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  1. Thanks I'll release a USP 5.1.2195.25 REFRESH soon - to fix the glitches reported and to include the latest updates and fixes (not just those available from WU) - otherwise I'll get back to work on 5.2 Best regards Gurgel B)
  2. Thanx I'm my good old self again and cant wait to get busy - already made a refresh build of 5.02 and 5.1 with all new fixes. I really want to solve the MSI-setup problem too before releasing it. /G B)
  3. Hi I've been at the hospital for a while, but I'm back and I'm going to fully recover so I can make USP's for you guys How do we 'help' update.exe? Because executing i386\update\update.exe /Integrate:D:\XP fails and says that you need to use /integrate with the original package.Thanks. You need to use the version of update.exe contained in my USP 5.1 - AND you need to wrap it in a "real" SFX: 1. Find a hotfix with SFXCAB version 2. Remove the digital signature from the hotfix; use the ImageEnumerateCertificates() and ImageRemoveCertificate() functions exposed through imagehlp
  4. USP 5.1 does remove the 127GB barrier if it's slipstreamed. It doesn't do so if it is installed normally. This is the safest way, but I better fix it to avoid any confusion /Gurgelmeyer B)
  5. Downloading.... (3 Kb/s for some reason) /G B)
  6. Thanks for reporting it - I'll look into this problem Any hints on reproducing it? Gurgelmeyer B)
  7. Security updates continues until 2010. This is the beginning rather than the end - W2K (with an USP) is definately the most stable Windows I have ever worked with, including XP SP2. G B) "The end of USP 5?" - I've been in hospital - gimme a break
  8. Gurgelmeyer


    Got this question recently There are no WGA components in any USP B)
  9. HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\HAL","14140000FFFFFFFF",0x00010001,0x00000010 Gurgelmeyer B)
  10. Actually the USP is tested with Terminal Services - a friend of mine agreed to test it in a real TS production environment (Advanced Server), and so far it works fine - I'm told. Anyway, I'm sorry to say that I won't give any schedules or status reports, because it's an extremely iterative process, and I know for a fact that I can spend days hunting down the last file or registry mismatch. The price you all pay for waiting is a certain degree of 'perfection'. Testing is what takes 90% of my time, and builds and tests are what take 90% of my CPU cycles Best regards, Gurgelmeyer B)
  11. Just a quick update: KB832414 - added KB909363 - added KB139071 - added KB885912 - added KB912196 - added No new downloads just yet. Best regards Gurgelmeyer B)
  12. It is included in the 5.1.2195.21 release. That is not included - yes, I need it /G B) PS - @-I- - Cool - I might need some compression stats later on
  13. Gurgelmeyer


    Hi, Yep - it does look nice. How does it look in 640x480x16 ? (I'm waiting for another server atm, so I cant just dl and test) But what should be in the documentation? I wont document which non-publicly available hotfixes are included - the answer will always be "all, unless otherwise proved". I have considered a more useful autorun which pops up a box which helps to automate the most common tasks, such as "Welcome", "Install", "Integrate", "Browse",... etc. About bootscreens, those are tough to make in color, because they are - as most of us know - 16 color .bmp images, however - unlike i
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