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  1. Well not to get into an Editor-War But I always replace Notepad w/ MetaPad http://www.liquidninja.com/metapad/ Also I use, ConTEXT: http://www.context.cx/ When I need SyntaxHilighting, multiplePanes, or heavier duty, even though neither has a filesize limitation.
  2. 840987 (MS04-032) is listed in the UpdateRollup http://support.microsoft.com/kb/891861 , though its hyperlinked KB# is listed as 883935, a duplicate of MS04-036's. Likely the Hyperlink in error instead of the bulletin number and description. FEBRUARY (NOTE): 885834: is for 2000 Server/Data Center. MAY (Missing): MS05-024: Vulnerability in Web View Could Allow Remote Code Execution (894320) JUNE (Missing): (893066) MS05-019: Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service AUGUST (Missing): MS05-039: Vulnerability in Plug and Play Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Elevation of Privilege (899588) AUGUST (NOTE): 899591: is for 2000 Server/Data Center. -- If this list is for all flavours of 2000, should notate the two that are specifically server++. Sept 2004 / IE (Missing): (833987) MS04-028: Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution -- The contents of which don't appear to be in any IE or Win2K updates since. Dec.2004 / LookOut Express (Missing): (887797) "Additional" Cumulative Update for Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 1 -- Only available after you get the first "Cumulative Security" Update, though they call this one Cumulative too, duh, but its not. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/887797
  3. Check what the version on rdpwd.sys is, if it got slipped then it should be: 5.0.2195.7055 Then Tommy'll know whether it's just a reporting quirk or not...
  4. Crash&Burn


    @ saugatak Except for the commandline tools, those helpfiles are w/ the tool in system32\
  5. It's also unfortunate it doesn't read data from an .ini or .dat file, instead of all tweaks being compiled inside. That would make this tool the be-all-end-all. Something along the lines of: *[iE TWEAKS] Name: Remove Throbber Default: off Data: "[RegistryKey]" Field1: off Name: Set Default Homepage Default: on Data: "[RegistryKey]" Field1: "HomePage: ", "www.google.com" *[Explorer Tweaks] etc. --> Field1: Name of the field, any default data in the field. Easily allow for tweaks that need multiple Field's, Field2, Field3, etc. Giving [+] Expandable/closeable Titles within the app each headers tweaks, with a scroll bar on the right. Typo's and bugfixes could be handled by the end-user, and adding more reg-tweaks a snap, instead of relying on a new compiled release just for a simple bug fix. My 0.02, If the Author's even reading this Thread anymore
  6. @ Oleg II NLite can run w/o .Net, he hosts alternate runtimes on his site. If you don't want to install .Net, you fetch those, has some dll's I believe.
  7. Well looks like so long as you haven't changed permissions on the %windir%\registration folder, yer fine. And 80%+ of the things stated to be having problems I don't think any of us run WinUpdate, WindowsFirewall... Course I haven't upgraded my own Firewall in ages, sides when I located a download for Kerio 2.1.5 which supplanted Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15a
  8. Hmm that worked easier than I thought. I renamed taskmgr.exe -> taskmgr.exe.old and copied a process viewer I used to use for Win98 to system32, renamed to taskmgr.exe and ctrl-alt-del + [Task Manager] opened up the program w/o complaint.
  9. Well I noticed this one: MS04-051 Affects everything except 2003 Server SP1 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS05-051.mspx KB902400 Replaces (where still applicable, mostly Win2k & XPsp1) KB823980 KB824146 KB828741 KB873333
  10. Hehehe and next we'll see, HFNSlipLite
  11. Crash&Burn

    New logo to use

    Yeah looks better than mine, but that was a cut n paste jobby from the clipboard to irfanView so it lost some of its sheen
  12. Thats already covered if you have UpdateRollup v2, instead of v1. Read the KB article it states only applies to Update Rollup 1. RESOLUTION: To resolve this problem, install version 2 of Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4. To do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site: I think some people are far too eager to patch their box
  13. @ FDV How about this sig? I like Exroidal! heh
  14. I Have to agree, I changed cabarc.exe to RAHS then: X:\2KBootCD\+Tools\BLAH> xcopy /h /r /y *.* blah2\ Result: cabarc.exe in blah2\, as a -AHS file, removal of the ReadOnly flag, but Copy will do that as well.
  15. Anyone know the difference between cabarc.exe (61k) and makecab.exe (77k) ? Their internal help suggests cabarc is more robust, yet smaller? Both have the same version# 5.1.2600.1106 from ieak6.exe (6.0.2800.1106) Am pretty sure Win2K doesn't have makecab.
  16. Crash&Burn

    What belongs where?

    You should call it, FDV.sif... people will be like: what the F***? is that?! And really scour it Like many people I think, I've renamed all my hotfixes to Q####### Earlier this year when I first learned about SlipStreaming hotfixes, all the information talked about qchain, and the Q####### was recommended everywhere - but perhaps they only meant for the .cat files. If theres something we want integrated hotfix wise, and don't see it in the above list, changing to Windows2000--KB#######-x86-ENU.exe is a safe bet for making sure its acceptable/useable? And I think every recommended site has a different Hotfix list heh.
  17. So what do you use the 2 for? as a number of their features overlap each other Like do you prefer driver integration w/ Nlite or HFSlip? Removing Features? Obviously Hotfixes are better w/ HFSlip, as NLite chokes on way too many. Suppose just looking for a few opions I've been messing around w/ my win2k iso for far too long, and would like to get something finalized that I like *grin*
  18. Crash&Burn

    SFC Options

    *Chuckle* That's pretty funny, get the whole world together to fight evil And yeah I think its answered, so basically recommendation to allow HFSlip to shut it down, then replace the SFC.dll after install to keep those bad programs from messing w/ your system. And thanks Your guide is one of the easiest technical manuals I've read thru
  19. Another question, regarding 16 bit support then. If you have a few partitions with files on them, that were created when 16bit support was enabled. Will removing 16bit support have any consequences? They have the dos 8.3 name stored in their MFT. Or will the DosName just get ignored, and/or removed when the files in question are moved/copied to another partition.
  20. Crash&Burn

    SFC Options

    On the Replacing option, it's stated that it wouldn't be useable anymore at all, whereas w/ the Hacking option it can be reenabled by changing a registry setting. With the replacing option, if you kept a copy of the real SFC.exe wouldn't you be able to periodically run it as wished? Probably a dumb question, logic indicates yes, but maybe I am missing something.
  21. Well I did some testing to see what Help accesses when an installed App's helpfile is opened: Help on FileMon, WINNT files accessed: I think it would be worthwhile keeping support for opening help files, if its not difficult One could even move all the files, that get removed when purging IE, to another path like %systemroot%\HELPFILES and add that to the %PATH% Well just my .02 PS. And if not, how would one do that, just add $0EM$/$$/HELPFILES/ Like how $OEM$/$$/SYSTEM32 is used? Attached is a test for, FileMon, IrfanView: both use winhlp32.exe, and Kerio PF, Lockergnome tips: which use hh.exe An interesting note, the hh.exe will check for the existence of the directories: ---> D:\Programs\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard ---> D:\Programs\Internet Explorer\ but doesn't access any files within.
  22. Well the Cygwin1.dll is necessary for some imported programs, but Cygwin installed is one hell of a Command Prompt I just haven't had it back on my box since I switched to Win2K. Aside from command prompt, used it for sometimes quick editing w/ Pico/Nano, and compiling a "Mud" project, various commandLine archiving - .tar.bz2 can't be beat for compressing mainly text.
  23. I can't seem to find this anywhere, and the folks here seem to have magical crystal balls with all the good answers The defaults for most of the settings for HFSLIP appear to be pretty much along how I was running my last NLITE disks, except I kept 16 bit support - as I couldn't find _anywhere_ whether or not Cygwin needed it or not. That and I kept the games Good ole Minesweeper & Freecell hehe. Maybe someone can tell me if they require IE? or are pretty much standalone. They aren't the best but sentimental and for their size I don't see a reason to nix them, and I still get distracted by em now n then.
  24. Well I don't still have those zip files, I had so many versions and backups, and had no intentions of going back to 98 - so unlike usual - I hoard and keep stuff like crazy, I deleted them. I also ran InCtrl5, when installing it, to see where it tossed files, and what it bloated the Registry with. Two files were in the Windows/System dir, a SYM.... and something with an "8" in its name, or perhaps SYM...had 8 in its name, I don't recall exactly. There may of been more files placed into system but only 2 were necessary for SpeedDisk, and they could be localized to its own directory. The only non-confined aspect was it appeared to need 2 files in the Program files/Common/Symantec Shared/ dir of which one of them was a duplicate (in name only) of the files dumped into the Windows/System's dir -- it was a different size . Basically I just ran FileMon, and watched the calls, and kept changing things til the program stopped accumulating failures and not starting. I wasn't able to track down what registry key was really important, as most of them mainly dealt w/ telling System works where dependancy files were. And except for the 2 in "Symantec Shared", everything was local to the dir where SpeedDIsk ran in. So I would just install SystemWorks/Utilities, then just delete nearly all of it. and replace w/ my "hack" - when I only had an 8 gig drive, dropping a program install from 30-50megs to 3 was significant *grin* It also needed the Norton.exe or something along that lines, which was generally located a directory above the /NU/ Directory. But everything else went, after I let the tools update themselves, incl. LiveReg and all that jazz. Dunno if this is any help, now I wish I hadn't deleted those zips, not like they were taking up space...but trying to keep things organized on these multi-multi-gig drives is a pain in the azz. [Edit] Of course I'll prolly try and slim it for 2k too, when I get a finalized install, I've been bouncing back and forth between installs for the last month. Just learned about testing on VirtualDisks hehe. [/Edit]
  25. Removed Help Files: The only problem I had, after assuring myself that I didn't need them...(google is your friend)... Was when I started using some command-line tools I wasn't familiar with, only to realize, that their help wasn't internalized like old DOS commands, they actually had .hlp .cnt files.
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