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  1. RIS Unattended file (SIF) question

    Hi, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately these settings are missing from the ref.chm file. I've been googling (Is that a word for these settings but no luck so far for any explanation. Mike
  2. Hello everyone, A question about some RIS unattended file entries. I’m currently documenting our environment and I can’t seem to find any documentation about the following settings in the ris, sif file: [Data] MsDosInitiated="1" floppyless="1" OriSrc="\\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%" OriTyp="4" LocalSourceOnCD=1 [setupData] OsLoadOptions="/noguiboot /fastdetect" SetupSourceDevice="\Device\LanmanRedirector\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%" If anyone could point me in the right direction, ill appreciate. Thanks, Michael Waterman
  3. PE via RIS Server-- What is the servername?

    it's in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\RemoteBootRoot It sets the path to the servername. Hope this helps
  4. XML in WinPE

    If you want you can use XML istead of INI or INF files for your input. XML is more dynamic. Michael
  5. How To: Enable NTLMv2 on WINPE

    How to: Enable NTLMv2 on WINPE Sometimes it´s a security requirement to enable NTLMv2 instead of the default LM & NTLM authentication. When you enable this setting, the authentication against servers will fail within WinPe. The account that your using will lockout in no time. To enable ntlmv2 in WinPE follow these steps. First, refer to this page to find out what setting is appropriate for your environment. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...entry/76052.asp Next, logon to the machine where you build your custom WinPE version. Open up regedit.exe. Select “Load Hive” from the menu and browse to the “I386\System32” directory. In there you will see a file named “setupreg.hiv”. Load it in your registry editor using a temporary name. Now browse to “HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\ControlSet001\Control\LSA”. Add a new DWORD, “LmCompatibilityLevel” and give it the value that suits your needs. Unload the temporary hive so that the date is written to disk. Now when you boot WinPE it is capable to authenticate using NTLMv2 Hope this helps Kind regards, Michael Waterman
  6. Listing all available drivers

    Hi, Thanks for your response!! The reason that I want to do this is that I would like to see what drivers are available on a default installation of XP. I need this information so I can compare it to some device that need to be connected.... Normally I would lookup those device in the XP HCL, but that has been "merged" into the Windows Catalog... if there is any other option... Then please let me know Michael
  7. Listing all available drivers

    Hello everyone, I was wondering. Is there a way to list all available drivers on XP? So, not only the installed drivers, but also the once that have been made available to the PNP Manager. For example all drivers that are stored in c:\Windows\Inf... What I would like to do is list all the display names of all drivers. Thanks to anyone that replies. Michael
  8. Hi, Thanks for the guide and specially for the credits :-) Mike
  9. Factory error 1231?

    On many request, this is the mail I send to Microsoft Support. Hope it helps if you encounter the problem. Hello Again, I'm happy to report that I discovered the reason why the factory process was generating the 1231 error. Actually it's a combination of factors. The systems we are talking about are Dell dimensions 8250. Among things, they include an Intel 100 Pro network adapter and a ATI radeon 9700 128 video adapter. Now that last was actually the cause of all the problems. I did a series of tests starting with the Windows XP gold edition. In this particular version of XP there's no driver for the ATI video adapter. So I was quite surprised that this version worked with the winbom.ini file you so kindly provided. After the first test I installed SP1 on the machine, ran the process and noticed that the factory mode generated the error once more. I compared the drivers that where included in SP1 but not available in the gold edition of XP. Among things, the USB and Video drivers where added. So that left me to the conclusion that these drivers had something to do with generating the error. I installed XP gold again and updated the video drivers to the version from the Windows Update site and started the factory mode again. After the reboot the error was immediately generated. So we had a winner! Now to get the whole thing working. I concluded that the video driver was interfering with the initial network card detection and initialization process at the start of the factory process, but I still wondered why. Well, remember the error that was generated, #1231? It must have something to do with the network. I looked at my Winbom file again and suddenly I noticed the computer name change just before getting the drivers from the network location. Remembering a section form the winbom chm file that would reboot the pc just after the computer name change, I added this to the original winbom file. Eg: [Factory] RebootAfterComputerName = Yes The factory process was started again and I was right on my conclusion The reboot did the trick. I'm making an assumption that the process first detects an available network card in the machine, assigns a new name to the pc and in that process the video adapter would interfere in some way, generating the 1231 error. Funny thing is that it was a combination of hardware that was the cause of all this misery. The dell machines with an identical configuration except for the nic worked perfectly without the reboot setting. From now on I will include the reboot option in my winbom file(s), just in case. Anyway, I'm glad the problem is solved. Hope you can make use of this knowledge. With kind regards, Michael Waterman
  10. Factory error 1231?

    Well, I finally figured out what the problem was. If anyone has the same problem and wants to know the solution, then just send an email. Mike
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm using sysprep in factory mode. After the 1st reboot factory.exe starts but winbom.log reports a #1231 error: ERROR: Failed to establish a connection to remote location "\\DPSRV\Drivers", error #1231. when copying updated drivers from a remote location. The winbom.ini looks like the following : [Factory] FactoryComputerName = * Logfile = c:\Winbom.log Logging = Yes LogLevel = 2 LogPerf = Yes UserName = administrator Password = <removed> WinBOMType=Factory Reseal=Reboot ResealMode = Mini [PnPDriverUpdate] TargetRoot=%SYSTEMROOT%\drivers UpdateInstalledDrivers = Yes WaitForPNP=Yes [PnPDrivers] \\DPsrv\Drivers\DELL8250\Sound = Sound [OEMrun] [NetCards] [updateInis] [FactoryRunOnce] [branding] [AppPreInstall] [ComputerSettings] After the autologon, the network is up and running, and factory continues. The weird thing is that this only happens with the "Intel pro 100 M" nic. The same wimbom file works perfectly on other machines with a different nic. I've tried all kind of intel drivers, but for now I'm stuck :-(. I've seen a previous post about this, but no solution there. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? Thanks Michael
  12. Hi Everyone, I found this at the Microsoft Windows Hardware and driver central: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/install/DPInst.mspx I tried it.... AND I LOVEEEEEEE IT If your into windows deployment like I am, this tool is going to solve so many problems Hope to get some feedback from you. Regards, Michael
  13. PE With HTA Files

    Ordinal not found means that Windows can't find a function (ordinal) in a dll that it's looking for. In general, you have the wrong version of a dll that an application requires. Try to replace the dll with the "older" version. Perhaps the function was removed from the library? Regards, Mike ------- There can be Obi-One
  14. Slipstream support for Access, Dotnet Framework

    It would be really nice to share your findings with us B) I've done it in the past and I guess you will make a lot of people happy with the info. Thanks, Mike
  15. need plugin XPE 0.9.9

    It would be really nice of you if you could explain what you are trying to ask. I can't make heads or tails out of your question. Thanks Mike