I have a MDAC 2.8 silent ... you could upload them to my ftp if you like. that is my Netwrok IP address it wont let me use my normal IP from my ISP
  7. Here is a swithless MSN Messenger 6.0 You can download it from myftp REMOVED CHECK NEXT PAGE you will need to copy and paste in to the brower. Username: MSFN Password: MSFN the file is MsnMsga.EXE to go with your sliped down DirectX9b btw, the password is case sentive. in should be small letter but it wont let me put it as small letters.
  8. the DirectX9 OPK version which is going around is DirectX9b its just as new as the dx90update_redist.exe as it does not show update on Windows Upadte it has to be the most up - to date version.
  9. i dont know on that one, but i know someone who will need i will ask him and get back to you.
  10. CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO ESTABLISHING CD-ROM DRIVE SET CDROM=A IF EXIST D:\bonus\office\Terminal\Terminal.msi CDROM=D: ECHO YOUR CD-ROM DRIVE IS %CDROM% ECHO Please Wait.... ECHO Terminal Server Client ECHO Please Wait.... start /wait %CDROM%\bonus\office\Terminal\Terminal.msi /q EXIT to make it so that it would work for every PC or if the drive letter changes add the rest of the IF EXIST in my first example.
  11. Here is an exapmle of how to tell it to find the CD-ROM drive ECHO ESTABLISHING CD-ROM DRIVE SET CDROM=A IF EXIST D:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=D: IF EXIST E:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=E: IF EXIST F:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=F: IF EXIST G:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=G: IF EXIST H:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=H: IF EXIST I:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=I: IF EXIST J:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=J: IF EXIST K:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=K: IF EXIST L:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=L: IF EXIST M:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=M: IF EXIST N:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=N: IF EXIST O:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=O: IF EXIST P:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=P: IF EXIST Q:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=Q: IF EXIST R:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=R: IF EXIST S:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=S: IF EXIST T:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=T: IF EXIST U:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=U: IF EXIST V:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=V: IF EXIST W:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=W: IF EXIST X:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=X: IF EXIST Y:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=Y: IF EXIST Z:\I386\WINNT.exe SET CDROM=Z: if %CDROM%==A GOTO :CD_ERR ECHO YOUR CD-ROM DRIVE IS %CDROM% ECHO Please Wait... XCOPY %CDROM% DIRTOCOYTO /Q /E /H this is found your cd-rom drive and copy it to were you want it but you need to change the DIRTOCOYTO to the location you need. This is an example of it copying all the Windows File to my HDD
  12. they is know opk version of DOTNET Framework but you can make it switch less by using iexpress to repack the files.
  13. the file deluser has to been in the %windir% for you to run it like that. if its not make a folder called tools in your install folder place deluser in it and place this in your batch file: ECHO Copying deluser utility... COPY "%systemdrive%\Install\Tools\deluser.exe" "%systemroot%\" ECHO. ECHO Deleting ASP.NET User Account created by .NET Framework 1.1... start /wait DELUSER /Q aspnet The above code is from AaronXP's Unattended Site.
  14. thats is controled by shellstyle.dll in the Theme folder. you need to edit it to change the default pictures in the folders
  15. afaik, only dx9ntopk.exe and wmp9mm2.exe are switchless. The seperated WMP9 and MM2 aren't. it contains sample videos and sample music which the other version doesnt i am sure that it has sample videos because i find stuff on the C:\ to do with it??
  16. Yep good one classic but it does get boreding after some time.
  17. ECHO Adding User Yourname... ECHO Please Wait... net user Yourname /add net localgroup "administrators" Yourname /add ECHO.
  18. first you need to get the .theme file from the exe file extract it. and then you can think about replacing the Luna Theme. and this hould be in the Unattended CD Section by the way
  19. [Components] AccessOpt AutoUpdate BitsServerExtensionsManager BitsServerExtensionsISAPI Calc Certsrv Certsrv_client Certsrv_server Charmap Chat Clipbook Deskpaper Dialer Fax Fp_extensions Fp_vdir_deploy Freecell Hearts Hypertrm IEAccess Iis_common Iis_ftp Iis_inetmgr Iis_nntp Iis_smtp Iis_webadmin Iis_www Iis_www_vdir_scripts Indexsrv_system Licenseserver Media_clips Media_utopia Minesweeper Mousepoint Msmq_ADIntegrated Msmq_Core Msmq_HTTPSupport Msmq_LocalStorage Msmq_MQDSService Msmq_RoutingSupport Msmq_TriggersService Msnexplr Mswordpad Netcis Netoc Objectpkg OEAccess Paint Pinball Pop3Admin Pop3Service Pop3Srv Rec Reminst Rootautoupdate Rstorage Solitaire Spider Templates TerminalServer TSWebClient Vol WBEMSNMP WMAccess WMPOCM Wms Wms_admin_asp Wms_admin_mmc Wms_isapi Wms_server Zonegames
  20. do you think it could be possible to make a custom Roll-Up from the current hotfixes??
  21. i have a P4 2.53 ith 512MB RAM i have that two i found it you use classic log-on it runs faster and what AaronXP said also helps.
  22. some one trying to get around activtion here.
  23. have you set OEMPreInstall=Yes in your winnt.sif

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