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  1. Hi All, I would like to know what is the difference between shutting down a xp using the start menu - > shutdown option Vs psshutdown -k -t 30 ? Is there any downside when using PSShutdown or even shutdown.exe from command prompt? thanks!
  2. well, thanks for your time. I wanted to buy a gaming console. not sure which one has better options than the rest. I also think some consoles can be modified to be more adaptive (read HD) etc. I wanted to know more on these fronts, instructions to modify a console and so on. i've learnt a lot from the automated windows & application install forum here at MSFN , os I was looking for something in similar lines..... thanks again.
  3. hi gamers, is there a forum from were I can learn more about gaming consoles like XBOX,360, PS2/3 etc, just like MSFN for all MS related stuffs?
  4. any OSS flowchart software

    Hi, I searched the forum for any freely available flowchart software? I know MS has its visio, but besides having to pay for something thats not easy to use, I wanted to explore any open source alternatives. Would any one in this forum use or recommend alternatives? regards

    i'm not able to get my webcam wpork with gaim and trillian basic. dont they support webcam?
  6. Hi, Need a good KVM switch to manage my desktop and laptop with single keyboard. OmniView SOHO Series 4-Port KVM Switch with Audio PS/2 and USB Platform seem to have lot more features (but expensive too). Does anyone have this and recommend it?
  7. [Guide] Nero

    will test it
  8. VLC Media Player Vs. KMP

    It defenitely has been inspired from winamp. did you get to evaluate some of the video sizing features. VLC offers few aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 1:1). This gives me the option to fit any custom a/r. use the ctrl+numpad-8 key. They have a 7z version which doesnt needs an install kust like VLC zip version. Some of the post processors available in this is not available in VLC. just my 2 cents.... i dont recommend or say this is the best player out there.
  9. VLC Media Player Vs. KMP

    I've used VLC media player in the past. I stumbled across this KMP recently and should admit its quiet decent. Just like VLC comes loaded with its own codecs and no need for those 3rd party codecs. Also GUI is better than VLC (IMHO). Best of all - free just like VLC. Please test it and share your comments/opinion.
  10. [How To] Repack Application w/ AdminStudio

    i'm feeling special, coz u've ceded to my request. many thanks.
  11. MS Office Excel Addons

    Hi, I there a way I could deploy custom developed addons automatically? I would like to include the addons directly in AIP itself, does ORK allows to accomodate this? These are custom addon developed in VB/VBA. Has somebody succeeded in automating the installation of addons? Thanks,
  12. find error in my reg tweaks

    thanks BoardBabe & DL
  13. find error in my reg tweaks

    thanks JBM
  14. Hi. I'm facing some problem with my unattended CD. Everything is fine except that the following 2 problems. 1. "Lock the taskbar" is not being highlighted or unavailable for selection. Its greyed out (the context menu for task bar) 2. "the command prompt window behaves a little strange. The backspace key doesnt works in the cmd window(s). I've read through lines in the tweak, but since I adapted it from some one, I dont know how to fix these. Could you guys please help me identify what is causing the problem. I'm attaching my regtweak file here. Thanks, p.s: The reg tweak file is not adapted from one single person, Its the hard work of all the contributing members of this community. So I'm not able to give credit to one particular person for that. regtweaks.reg
  15. best file comparision program?

    which is the best file comparision program? the level of comparision would be at say, file level ex: office files, media files, etc and not binary comparision.