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  1. thanks for replyin guys, i figured it out .. i had to unhook the other hd and install the os. apparently it was conflicting with a windows vista left over partition on the other hd.
  2. hi, this is so fustrating. i want to downgrade back to windows xp from windows vista. I have two harddrives. one is a 320gb sataII and the other is 120gb ata. When i try to install xp on the 320gb hd it keeps saying: "to install windows xp on the partition you selected, setup must write some startup files to the follow dick:" the disk it is refering to is the 120gb harddrive. So i follow the instructions and when the os is installed, i can never get into windows if i don't have the windows xp cd in the cd rom drive. it says "disk boot failure, instert system disk and press enter" or sometimes "missing ntrl" and also, my c: drive is always assigned to the harddrive where all the windows files are not locatied. in this case it is the 120gb one. please help. thanks.
  3. if i try to get into safe mode it says "windows cannot finish installation in safe mode" .. but its still a black screen in power save mode even if i leave it like that for 6 hours and how do i disable apic?
  4. I just installed rc2 (clean install) and now i can't startup. It boots but when i get to windows its just a black screen and my monitor goes into power saving mode. I'ved tried both 32bit and 64bit anyone else experiencing the same problem? my specs are: seasonic 400 abit kn8 sli 3800 x2 his x1600xt seagate 320 sataII seagate 120 pata crucial generic 512 x2 it was fine when i had rc1 any help is appreciated. thank!
  5. Can someone tell me how to bring the unallocated space into my C: partition?
  6. whats the email server for hotmail?
  7. hmm, is that the only way? Does hotmail have like a automatic forwarding option like gmail? If i can do that .. i can just check one email account.
  8. Is there a way to monitor 2 email accounts in msn live? I use to use trillian to monitor 2 email accounts but that doesn't work anymore. thanks
  9. oh wow .. it was right infront of me all along. Thanks a lot
  10. When i type "network center" i only get "network and sharing center" .. nothing to change password on the list
  11. what if the computer does not have a password? and where do i setup a password?
  12. earthsfate


    I just installed Vista rc1. I am trying to figure out how to share files on the network. Everytime i try to access my folders from another computer it always ask for a password. How do i share with out a password? Thanks
  13. hi I remember there was a tweak in nlite where it would make shutdowns faster by disabling the process of saving certain program's settings. Does anyone know how to disable this tweak? -eric Thanks
  14. The main reason why i want to do this is to put some torrents onto my bt client when i am away on vacation or something. Is there a program out there that lets me control my computer remotely? I remember ABC (the bittorrent client) use to have a service to let us do specifically that, it was called "Web interface Service"
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