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  1. Make a fresh copy of your install files from CD, you can do this from Dos proper. Then try again. Also for future reference you might want to look at AVG antivirus which can do a number of things directly from DOS. If I recall shdocvw is related to icons or icon display. Personally I'd just back up the files in question, zip or rar them to preserve LFN. Not much good can come from installing the OS over on top of itself.
  2. You know, and file attachments are available for a reason.
  3. SHELL32.dll I do believe. I prefer the 'light' arrow that TweakUI switches in myself.
  4. I think if you read the EULA you'll find that you don't own the software, its more of a "rent" type deal heh.
  5. Well if you don't have 1.1 installed as well, you could always check and see if Nlite will run at all
  6. I'm hard pressed to even use 1Gig on Yahoo. Across all three accounts I think they use around 7% of 3Gigs after 4-5 years, and not deleting mailing list messages.
  7. @ jrf2027 The extra harddrive is what I do actually, since bartPE requires "XP" which I don't have a valid key for. I have an 8G drive w/ win2K installed on. Dropped into a HD-Enclosure would make for a great "tech tool" for service calls hehe.
  8. Well I'm pretty sure I didn't see any use for "smileys" in Nero 6.
  9. Shouldn't it be $OEM$\$Docs\Default User\Desktop ... ?
  10. What about making a hardlink to something else on your C drive I believe fsutil in winXP does hardlinks, as well as a 3rd party tool "CreateHardLink.exe" switch to your Documents directory Eg : fsutil hardlink create UserImages.bmp <full path to some other image on the same drive> Then mark the file as read/system/hidden... then the app in question has a crap file to work with, and you don't see it Appears Nero 6 doesn't have this lovely spyware functionality. And yes this really should be moved to "Software Hangout".
  11. Have you set this in Winnt.sif [unattended] OemPreinstall = Yes If not then the $OEM directory is not parsed.
  12. And no mention of "%CD%" at all in the entire question...very strange to say the least.
  13. I imagine your best bet would be to setup a BartPE Disk, the other option would be to have a dual install of say Win2K and WinXP, booting into Win2K to wipe your WinXP partition. All of the DOS based NTFS that I have seen are read-only, though perhaps theres one that requires $$ for write access? I don't know that I would trust it even so. Since the other options are fairly easy and safe. Just another good reason to use Win2K I guess
  14. What I have stored in my registry at: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management Which is for D:\Pagefile.sys 1536 2048So using this within a .cmd or such during unattended would preset the pagefile to where you want? Instead of having windows preselect the drive with the amount of space it believes it requires?
  15. Ya my friend has two amigas and they are pretty powerful with 2 mb of ram and you can make music and graphics. Supposedly some startrek movie was made with one. Impressive ? yes Capable of playing GTA SA or sending a reply to this forum ? I dont think so. Wanting to bother and try to get online with one ? not in your life. Went out with the 8-track ? 10-4 Perhaps he should check out AmigaOS4.0 which has internet and browser support then.
  16. If you're asking whether you can recover all the information that was on your C:\ folder dfs from the Folder you created on D:\ then no that wont be possible. If the format was recent on C:\ then all the information is still there, but likely the only way to recover it since you wiped out the FAT and the backup FAT2 with the format would be via disk sector editting - which is a tiresome task to say the least.
  17. Cool. And let us know when your done with that will you Somewan.
  18. I chanced upon a QuickLaunch thread on MSFN today, but it was only discussing XP, an older thread that had originally started back in 2003 but had recently gotten a new reply. From the contents of that thread I found mention of a registry key, which I located in my Windows 2000 registry. Please take a look at that thread, and I'll upload the 3 keys I found in my Win2K registry under that path - perhaps this may be of some use.
  19. When you open your browser it doesn't "go anywhere" or attempt any outbound connections - it just displays a blank screen. For IE, thats where my homepage is set to, for the odd time I have to even open that browser.
  20. It's discussed over here: WGA is out in updated version 1.4.389.0. And they all seem to think that for it to work, one of the files itself has to be hacked and hexeditted. Personally I've never slipped/or embedded it so I don't know.
  21. Homepage ? what is that? I do google searches from opera's address bar. And have no use to waste space on a "home" icon on a menu...I have 10-20 pages/tabs open, and Opera set to resume-from-last-session on startup.
  22. @ muiz Please refer to: WMP10 confusion
  23. It doesn't work for the same reason Trillian has gone thru growing pains w/ Yahoo and MSN. Those networks have changed connection certification. In trillian and other multi-IM programs the .dll handling those 2 had to be rewritten. In MSN proper I doubt it has a .dll its very likely contained within the binary executable itself. So really theres not going to be much one can do to force it to connect to the network.
  24. @ NoHolyGrail The activeX is disabled among the other things that FDV lists because his fileset when used w/ HFSLIP purges/removes Internet Explorer from Windows 2000.
  25. I don't think the Poll was intending to count VMware, one wouldn't use that as their main system OS.
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