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  1. Who uses it? Take a look at a 16x16 icon in the quicklaunch and the same 16x16 icon in the system tray, Opera would be a good example. The system tray icon looks like crap.
  2. Hrm Suppose the date on the thread should update when it's been editted :/
  3. Crash&Burn


    Sounds like this is utilizing the DLL from Revenger Inc's CMenuExtender 1.2, which had a pretty serious memory leak, though I didn't bother to track down whether the leak was in cmext.dll or the executable cmexted.exe. If the latter then no problem...
  4. I'd redownload autoit, it's obviously not a trojan. And do another scan - if it comes up as a false positive, add it to the exclude list. Scanners sometimes claim that software that has been packed w/ upx* (or other executable packers) are malware. * UPX: Program that packs binary executables to reduce their size. And Jeremy's alright, he just prefers to always recommend only software he uses
  5. Bah you weren't supposed to help, he claimed he wouldn't get any help in the Win98 section
  6. Well considering the topic/question is "Why Use it?" Not "Reasons to not use it" - his whole post is moot and garbage. PS. Timeless - You really need to put some spaces at the end of sentences. And some capitalization - or even Paragraphs/Hard-enter wouldn't hurt either heh. I couldn't even finish reading your post it just hurt my brain.
  7. @ timeless Yes, Firefox nor Opera rely on IE. The only problem in other avenues are some popular applications wont run or install w/o IE. So a bit of a catch22 if some of those apps are ones you prefer.
  8. Jeremy, I wouldn't call a 8.9MB download small. Thats over twice the size of even the *current* Kerio 4.x series. And for a so-called-professional company - they don't even host their own downloads - they send you off to SimTel and a slew of popups. Theres also "Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15a" at 1.2mb, compared to Kerio's 2.1mb, but you might be hardpressed to find a valid download for Tiny. The few I've seen that are left are corrupt downloads. But at 1.2MB thats an easy Email if one so wished.
  9. Yes, Nlite is a decent program. But its released with far too many bugs on a regular basis. The end users are either clueless or don't know how to use the search function - the number of daily new threads and redundant posts in general is crazy. It would be a full time job just to read them all. This might peak the interest of Ozowl...then we'll get lots of funky stuff that works good that no one understands hehe.
  10. You could go w/ Keiro v2.1.5 and just setup a global rule to allow all inbound traffic. But otherwise I don't know of any 'small' outbound only. I think BlackIce defender was of that sort, but it was far from small, and I have no experience w/ that particular app.
  11. Yeah I read about that before, regarding the registry, but can never remember which keys are "real" and which ones are just shortcut dupes heh.
  12. Well not that many people would want to anymore, but I used to access a dialup PPP account from DOS up until 1999 on a 386 (CGA monitor hehe) - course my provider Sprint told me it was not possible, and I nearly had to beat out of the tech support the various server names (DNS, etc). Once connected you could run NCSA Telnet, or even dos POP3 mail programs, ftp etc.
  13. [OT] Nirsoft apps , Stumbled across those a year or 2 ago... I've never found so many cool, useful, and tiny apps all done by one person before. Not including Sysinternals - since those apps generally aren't small, and really I only find a handful of his tools useful - though the ones that are - are very much so. [/OT] Sorry just had to comment
  14. Contents of USP... X:\2KBootCD\USP50SR1\support\tools\support.cab - 10,373 KB X:\2KBootCD\USP50SR1\support\tools\dtc\support.cab - 11,360 KB Any reason for this duplication ? The contents of which are nearly 99% the same. The i386/svcpack folder would possibly be useful if it actually listed the KB######.cat's - as is the USP doesn't even list what hotfixes it contains. Could also seriously cut down on the size if it was diff'd against SP4, and only contain what isn't already in SP4.
  15. Vcache is the Windows disk-caching virtual device driver. RAM used by vcache can't be used by applications. So setting Vcache to 524,288 means that there is still 524,288 RAM available for apps.
  16. Well can only vote for one, So Zxian for the style... but Jay's background image w/ the icon style and layout of Zxian's would be the best.
  17. Maybe it has to do w/ Hardware Chris, cuz I had no trouble installing 98SE on an AMD 64, Asus mobo w/ 1 Gig of ram even after multiple reboots. But if it stalls just boot into command prompt, and edit the system.ini & add under [Vcache]: MaxFileCache=524,288 98 does have the advantage of dos
  18. JLO555 You are probably referring to onboard graphics... in that case you are correct, and are pretty much guaranteed that those drivers wont ever get updated - ala compaq's SIS onboard. While I'm not overly familiar w/ Radeon mobile, in this case esp. w/ ATI in general their drivers should work. Let us know if they don't -- if yer still following your own thread
  19. RAMDISKs are available right out of the box w/ Win98... The install itself creates one to preload. All thats required is some minor config.sys autoexec.bat editing. I have to wonder why people always refer to getting "some software" to do one
  20. It wouldn't attempt to read if the pin connection was off, so really, sounds like defective hardware. You might try cleaning the interior with compressed air, or just replace it.
  21. Isn't "E" the RAM Disk that is created by 98's Setup? Can you do a DIR? Does the light come on the CD? Can it read any other CD's ?
  22. So long as your unattended loads the drivers neccessary for SATA, and you don't skip the "Choose Drive" (option to format) stage, theres no reason to unplug the IDE's. You likely want to go into your BIOS as well and select which HD is the main boot device.
  23. ATI also has a driver uninstall utility, that will wipe all previous catalysts, they highly recommend that be used before installing or reinstalling another Cat. So likely you should run that after wiping the drivers. And do a clean catalyst install. 9700 series should just be part of the main radeon download, recommend the CP (control panel) download over the CC (Control Center)
  24. Hmmm leghorn, lockhorn.... Lookout outbreak express... me see some similiarities creeping in...
  25. You do realize that reg.key is just hiding the IE object folder... it is almost disturbing how difficult it is to stop that from being created. I seen a smidgen of some information on one of those crap sites that want a 9.95 monthly fee for answers to questions, from what I could infer it implies that the IE icon is created during WMP integration/install - but that doesn't make sense - course not much of this problem does
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