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  1. Well I went to check out CCleaner, and I mean come on, the guy can't even code an app that follows basic WinAPI principles, when using Window Background color, the program must use Window Foreground (Text) Color. And VicaVersa. And you trust this app to purge your Registry? Looks like the new board is having problems - claims the following is an invalid "extension" ? Which is just a gif in a subdir ah well. img] http://ca.geocities.com/crashnbrn71/CCleaner.gif[/img And while Nortons may bloat up the registry, if you have the skills, you can easily make selfcontained program installs of its various Utilities. And it's regCleaner has some of the best features/ease of use. Along w/ SpeedDisk and a few of the other tools.
  2. I thought IE had to be repackaged w/ IEAK6.exe - otherwise it wont install from CD like that in unattended mode...
  3. *chuckle* Well yeah, you have to set up some filtering rules...for files/threads/paths to block What you would be looking for are calls into the system32 directory - likely, and or if it attempts to check the existance of the Internet Explorer directory. With no filters, it would be a huge mess, as every system call is listed, and most aren't relevant
  4. If one Must use Acrobat, give "Adobe Reader SpeedUp" a whirl, http://www.tnk-bootblock.co.uk/prods/misc/ I wonder how well Acrobat would run, inside a win98'ed VM hehehe.
  5. Hmm compile into an exe? now that might be promising. As for Limewire? I mean come on that's gotta be the most sluggish P2P around heh.
  6. Desktop's AMD 64 Athlon, price/performance can't be beat. Laptops perhaps Intel, but AMD's Athlon-M processors with unlocked voltages are pretty sweet and making inroads. My Athlon64 2800 was priced pretty close to what the 32bit Bartons go for. And would have to agree about heating, any P4+ or current model AMD is gonna need a case fan. I probably have more running than I need, but just what came with the case. 2 External venters, 1 Side pulling air onto the Graphics card, and a front-side fan pulling air onto hardrives. AMD Stock fan on the CPU which is barely even warm to the touch, compare that to your GPU which when not even overclocked or playing games is too hot to touch for long.
  7. I'd recommend slipstreaming updates, instead of putting exe's on an ISO, thats just wasted space and time. Everytime you install it will need to go thru the process of replacing files over and over, especially with some patches having duplicate files, then theres SFC updating itself during this whole process. HFSlip, NLite, etc.
  8. It would be interesting to run Acrobat on an IE system w/ FileMon, to see what calls it makes, or the installer to see what calls it makes...whether or not it is doing registry checking, or just calls to some dll's that installing IE 5.5 adds into the system. If it does either of those 2, that would be easily fixed -- well not easily perhaps, but certainly doable. If its doing something else more insidious perhaps not so doable, but would have to think it would be one of those 2... [Aside] I refuse to license programs that don't have Individual/Private Pricing, or Freeware Private Use. Expecting an individual to pay the same price as Corporate, or more is ludicrous. (Since Corporations get licensing discounts) And honestly I really doubt that most people using Photoshop or the like have actually paid for it, what individual in their right mind will pay more for a piece of software than their Operating System or computer cost. [/Aside]
  9. This is true, and it is a lil hard to find the download link for IE6/2k on MS04-028, but its there, halfway down under Affected Components. And I prefer to have the Security Bulletin ID/KB than the direct filename download...as thats all you will find w/ KB833989, except for a very small blurb that just links back to MS04-028... My 0.02 anyways
  10. hHeres a way to integrate nearly anything without "hokey" tools. The scripts and tools just make it easier than starting from baseline scratch, since they put files in the proper folders for automatic copyover, update inf's and pack or repack files, update registry, etc etc etc.
  11. No but this does: cd D:\programs junction "Internet Explorer" $Tools\MetaPad cd D:\programs\$Tools\MetaPad copy MetaPad.exe iexplore.exe Shortcuts to Internet Explorer, now open MetaPad. Including the IE "object" on the desktop From testing I can't make a junction .exe extension point to another...guess junctions aren't targettable at files(or at least binaries), unlike linux symlinks. So if you wanted to do the internet explorer redirection w/o that extra file, looks like you'd have to rename the program in question to iexplore.exe heh
  12. Seen something about this in one of the other forums, asking opinions about what people will do when 2K support ends in 2006. I wonder if any thought has been given to doing something like Axcel216 did mixing 98se w/ ME, or pointless w/ 2K/XP or would the next step be just to migrate to Windows 2003? I avoided WinXP like the plague when it came out, and had to remove my foot from my mouth after making a new computer purchase that wouldn't run on 98, so I took the most minimalistic step I could to 2K Sorry for an OT post, just find opinions and help here generally more worthwhile than many of the other forums.
  13. @ FDV, something wrong w/ s.p.a.m.net address...or its just offline perhaps? [Edit] Doh! You already fixed it. heh. [/Edit] Interesting I suppose, course that huge list of fixes looks like a headache in waiting to me Recommended/Critical? nope just a huge list, and get them all just in case heh.
  14. Subscription/ View Topics When displaying the list, the [mail folder] icons are always bold blue/orange, indicating new messages - which doesn't change after reading the thread. No matter if you click the link from within your control panel or from the Forum itself. Also an oddity w/ Forum Subscriptions, if you return to your control panel from a Forum that you have backpaged in - even after reading all the threads, the Subscription/ View Forums Will show that Forum as having new posts Unless you 1/ reclick on the forum you've read threads thru, or 2/ return to the forum in question from the last thread you are reading.
  15. Has anyone been successful or know how to make windows accept a 2 level directory for Program Files? ie: D:\Software\Programs is it a matter of using a double backslash ? D:\Software\\Programs? I can successfully get it to change during install to any one-tiered directory, but not more.
  16. That's not the program thats been indicated to try w/ this. From memory its called IEFixer, and you run it against the .exe that is claiming IE requirements. It will change data within the executable for checks for Browser changing the ID String from an IE compatible string to a Firefox one (which must be installed obviously) the program you mention is something to add for those extrememly annoying programs that have compiled in opening Explorer for Help/Updates/etc. of course you could just put a Junction in yer program files dir. Make the Internet Explorer, directory, assuming D: and Programs as your program files dir: junction D:\Programs\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe D:\Programs\Firefox\firefox.exe rename as needed. Junction is a sysinternals tool. Similiar to linuxes symlinks, calls to iexplore.exe redirect/point to firefox.exe
  17. Crash&Burn

    COM, DTC

    Is that DomainTrackerClient? Anyways, COM - from what I have read was a great idea that was extremely poorly implented, as such almost nothing requires/supports it. What File components even make up COM? I'm more used to looking at individual calls to files, than what comprises a service set. And DTC, sounds like its needed for OFfice. Sorry those aren't specific.
  18. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...;131735&sd=tech To search for the rest of your options google like this: OsLoadOptions sif site:microsoft.com
  19. He doesn't want to listen to what anyone has to say. Unless its holding his hand and writing a batch file for him.
  20. Cut off some seconds? There are people here on MSFN that are getting 10-12 minute WinXP/2K installs.
  21. Well I suggest you read the sticky, in this very forum about "Sticky: A New Cd-switching Utility" cuz from the looks of your so called .txt file, its going to fail if theres ever more than 2 partitions on a drive, or more than one harddrive. Good luck.
  22. You certainly can, load XP on SATA drives. You just need to do oempreinstall to preload the drivers and: 1. Method by directly enhancement of the NVIDIA drivers (OemInfFiles-Method) and 2. Method by suppression or removal of other interfering drivers (Driver-Suppression/Removal-Method) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...29entry356029 That's using NLite, and the example is the NVraid drivers, but all Nlite is doing is setting up OEMPreinstall for you. It will work w/ other MFG's drivers and it can still be done by hand, if one prefers.
  23. Regarding the Server updates, I don't know if it would "hurt" to install them. But when you follow the links at Microsoft, Windows2000 (SP3/4) are listed under the not-affected. I do know a number of sites have one or 2 of the 3 or 4 2K-Server only Hotfixes listed amongst their files, but to get a download of it at Microsoft you have to select one of the 2K Server/Data center OS downloads. You'd have to ask someone more experienced w/ this. I'm just reporting back findings, since I had to rename some and/or redownload my prior hotfixes to give HFSlip a whirl. So figured I would help out and get our list proper
  24. Doesn't FDV remove DotNet support, and a few other things. And doesn't VM require that? I haven't looked too closely into his set, I think I'm just gonna keep IE onboard, unused, so I can try to get Norton's speedDisk localized. And I think its recommended to use NLITE on like TOmmyp's set (for removing features), if yer using FDV's I wouldn't remove any features w/ NLITE, though you might try some of its tweaks, or driver integration etc.
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