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  1. The same folder as all your other hotfixes just rename from Q331331 to: oe5.5sp2-KB331331-Windows-2000-XP-x86-ENU.exe or: oe6.0sp1-KB331331-Windows-2000-XP-x86-ENU.exe And it should install fine...Tommyp can confirm perhaps, but that follows the naming scheme I have for OE updates downloaded from MS.
  2. I'd possibly check in TweakUI/My Computer/Folder: Favorites, see which directory your favorites are set to, and make sure you're not using Junctions which possibly could cause something like this. Though can't say I've heard of it before...
  3. @ FDV, re: BartsPE I was thinking about this, as what I currently do, is have a working Win2K system with everything I'd want in a completely installed OS + Apps on an 8gig drive. Which I just leave unplugged. If I need to diagnose my current system, I just hook up the cables. An alternate would probably be to get a External HD case for it, and run it thru FireWire or USB. One could even use this for troubleshooting other computers that wont boot etc. Not that BartsPE isn't good, but for those of us running Win2K and don't work for a computer company are we really gonna buy WinXP just to use Bart's? I have a 'copy' of WinXP (w/o COA) that I don't install, was just for "learning" purposes and to grab a couple files off of. As I don't want XP, and certainly not gonna pay for it just to run BartsPE heh.
  4. Had it on a AMD K6-II 333mhz, 8G + 80G Drives and 192MB Ram. Will prolly put that system back together later this year, or early next, with a 3G + 600MB Drive, and 256-512MB Ram.
  5. Crash&Burn

    Beta HFSLIP

    Well so long as its not a Microsoft suprise, like, use UR1.v1 and you now have no harddrives @ Oleg II, I usually Nlite the source and remove every single driver I have MFG Drivers for any of my hardware that needs one, with periodic checks to see if any have been updated. While PnP in theory is good when an OS is first released...not so much afterwards, 5 years later and MS doesn't re-release an updated drivers.cab, if you run solely on PnP you're using drivers that are 5 years old, and possibly buggy & provided by microsoft.
  6. The files have the .mp3 extension, its just a proprietary encoding format, like MP3 Pro. And really Atrac3 is only of any use if you normally encode @ ~128kbps, it can rip at 64kbps and give similiar "sound" results. And if you're going to bother ripping music you might as well do so at a decent bitrate 192kbps+ or use Lame's variable bitrate. At least "AAC" uses the .mp4 extension. Basically to listen to that CD on a PC, the PC or the PC-CDplayer would need a "mod chip" As on the Sony CDmp3 Walkman the decoding is done in hardware. Bite the bullet, and re-rip your collection. And next time RTFM...it clearly states it will not play on any other non-Sony player.
  7. Unfortunately, that wont work if you have your interface language set to the swedish chef's "Bork Bork Bork!"And for a company that appears to push so hard for "open standards" the fact that Gmail wouldn't work in Opera is a lark at best, perhaps still doesn't I probably haven't checked my gmail acct in a year. Obviously Google is on top, but again, its search results have serious problems, in 99% of instances a result in the format of somesite.com/this_is_a_list_of_words/ is a another crap search engine, and Google offers no way to filter those out, and those results are only becoming more and more common. I prefer google, but the main searchsite/results is nothing like what it was just a few years ago.
  8. @ DirtWarrior Just add it to the HFEXPERT\SYSTEM32\* Directory And it will be added during install
  9. Crash&Burn

    Beta HFSLIP

    @ NtegrA HFEXPERT Folder, will only (by default) Use/Add the following directories (if placed into HFEXPERT): * Slipstream files to a %Windir%\GRE and %Windir%\BIN folders Additionally it will slip the following files in HFEXPERT\*.* \CODECS\* \SYSTEM32\* \SYSTEM\* \WIN\* \APPREPLACEMENT\* You will need to modify the script to make it add other directories, shouldn't be too hard...
  10. @ Jose Sigafus They're dumb keywords GFX makers use, basically to confuse the consumer. Like the ATI 9600, 9700, 9700 XT, 9700 Pro If I'm not mistaken the 6600 GT is SLI capable - meaning if your Motherboard actually supports it can use 2 Cards slaved together. In general - though not always, a suffix at the end of a GFX card means better than standard edition/design of that particular model. There are a few exceptions, believe "LE" was a crap card of ATI's. Thus comparing models becomes a headache when you start to look at features of say a 9600 Pro vs a 9800 or 9800 XT or 9800 Pro... ad nauseum. And they're running out of "cool" 2 letter suffixes might have to go with whole words soon.
  11. Crash&Burn

    Beta HFSLIP

    You look at the file size...and then have to reread what it does, then you look at the file size again, and just shake your head and say Daaaaamn. Hopefully can give it a run thru soon, after I finish reorganizing these damned Harddrives (maybe finish is too strong of a word, halfazzedly organized might be more doable).
  12. @ ssmokee Well I Hate it when ppl do one line responses...but I just had to say "Hehehehehehehe" I love it.
  13. So basically...a conclusion can't be ascertained by increasing the poll base... Interesting Best get that logic to the Political Pollsters...
  14. Don't you think this should of included Win2K ? And maybe even 98 considering how many forums are dedicated to THAT heh. Just think of all of us that aren't voting as it's not a valid poll
  15. WinRar GUI/line command will open it, Total Commander can Ctrl-PGDown to open up cab-compressed to view just as if its a folder - though TC might require it to be changed to a .cab extension, prolly a plugin I haven't used that can get around that. Makecab.exe and Cabarc.exe (line command tools) can uncompress The latter two are in the ieak6.exe from Mircosoft, which is linked on MSFN's homepage as well. Unless you are talking about something else, sorry for redundant information then
  16. FYI: I checked on my NLite only install, and it does have MSVCP50.dll and MSVCP60.dll .. PS: DId some checking around, found this on microsoft.com: Not sure which update that is, original 2000 source only has msvcp50.dllSP4, doesn't have it, and neither does the UR1, or IE6sp1; can't find it in my hotfixes, though many are in that _sfx_0000._p format when unpacked.
  17. Very possibly, that the -60 file is part of one of their update files, like updating the visualbasic libraries. I'm interested in Tommyp's new update - from the sounds of it in the other thread should be pretty interesting, too bad theres not a Beta-Sticky downloadables With the warning: Testing purposes only! heheh.
  18. Even some Firewalls that embed themselves into/underneath windows will F-up scandisk or defrag as well. A browser connected to a site that enforces periodic page refreshes, etc. Don't think I've ever used a Screensaver, besides playing around with GRC's Wizmo, there was some app online that would enable that as a screensaver.
  19. Just as a piece of small advice, next time you install Windows, just leave out the JVM (Microsoft's Java), and just install real java, save some diskspace, and really you only need one.
  20. @ Saugatak, if FDV's set is removing MSVCP60.dll, that needsta be fixed...That dll is used all over the place. For some very basic "C code" functionality. Don't think Nlite ever ditched that file to my recollection.
  21. This is just another Intel/AMD FanBoys. Theres not much in valid opinions or facts here. Intel's HyperThreading is a good technology, increases efficiency for running multiple processes at one time that require increased processing power. AMD has moved the memory controller into the CPU which gets rid of another latency and bottleneck. Personally all I use is AMD, aside from maybe that first 8088, and not too sure who made the 386...my K6-II 333Mhz, still alive and kicking after 7 years of 24/7 use, and the newest AMD 64 has no difficulties whatsoever. The only problems would be what it runs..Windows...Crash & Burn...Crash & Burn
  22. Maybe you could post a handful of files...all the same specs actually, can it be in a folder? Could you set it up so it expects it in: C:\MSFN\MSFN.iso? That would rock, as you could use ANY drive that had enough space... ie I could mount my X drive to C:\MSFN as is, my C drive has like 2gigs, sometimes 3, but been testing lately w/ 2 Or 3 files, one with that folder, and perhaps a C:\ and D:\ file? That would give ppl lots of options Not to be TOO Greedy
  23. Just did a check thru my apps, have one called ClockAlign.exe by Mel Reyes @ http://mrtech.com/clockalign/ one thing you'd need to change if you use it, is the server it checks from, mine is defaulting to the navy and that appears to be changed or gone, did a quick search and found: http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/NTPPoolServers I chose: north-america.pool.ntp.org Proggie lets you add an alternate timebase in the Options (left click on its icon in the task bar) It's probably not as fancy as ones already mentioned, but for 96kb who's complaining The AtomicTimeSync, atsi.exe I have appears to be from AnalogX, is 223kb and requires installation... I'll go with Mel Reyes
  24. And for near the same price as an Intel 64 & Mobo, you could get 2 AMD 64's & dual-cpu Mobo...thats almost a no brainer...
  25. @ Thai3g_Eclipse Here here! DFI is good from what I read while doing research/reviews - it was just all the little extras that ASUS packs under the hood that really swayed me. And DFI's always looked to be ASUS ripoffs quite frankly w/o all those extras. The OCfanboys love them though. Epox if I recall correctly are awesome boards, but you pay thru the nose for them. Not to mention that the ASUS board easily TwinBanked the cheaper Samsung 512MB RAM chips (~$50 CAD each), I was almost convinced to get OCZ or something along that lines for 2 or 3 times as much. But really I'm not willing to pay 2 or 3 times as much for computer parts to squeeze an extra 5fps out of a game
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