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  1. S'alright, was just being fecitious If I recall though, WinUharc was nagware w/ a unintuitive interface. Ctrl-A is defined to Open File in the file menu, instead of "select all files". It's memory and time requirements are very similiar to 7zip, though in some instances Uharc can outperform 7zip compression wise.
  2. Well, considering that a CD-R costs ~0.50c and one might make 10$+ an hour. Burning that "ISO" to CD just saved you 20 mins of your life or two dollars and 83 cents
  3. Well I just checked it out, so if your main goal is free, and you don't mind not having rar-creation support. TugZip is by far the best free GUI-zip utility I've seen to date (and I've tested dozens). It even supports scripting functions. If it had an internal Backup Manager it would be as good or better even than PowerArchiver (which isn't free). Supports 7Zip as well, and in a better GUI than 7zip's own. Missing some of Rar's polish and some more expansive features, but overall a very worthwhile application among freeware. A bit bulky on the install, 12.5 Meg program files directory, compared to WinRar's 4meg. I forgot to check PowerArchiver's install size before removing it, but its a 9meg installer so its likely not small either. Suppose I'm a bit too old school, I can get most of all the archiving functionality I need from WinRar or commandline tools installed w/ Cygwin, like tar/gzip, tar/bzip or TotalCommander's own zip. And the commandline tools in comparison are Tiiiiiny :-) [Addenum] The install size can be significantly reduced w/ UPX, down to 6.8 megs after packing the DLL's and exe's. Successfully created 7z file and un-packed, after UPX. [/Addenum]
  4. Alright well I was unaware of Tclock2 A lot of apps tend to disappear or become shareware if you don't get them at the right time. Theres quite a few that are excellent, and if they had of been opensourced, memory conflicts/leaks could of been fixed. WatchCat is a good example of such. Sounds like TrayMenu has some/maybe all of the functionality yer talking about in those other apps.
  5. Sysinternals Filemon would be able to give you that kind of feedback, once you set a few filters to trim down its output.
  6. WinRar is a fairly inexpensive pay-for program. And its worth it. WinRar could easily beat 7zip's compression if it allowed the insane dictionary sizes and one other (block setting?) that 7zip allows. Settings that use upwards of 300-2gigs or more of RAM during compression and a significant amount during decompression. To obtain the 2-5% crunch that 7zip can obtain also takes upwards of double to triple the time frame of a rar. WinRar can also make those SFX installers that 7zip seems to be so popular for. And it has the best Interface, even better than PowerArchiver or WinZip. 7zip's interface looks and feels and performs like a 1st generation freeware app, its best to just use it from line command if at all. (Not to rag on Free, for free its wonderful but slick interfaces definitely spoil you). WinRar has a 40 day uncrippled trial, which is better than most any other program that trials. I also couldn't stand IZarc's interface, nor most any other of the so called "great" archivers. even the last freeware version of PowerArchiver 6.0 something is better than a lot of other current ones.
  7. And there is our sticky: Windows 2000 (all). The_Guy did the initial post, I fine combed it and offered some corrections. So pretty much it just needs to be updated every monthly patch tuesday And if you think its missing something feel free... but double check first - cuz theres 2 or 3 that are likely not in that list, because if you check Microsoft closely they specify Windows 2000 Server only...
  8. Hmm ATI releases drivers faster than I install the previous download
  9. Well if yer looking for 3rd party *stable* apps, the things that I install are: Tclockex traymenu: (though you might have trouble finding a download link for it) transparent allSnap
  10. No they say they are WHQL, but they aren't - at least the SATA drivers aren't, not positive about the others. I've got: nForce_4.27_WinXP2K_WHQL_english.exe, and think I used the sound drivers from another nvidia download and just tossed them into the unpacked and re-rar'ed of the rest of the 4.27 Ahh I see they've updated since I last downloaded last month or so Maybe they actually are WHQL this time... Looks like the 4.27 was a unified driver download for (1/2) & 3, and possibly 4 (not sure)...strange that they did such a selective update on Nov.2nd for 3 & 4 only.
  11. Well maybe someone else (?) has used Windiz, I thought it was interesting til I found out it needed software downloaded/installed and I promptly said F-that And just manually download from microsoft or The SoftwarePatch
  12. From their homepage: YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. It is available o­n the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms. Yahoo! Mail disabled free access to its POP3 service on 24th April, 2002. This application emulates a POP3 server and enables popular email clients like Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Mozilla, etc., to download email from Yahoo! accounts. We do not go against the license agreements of Yahoo! Mail. This application is completely legitimate and well within the realms of legal software. http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/index.php Also I can confirm it works just fine in Opera's M2 client.
  13. Is Nforce2 using the same drivers as NF3? I haven't had any troubles with NF3 on an Asus board w/ Win2k -- of course I did remove ALL default IDE drivers, and tell the install to ignore unsigned...
  14. Have you tried something a little less extreme first, like Opera? Heh - well I'm not gonna add another post just for the next one Yes it is a browser. It may or may not work, but ... well lets just say its code base is more stable.
  15. Well I was recommending it only as a starting point heh. Thats what I initially started w/ before finding MSFN slipstreaming.
  16. If you can successfully get into Safemode, you should be able to run SFC...which could possibly undo some recent changes. If not perhaps command prompt, but you'd really have to know what you were doing in that case. For best results, I'd likely recommend safemode and backup what files you need, then do a reinstall. You could also backup files within 'command prompt', but last time I did that in win98 I wound up with a bunch of 8.3 files :/ though I don't recall if I used xcopy or copy.
  17. Hmm Leave it to a freeware tool to be better than Miscrosoft heh
  18. I do believe "Standard PC" can be defined within your WINNT.sif, I don't recall if Microsoft's /Support/Tools/Deploy.cab (unpack and run) allows for setting that particular one or not. IF not, then other tools do, like Nlite, which you could run on a test base to get some info on what to change in the WINNT.sif Integrating drivers isn't overly difficult, but its not easy either, especially NVIDIA ones - which aren't digitally signed, you need to force windows to ignore driver signing and setup preinstall if its for SATA/RAID, the other thing is to remove all IDE drivers - else windows will write over the NVIDIA ones Honestly I recommend checking out those NVIDIA/SATA threads if you plan on doing it by hand - far too much info to really contain in one reply
  19. Well deleting the Winnt.sif is a bit excessive, check in your Win2K folder/disk, for folder Support/Tools/Deploy.CAB Unpack that and run it, it will create a new File that is useable as WINNT.sif, if you compare that file to the WINNT.sif you already have, should see the fields that you need to change/or delete. I can't recall which they are off the top of my head, but even with a WINNT.sif file, you will get prompted for values that you leave out - so you can make it mostly unattended.
  20. Crash&Burn


    *smirk* How professional of you.
  21. Cardfile.exe is garbage. Olepro32.dll is important. But to WIn98 they are both important, since they are required files as far as it's concerned. It's not so much just re-cabbing the files, Win98's cabfiles are spanning cabfiles, if you are familiar with WinRAR it would be like taking 8 Megs of files, and making 1.44MB Spanned rar's You will wind up with 6 rar files 1.44MB or less in size. Windows 98 cabs (though not all of them), are spanned, so to unpack a single .cab file multiple undamaged cab files are required, as data is stored throughout. IF the cabfile in question is not a spanned file, then you could use cabarc.exe or makecab.exe (from a command prompt) to rebuild the cabfile. Both can be obtained from either the "IE 6 Took Kit" (ieak6.exe) or Microsofts Cab sdk (cabsdk.exe)
  22. This isn't for changing filestamps of files INSIDE cabs (unless I am reading this wrong). It's for changing the timestamp on the cabfile itself - like WinRAR's ability to set the rarFile Date to "Latest File Time" (or Current System Time or Original Archive Time).
  23. I do believe HFSLIP relies on File Date, in most all cases the newest date will be the newest version. I think tommyp has an exception or 2 that he overode in the HFSLIP cmd.
  24. Personally, I don't use any anti-spyware software, I'm not that paranoid But the following are recommended apps - linked from Son of Spy - a well known freeware & antispyware advocate. 1. Ad-aware 2. Microsoft AntiSpyware 3. Pest Patrol 4. Spybot Search & Destroy 5. Spyware Doctor 6. Webroot Spy Sweeper I don't use IE, and don't install "crap" programs. And certainly don't use LookOut Outbreak express. Every year or so I do a system-wide virus check. And in hmm 5 years nothing yet. So go figure.
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