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  1. I mean that the runonce.cmd file is standing on the cd... I dont use the OEM method because I have a lot of floppy's So I want a rule that starts the runonce.cmd from the cd ????
  2. Hello, If I install a computer the cdrom can com on : D , E or F Is there not a rule you can place in winnt.sif that opens a batch? Something like Open D:\install.cmd or E:\install or F:\install.cmd Somebody help me
  3. I have tried youre driverpack BUT, I cannot find the winnt.sif rule....
  4. Where does I have to set Detached.cmd ?? And youre second quote I dont understand
  5. I have done what you said... But it didnt work I dont have svcpack.in_ anymore.. I has already delete it... Maybe is my svcpack.dl_ rong ?? Other solution ? I'm desperet
  6. I have used youre file but it didnt work This is my svcpack.inf: I have placed the file in the svcpack directory I have 2 files in the I386 directory svcpack.inf ( my one created file ) svcpack.dll ( The originel file ) What do I wrong ?
  7. I have done what you said but the *.exe file is not working ir my svcpack.inf is not working ? Kan je attach a little exe file ?
  8. you can get youre serial to winnt.sif and if you want to know how to change it inder the setup...... Download Nlite and that will help
  9. Thanxx I will try it now, But my setups needs to copy svcpack.dll I have delete that file I can replace it but where does the svcpack.inf need to standing ? Can you tell me that? And can you tell me how youre svcpack.inf is look like?? Greettzz
  10. Does anyone know the awnser on my question ??
  11. Hello, Does anyone know how I can make a rule in svcpack.inf that starts a *.cmd or .bat? I want to make a *.cmd that copy's setup-files to the system directory... I dont use the oem maps because I use many raid drivers etc for different computers... So please help
  12. useraccount.cmd ??? where does that standing ??? Can you make a attachment with youre winnt.sif, useraccounts.cmd and scvpack.inf ? With wich program you can edit svcpack.inf ??? Already thanx
  13. I want to use s-ata drivers from a floppy disk and thats not possible with the OEM method
  14. The problem is not solved.. How can I copy the files i need to the hardisk without the OEM method? A file on the cd doesnt help because the setup dont knows the variable %%CDROM%% or %CDROM%.. Can anybody help ?
  15. Yes I already know that.... BUT... IS there not a other way to get your files copied on the harddisk without that OEM method ?? With GuiRunOnce you cannot run the files from a cd because the setup dont knows the varibale %CDROM% or %%CROM%% please help

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