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  1. It's possible to listen to music when install Xp

    Try this Play Videos,Audio & Images Slide Show During Windows Setup!, Hope You Like This!! http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST...=70&t=67268
  2. Windows Vista RC2

    ***TRY THIS*** 1) Updating the windows experience index and then restarting Aero 2) If you have a nvidia graphics card, update it, NOT over the internet!, then update it to geforce Go 7900 GS (microsoft corporation -WDDM) from the computer it self. and then refresh you rating and then restart. 3) Ok a fix has been posted on the shellrevealed forums : It seems that it is a known issue happening when you have only 512mo of RAM and will be fix in RTM. During this time here's a workaround : A. Ensure that you have the following registry value set to : HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\Composition set to 1 (32-bit DWORD) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\CompositionPolicy set to 2 (32-bit DWORD) B. Restart DWM by opening a command prompt with administrative privileges : - Type 'net stop uxsms' - Then 'net start uxsms' Some Peolpe With 1 GB of ram didn't have aero either. But updating the score on Thier computer fixed it. So my guess is people with over 512 mb of ram might be able to use the score update fix. People with 512mb ram should try the fix In Step #3
  3. http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc2/en/download.htm
  4. Office 2003 unattended problem

    I had the same problem with the install rolling back and not installing. Here's how I fixed it: I ran the setup with the "TRANSFORMS=Unattended.mst" tag but I left off the "/qb-" This will allow you to see what is goin on. Click next on everything using whatever the default settings are (This is basically all that the "/qb-" command does since the user can't see the dialogs). Sometime during the installation you will get an error. Most likely it's a missing file, take note of the file the setup can't find and click "Ignore." Keep doing this until setup is finished and you have your list of files (only five for me). Then just copy those files into the right places(from The Unshrunk Source To The Shrunk Source) in your setup files and now you should be able to run the silent install with no problems! ******************************************************************************************** MY LIST OF MISSING FILES. YOURS MAY BE DIFFERENT \FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\WEBFLDRS\MSONSEXT.DLL \FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\WEBFLDRS\PKMWS.DLL \FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\WEBFLDRS\1033\NSEXTINT.DLL \FILES\PFILES\COMMON\SYSTEM\OLEDB\MSDAIPP.DLL \FILES\PFILES\COMMON\SYSTEM\OLEDB\MSDAPML.DLL
  5. 1) Goto http://jdeboeck.msfnhosting.com/ 2) Download Remove.zip 3)There's A Bunch Of .cmd Files In There Where You Can Get A General Idea Of Removing Componets