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  1. Try doing something like this in Firefox, it quite impossible:
  2. This started within the last couple days that I have noticed. After going to a specific forum that you are subscribed to, and either reading all the threads or marking the forum as read - then going back to Your Forum Subscriptions, the -> Arrow symbol doesn't change to an "X" anymore - so it always looks like there are unread topics.
  3. Well a much belated response But cool, will have to give that a go on the next wipe.
  4. Does properties on the Drive read 30Gig? If so then its likely not a BIOS issue. And there shouldn't be that much difference from 98 to SE to cause OLEAUT issues. Likely should try a clean install. And then update your ATI rage drivers.
  5. This isn't anything "new". Microsoft refreshes this on a frequent basis. From what I've seen it's just a SDK with very few integral DX9 files actually updated.
  6. It's even easier to get your thread closed on the Opera forums. Just make a joke, or exagerate slightly. Chop chop.
  7. Theres a lot of threads regarding SATA drivers in the NLITE forums, and/or Unattended. But believe it was NLITE. It is possible to do an unattended install with Mass storage drivers, one of the "tricks" that works - and that I utilized, is to remove all the windows default ATA drivers. This is listed in a number of threads in those two forums. I don't recall offhand if removing the HD ATA drivers was necessary due to Nvidia's drivers not being signed or if it was some other issue.
  8. Last I tried to send someone a zip to gmail - their new "filter" killed it. Will it accept cab files? Only attachment that was successful that I know for sure were .rar's
  9. Interesting information. But way too many threads on the exact same thing. Should of been one thread with multiple posts on what to place in each respective .rem/.rdv/etc file. That has seriously spammed what used to be a fairly clean board.
  10. What? You don't actually expect Vista to ship on time do you? That ShaderModel 3.0 should be good for a couple years
  11. My roomate had an explorer.exe fatal on Win2K, replacing explorer didn't help at all. Was unable to find the root cause after trying a lot of different things from the repair console (the only thing that could access the system at all). Wound up reinstalling and hasn't happened since. Honestly try a fresh install, gape's unnoficial SP and 98se2me - they work really well.
  12. Wel I voted metapad since its my regular editor of choice, along w/ ConTEXT. But I'm not sure why you would want to include an editor in with your SP. I think editors are likely the most prolific software out there. And most everyone has a very distinct preference about what they like and want. If anything the most logical would be the patched Notepad, and leave further replacement to end user choice. Abiword is more of a Microsoft Word replacement - not notepad.
  13. Wouldn't it be easier to just bring a cd-rom over and swap it in for the install? Than bringing a whole pc...
  14. Just use one of the various tools that can add registry items from a batch file, I believe Nirsoft's nircomline (and the regsetval command) would work in this case. That way you wont lose reference to the variable UserName
  15. I was just checking that out, Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider Package: x86 (KB909520) -- Appears to be added functionality - not a hotfix? Perhaps it should just be added in with any other programs you are auto-installing with HFSLIP.
  16. I don't think you'll run into any problem utilizing the other switches for a more lenient file naming structure, before using HFSLIP I would manually create ISO's w/ NERO and used nearly the most lenient file structure possible, don't recall exactly which - but believe it was Joliet + ISO 1999 or something along those lines. Since all of the install files/cabs of a Windows install are 8.3 by default, all the enhanced naming structure will do is NOT f-up anything else you may have on the disk - like unrenamed hotfixes, programs, zips, etc. The Disk installs/boots just fine even when not a ISO9660 - just likely not wise to do for a win98 disk - but we're hardly talking about that are we.
  17. Something interesting I've noticed regarding LoginID's under win2k A number of sites with Java code will error out when the resultant local users directory has an ampersand. ie C:\Users\Crash & Burn\... The failure relates to how the ampersand is parsed in java/html et al. (Opera's cache by default stores in application data there, as well as IE's TIF dir) Addenum: Perhaps soon time to start a new thread ? Now that the IE problems have been resolved...or are we trying to get this up to 99 pages or so
  18. Here - maybe someone can take it and host somewhere 4895MSICabExtract.zip
  19. If you opoen up the file containing the referenced icon w/ something like IconShop. And using the pulldown display all icon sizes. Is there actually a 16x16 icon contained in the same set as the 32x32 one?
  20. Last I was running 98, I had the registry point's set to 99 hehe. Would periodically scan them to see the time stamp differences (to find out what my longest uptimes had been). Since they were only using up a meg or so each... (Of course maybe 98 would of been more apropos)
  21. You should (If you haven't) ask this of MDGx in his stickied thread/subforum. He has a pretty intimate knowledge of everything thats added in the ME2SE process, and could more effectively answer. From what I know he's also fairly active there to queries.
  22. I'm pretty sure MDGx's (previously AXCel216) TIPS download has dos boot menu's in some of the sample autoexec.* config.* files. It may be named something else now, last time I downloaded it was 2002 W95-11D.ZIP, somewhere on www.mdgx.com
  23. LFN: Long File Name. If you backup files from dos they will only have the 8.3 names. Thus highly recommended to archive them instead. Especially if there are files you definitely want to preserve prior to reinstalling your OS. And has been a while since I ran AVG from 98/Dos, but it should be able to check for the worst-case scenario viruses - like bootsector et al.
  24. Yes it would seem that PerfectDisk picked up the ball when Symantec's SpeedDisk dropped it.
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